Monday, September 05, 2005

Labor Of Love

There is no day of rest for Pink is the new Blog ... but since I <3 doing this blog so much it's no big thang ... let's get to it ...

Britney Spears has to be driving people crazy by now ... she's ready to pop and is probably hungry for something at all times:

It's nice to see that Kevin Federline is actually good for something:

At least their mansion's renovation have been completed. That's one less thing for her to have to worry about. Here is the infamous picture of Bit Bit from Britney's baby shower:

Bit Bit is getting big. The cuteness is wearing off ...

Check out this awesome promo picture for Britney's new fragrance Fantasy:

She looks awesome! I can't *wait* for her to squeeze out that baby so she can get back to being all cute and stuff. Well ... a boy can dream, can't he?

Check out these awesome pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal (with his sister Maggie) on the red carpet of the world premiere of his new movie Brokeback Mountain:

He looks pretty damn fine in that suit, don't he? [via]

Xtina Aguilera and her freaky-faced fiancé have landed in Venice, Italy for the film festival:

What is going on with Jordan's face? He looks a bit like Andre the Giant.

Check out these promo pictures of Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst for the movie Elizabethtown:

The Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger pictures are way hotter.

Victoria Beckham packed up the kids and went to the stadium to watch Daddy David Beckham rough-house with his boys:

Then she got bored and left.

Is Nicole Richie actually losing weight?

Her frame looks even more emaciated. That girl needs to eat.

Lindsay Lohan, who looks much healthier these days, must have lost her mind when she decided to pick up these shoes:

Not only are they kinda ugly but they don't even remotely match what she's wearing. Boo!

Awww ... isn't Björk's baby girl the spitting image of Björk herself?

Unfortunately, the barefoot baby-in-diapers look is a little too W.T. if you ask me.

Oh Aaron Carter ...

... you should really wait for chest hair before going shirtless all the time.

Check out these production pictures of Ryan Phillippe and Jesse Bradford on the set of their new movie, Flags of our Fathers:

Acting looks like hard work.

Entertainment Weekly can't stop making a huge fuss over Lost, guess who's on the cover of their fall preview issue:

At least they let Michelle Rodriquez look hot.

Nicholas Brendon is in a new scary movie called Unholy:

It looks very scary. I'm very glad that the Buffy alums are getting work!

Here is your first look at the Superman Returns teaser poster:

And here are new pictures from the film:

Click HERE to watch a fan made trailer that uses footage shown at the San Diego Comic Con:

It's actually a pretty good trailer ... it looks semi-professional but IT IS NOT an official trailer.

In related Superman-esque news, James Marsters (another Buffy alum) is going to be back on The WB ... he landed a part on Smallville:

I wonder who he'll play? Well, whichever character he is he's going to have a hard time measuring up to the star, Tom Welling:

Daaaamn ... what is that boy smuggling in his pants?

Les news:
Yeah ... after spending most of yesterday unconscious I got to hang out with VLB last night ... we ate pizza and watched Anchorman. Personally, I have to admit (and I think VLB will agree with me on this one) that the movie is way overrated. It was marginally funny ... not at all the laugh-riot that people say. Eh.

Not sure what's goin' on today ... but I'll be sure to let you know. I'm out.