Friday, August 26, 2005

Super Size Me

OMG! Check out these pictures of our dear Spederline in K-Fed's extremely expensive car driving thru for take-out at McDonald's ... I'm lovin' it!

How much you wanna bet that Britney Super Sized her order.

Oh look, Bennifer is also a fan of fast food. Check out these pictures of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner at their local Wendy's:

Ya know damn well that Jen Biggie sized her order! Those pregnant chicks ... always eatin'!

Ashlee Simpson opted for the sexy-look with these blood red and, might I add, very hot shoes:

She's not lookin' too happy in that first pic but she is workin' those shoes in the second pic.

What won't Tara Reid put in her mouth?

... and that's all I'm gonna say ...

It looks like Xtina Aguilera's fiancee, Jordan, got a little too touchy-feely with his main squeeze:

It's a good think baby's got back.

David Beckham was on hand in Spain for the premiere of the movie Real: The Movie:

It's veeeery interesting that Becks left Victoria at home and decided to bring teammate, Raul, as his date. Hmmm ... Becks, you could'a called me! [thanks Shy]

Aww ... Joel Madden from Good Charlotte paid a little visit to his girl, Hilary Duff, at a concert stop in Ohio:

I bet he was singing right along with her thruout the show! Isn't he such a good boyfriend. [via JJB]

Jennifer Lopez is such a sweet, doting and devoted wife. Here she is taking pictures of her hubby as he performs on stage:

Boo! He should be the one taking pictures of her!

Aaron Carter is a gift to teenaged girls the world over. He's never one to shy away from leaving his shirt behind when he comes out to greet his fans:

I have to admit, tho, the ravages of puberty are not being kind to his facial features. [via Famous Males Forums]

Lock up your daughters! Here come Hollywood's "It" boys:

Dazed, drunk and randy. Head for the Hollywood Hills, y'all!

Yeah, I don't think Mary J. Blige is a fan of photogs:

I wonder where she found a full trash bag so quickly? [via]

It's getting extremely redundant to say but, isn't Kim Stewart just an utter mess:

Just look at all those fashion faux pas this girl is guilty of. Wee! I love it!

Jennifer Aniston is looking pretty damn happy these days:

I'm sure it won't be long before she's found her real Mr. Right. She'll be back in the saddle in no time.

Aww, Courteney Cox is already ruining her daughter's social life:

How embarrassing! Romeo Beckham is never gonna call Coco after seeing this picture.

Check out this new L'Oreal ad featuring Beyoncé:

She's looking very magnifique!

Ex-American Idol hopeful Tamyra Gray is the new face of H&M jeans:

Shot by David LaChapelle ... she looks amazing!

Since there's been all the flap over the scandalous Dolce & Gabbana "pubes" ad I figured it would be appropriate to show you what the D&G fall line actually looks like, check it:

Yeeeeah ... who's complainin' now? Cuz I ain't doin' no complainin'!!! [via JJB]

And finally, here is the latest sticker photo submission:

Cute! I know there are many of you out there who have received your stickers ... send in those pictures, y'all!!!

Les news:
We had an absolute blast last night ... while it was very sad for us to convene in order to say goodbye to our dear Kirsten, we made sure to whoop it up with her in style:

Of course we took 10 million pictures, to see all of last night's pictures click HERE. (Reg. Req'd)

Tonight, Kirsten leaves Detroit and moves to the Big Apple. She's gonna make it big at the Parsons School of Design. K-Dawg, we <3 you totally and wish you all the success in the world ... and we can't wait to crash on your floor when we next visit NYC.

Egads! I have another crazy deadline to meet so I'm out.