Saturday, August 27, 2005

Forecast: More Showers

Ack! What have we done to deserve this?! Do Spederline hate us that much? Check it, both Britney Spears and Kevin Federline are wearing ... SCRUNCHIES!!!

They look horrible! K-Fed needs a haircut in the WORST way! At least Britney has the excuse that she's about to give birth ... there is no excuse for Kevin. Booo!!!

Let's try and wash these images from our minds ... Access Hollywood was on hand at Britney's baby shower (yes, we're talking about the shower ... again) and offers a slideshow of behind-the-scenes pictures:

LOL at Jamie Lynn being more interested in her Sidekick than in Britney opening her gifts. While the affair looks so tacky I bet it was fun. Shoot, I would have killed to have been invited.

Paris Hilton has finished her partying and vacationing and is now back at work in LA ... here she is on the set of her new movie Pledge This:

See ... she works!

Nicole Richie looks like she's had one too many gin and tonics ... DJ AM had to carry her to the car:

I can't believe he's struggling so much to carry her ... she must weigh, what, 9 oz.?

Lindsay Lohan met up with some friends for a day of shopping and eating:

At least we can be sure that there was a lot of shopping ... and smoking!

Chris Farley was given a posthumous star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame yesterday:

His star was placed in front of the Improv Olympic West theater where Chris often performed. That is so cool. His mother looks so happy.

Martha Stewart is doing the talk show circuit to promote her new show, The Apprentice Martha Stewart:

You've got to love her accessories. I'm sure ankle bracelets are going to get so hot now.

Here are more pictures of Jennifer Lopez watching her hubby perform on stage:

Damn ... J. Lo looks better dancing around backstage than Marc does on stage.

It was our sad duty to say a final goodbye to Kirsten and she packed up her stuff and moved to New York City:

While it was sad to watch her go I know that we are all very happy for her. Shoot, I know I can't wait 'til I get to visit her in NYC.

Andy's having a birthday/BBQ party today and I think we're going to make a cameo. So yeah ... I have to go get ready for that ... I'm out.