Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Father's Day

With all the MTV hoopla going on this past weekend it seems that our dear Spederline took a backseat to all the excitement. Not to worry ... they were hard at work. Britney Spears and Kevin Federline have been spending considerable time at a recording studio the past few days. During a break in recording (K-Fed on the mic, not Brit) they duo sat down for a quick heart-to-heart:

Ahhh ... it seems that the bliss that comes from domesticity rears its ugly head even while Spederline is at work. But don't you fretnone ... they were made for each other.

Lindsay Lohan and Ashlee Simpson kissed and made up at the MTV VMAs this weekend:

It seems that all of those rumors of a feud were completely wrong! We've been hornswaggled! Yeah ... right.

Before Lindsay was doing photo-ops with Ashlee she was hanging out at a RocaWear party ... checking her email, reading blogs and stuff:

Yeah ... we know she reads Pink is the new Blog.

AWWWWWWWWWWWW check out these CUTE pictures of Brad Pitt on set with Zahara and Maddox:

I think we should start calling him Dad Pitt. He looks really happy. [via ONTD!]

Jessica Simpson spent some post-VMA time sunning herself by the pool:

Um, can someone tell me why she had a Rubik's Cube with her? She couldn't possibly have been playing with it. Notice how she's trying to ignore its mocking stare.

Jennifer Love Hewitt really, really, really loves reading tabloids ...

... at magazine stands so that the paparazzi will take pictures of her and hopefully will end up in the tabloids herself. Lame beyond words.

Jenny McCarthy, who was going to write a book about marriage bliss until then she got divorced, was seen out and about with a new man:

I know, I know ... it's probably her bodyguard but you never know. Maybe she's got a thing for big guys with goatees and black socks?

Prince William is the picture of the proper royal gentleman ...

... usually. Maybe he was just tired ...

Tobey Maguire is getting all Brad Pitt-y with Sarah Gilbert's baby boy:

These are actually really cute pictures. I'm glad to see that Tobey has finally started to shed a few lbs. He still has a little ways to go to squeeze back into that Spider-Man costume.

When the party ends at 2 AM the throng of party-goers spills out into the street ... and then we can see who is hooking up with who:

I can totally buy that Nicole Richie might hook up with Mischa Barton ... but Ryan Seacrest and a girl ... c'mon now.

Nicole Richie is gracing the pages of Harper's Bazaar magazine:

What's with the heavy make-up all of the sudden? She looks pretty good in the first picture but she looks like an aged hag in the second. She needs to give those fake eyelashes back to Tammy Faye.

Paris Hilton loves doing housework:

And Nicky Hilton loves to watch. See, I just know that Paris is going to make a wonderful wife for Paris. [via Oh La La]

You know you've made it when you are asked to pose for the cover of the hottest magazines ... Cosmopolitan ... Elle ... Vanity Fair ... Well, finally a magazine has called up Kim Stewart to ask her to grace the cover of their magazine:

Next up, Vogue.

Did y'all watch the series premiere of Prison Break last night?

I am SO excited that Robin Tunney is in this new series! She is such an amazing actress ... Empire Records, The Craft, Niagra, Niagra, Cherish ... I love her!!! The show itself looks promising ... I like the way they are piecing together the whole story little by little -- much like how Lost unfolded last year. I was a bit skeptical until we learned the secret of his tattoo -- genius. I'm DVRing this new show ... let's hope it stays great.

Speaking of Lost, here are some promo pictures for season 2:

I'm very excited to see where the story goes in season 2 ... I hope they don't drag out the Walt part ... I need to know what happened to him. The second season of Lost premieres on September 21. Still want more? Click HERE to check out some season 2 promo videos.

Check out these promo pictures for the new Joss Whedon movie, Serenity:

I really hope this movie is a success ... we need to have Joss Whedon making more movies! Serenity opens in theaters on September 30.

Tori Amos has decided to make her concert tonight, the Cleveland show, a birthday party for her daughter Tash. From The Dent:

This comes to The Dent by way of Tori's management. (Tori also told the audience about this at the Rochester Hills. MI show!) The day of the Cleveland, OH show, which is August 30, 2005, is Tash's birthday party, which will have a Star Wars theme. Everyone in the crew (including Tori) will be dressed as a character from Star Wars. Therefore, Tori would like to invite everyone in the audience to also dress as a character from Star Wars. (This is completely optional of course.) This should be great fun, so please participate if you can! (And yes, I know that Tash's birthday is on September 5, 2005, but I have been told that the party will still be on August 30, 2005 in Cleveland.)

Of course Sarah and I will be in attendance ... we are bringing toy light sabers and toyed with the idea of dressing up in full costumes but I'm not sure if that's really gonna happen. I'm sure there will be a lot of geeks fans dressed up as their favorite Star Wars characters ... I mean ... if you ask someone to dress up as their favorite character -- you're gonna get what you asked for:

And then you'll be really sorry you asked in the first place:

Oy! I'm hoping we're allowed to take pictures ...

The news:
I've got a lot of running around to do today in preparation for the Tori Amos show tonight ... Sarah is working on getting a new car ... it's cruiseazy around here! I gotta jet ... but you know I'll be back -- same bat time, same bat channel.


PS: Please note, I've taken Towleroad's lead and I've also created a button in my adstrip for those wanting to donate to the Red Cross in light of the Hurricane Katrina disaster. If you can afford to donate to the Red Cross, please do ... let's all help out as best we can.