Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Millions & Millions & Millions

Guess what I just found out ... Pink is the new Blog just passed the 3,000,000 visitors mark:

Woot! Here's to many millions more!!! Holla!

VLB = Very Large Boobs Very Large Birthday!

First things first, I have to wish a very Happy Birthday to the Voluptuous Latina Babe -- Sarah:

I sincerely hope her birthday wish comes true -- that would mean that Jake Gyllenhaal would show up, naked, on her dinner plate! And since we're having dinner with her tonight we'd all get to watch. Happy Birthday, VLB!!!

She's alive! She's alive, y'all! Bit Bit LIVES!!!

Pardon my excitement but I much prefer seeing Bit Bit out on the town with Britney Spears over seeing Kevin Federline. There have been rampant rumors that Bit Bit was expunged because she used to growl and bite K-Fed (hee hee) but it looks like she's back! Yeah ... I'm suddenly realizing that I am waaaay too excited about this news ... let's continue ...

Check out the HORRRRRRRIBLE cover for the Chaotic DVD:

Isn't the cover just utterly atrocious?! Of course I'm still gonna buy it (let's not get silly here) but it is a terrible graphic design -- shizz, I could make a better cover! Anyways, the DVD is a must-have because it includes the videos for Someday (I Will Understand) and Do Somethin' plus it comes with a bonus CD with the songs Someday (I Will Understand) and Chaotic. I'm an addict, what can I say?

Great news! Joel Madden (Good Charlotte) has started blogging again at his official site:

I know there are a lot of fans who are very glad that he started blogging again. The fans really like it when celebs take the time to write messages and give updates on a regular basis ... cool! Okay, I know Good Charlotte is coming to Detroit this Sunday but they are playing the XTREME CHALLENGE LIVE in Pontiac -- this sports and video game festival is weird because you have to buy expensive tickets for the whole festival just to get pit access to the Good Charlotte show. I would love to come out and see GC play (and hopefully meet Mr. Madden) but I'm not sure if I can get one of those tickets. Any ideas? Joel, email me :)

Mischa Barton and Rachel Bilson are like the bestest friends ever ...

... they make such a cute couple -- usually.

Adam Brody looks like he's caught himself a big one:

Okay, all together now -- EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

Jennifer Lopez appeared on stage at a recent Marc Anthony concert complete with video camera and a mirror ...

... oh wait, that's not a mirror -- that's just her highly reflective forehead. Believe it or not, but I have the same problem sometimes ... hey J. Lo, may I recommend you pick up some of THESE?

Check it ... Denise Richards is giving Charlie Sheen another another chance:

For his family's sake, I hope he doesn't eff it up.

Check out these pictures from the Laguna Beach High 2005 prom ... by school year's end, Kristen seems to have settled on Talan:

You can see a whole slew of pictures from the Laguna Beach High prom HERE (use the code: Alcone-SarahProm). On a related note, click HERE to see some professional pictures of Casey from her entry in the Miss Teen California pageant. [via ONTD!]

Um wow ... did we know that Eric Balfour (Texas Chainsaw Massacre) was such a hottie? Check out these outtakes from his photoshoot with Flaunt magazine:

Hmm, I think I like Flaunt magazine's policy on photographing their men (think Jason Behr and Chris Evans). It's interesting, I've always seen Eric in various supporting roles but never thought about him much ... it's not until he takes off his clothes that I take notice. Sheesh, what does that say about me? [via Dreamcaps]

Matt Damon is playing a cop in a new movie:

Er ... would you take that face seriously?

Here is the new Skechers ad featuring your American Idol, Carrie Underwood:

It doesn't even look like her ...

And finally, here are more Pink fan pix. Yesterday I got to visit the Doner Ad Agency mailroom guys (when I met up with Kirsten for lunch) and gave out a few of the new stickers, they sent me this first picture in return ... the rest are from other Pink readers:

Sticker info soon ...

So Erik and I went to a preview screening of Red Eye last night, courtesy of Joey Joe:

The movie was awesome. Very quick, very suspensful. The most imaginative use of a pen that I've seen in ages. When the movie was over, director Wes Craven came into the theater to talk a bit about the movie and to answer a few questions. He told us that this was his first movie since leaving Dimension/Miramax (he did this movie with Dreamworks) and that the entire movie was shot in 42 days. It was very cool that he came to the showing ... unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me. I was very close to getting his autograph but he got pulled away at the last minute. Ah well.

Tonight we're all getting together to celebrate VLB Sarah's birthday ... sushi and featherbowling! So fun!

I'm out.

PS: Happy 33rd Birthday, Heather! Hope you have a good one!!!