Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me

Tick-Tock-Tick-Tock ... it won't be long now before Fetus Spears emerges (as Charlie? Preston? Mortimer?) as is evident by these pictures of the ever-expanding Britney Spears. Britney and her mother Lynne spent most of yesterday shopping around town:

Her maternity wear looks very flexible ... and stretchy. It shant be long now! [via Splash News]

Oh no, Lindsay Lohan was photographed crying in a back alley the other night, I wonder what got her so upset:

Ooooh ... yeah ... I'd cry too. I'm sorry, Linds.

Jessica Simpson is in the UK promoting The Dukes of Hazzard:

Her big hair and rejected winter formal dress do nothing for her attempts at haute couture.

Yikes! I thought this kind of shizz was over and done with!! Who could possibly be walking the streets in her bare feet?!?

For shame, Nicole! Well, I suppose if you're going to walk barefoot in the streets, there are no better streets than those in Beverly Hills.

Teri Hatcher has got some skinny-ass legs:

Sharp and skinny legs look ... painful. [via Splash News]

Oh look, Kim Stewart had lunch with her dad, Rod Stewart, and it seems like she was asking him for some sage advice:

Give it up girl ... 'taint never gonna happen. [via Splash News]

Ugh! What the fug is going on here, Mr. Chad MM?

Looks like the poor guy dressed himself in the dark ... while drunk ... by a blind monkey.

Hmmm, what does it say about the Maxim/Skyy party when celebs like JC Chasez, Shane West and Shar Jackson show up?

Probably that there was a better party happening the same night. [thanks Jordan]

It looks like Julia Roberts is still getting used to the whole "parent" thing:

LOL! Can you imagine what kind of mistakes Spederline are going to make? Wee! I can't wait.

Siouxsie Sioux was on hand at HMV in the UK for a DVD signing:

She just gets better with age. Rock on, Siouxsie!

Check out this promo picture of Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Michelle Trachtenberg who starred together in Mysterious Skin:

Yes ... Michelle is back to looking fine! Have I told you my theory that everybody looks better when they are wet? Well, I have this theory -- it's that everybody looks better when they are wet.

Here are some season 3 promo pictures of the kids from The OC:


If Lil' Kim thinks she can avoid serving her prison sentence by disguising herself as a white woman then she's sorely mistaken:

It was a nice try tho!

I have to give a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY shout out to my good friend Josh Madden:

I hope you have an awesome birthday, man! Much love from D-town!

Fans of Junk magazine know that the magazine's creator, Brad Walsh, is a kickass and talented guy:

But did you know that homie can sing too? Check out his My Space profile page to check out his new song entitled Do It in the Street. BTW, M.I.A. is coming back to Detroit -- you gonna make the trek again, Brad?

Les news:
I was very happy to do absolutely nothing yesterday ... but today I'm having lunch with Tracey and Zakiya ... then spending the afternoon hanging with Karen.