Thursday, September 08, 2005

Verrry Scarrry

So, after Jamie Lynn Spears finished her interview on Live with Regis and Kelly yesterday morning she came out to greet her adoring fans:

It is so nice that a 39-year old soccer mom can take time out of her busy schedule to press the flesh with the little people.

Alicia Silverstone and Keira Knightley were on hand for the UK premiere of Pride and Prejudice:

It doesn't appear that Alicia cared much for Keira's dress. I don't mind the dress ... but Keira's protruding collar bone does nothing for her whole look. If she's going for the starving starlet look she's going to need to add cracked lips and thinner hair. Better luck next time, Keira!

Jennifer Lopez and her her corpse groom hubby Marc Anthony were on hand for the premiere of her new movie An Unfinished Life:

¡Ay Caramba! but he is an unattractive man.

Tim Burton's new movie, The Corpse Bride, also had its premiere ... and oh look, a fan showed up dressed as Helena Bonham Carter!

What an uncanny resemblance.

Kirsten Dunst was on hand for another premiere of her new movie Elizabethtown:

She actually looked pretty cute overall. I never noticed before but her teeth don't match each other ... and now that I know that ... I can't stop looking at her mismatched teeth ...

Here are pictures of Joel and Benji Madden at the press conference for the NFL Kickoff Concert (featuring the Rolling Stones, Kanye West, Good Charlotte, Maroon 5, Green Day and more) that is happening tonight on ABC:

The concert extravaganza gets underway when the Rolling Stones take the stage, live from Detroit, at 8 PM. Set those TiVos and DVRs, y'all!

Joel's #1 hot chick, Hilary Duff, was the musical guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show yesterday:

Thanks to the many of you who gave me the head's up that Hilary was set to perform on the show. She looked and sounded great! [caps via]

Nicole Richie's main man, Adam Goldstein aka DJ AM, spun a DJ set last night at Lotus in NYC:

I bet DJ's hate it when their celebrity friends make requests. [thanks Alexandra]

Check out this picture of Jennifer Aniston on the beach ... does it look like she suffered a little pee pee accident to you?

Jen has been spending a lot of time walking along the beach with her dog. It seems as if you don't see a picture of her these days without a bag of dog poop in her hands.

Whoa! Jessica Simpson looks as if she just came from the botox clinic:

I really thought it was Victoria Beckham for a moment ... but, what was I thinking ... Victoria Beckham normally doesn't look quite this scary ...

Victoria tends to look SCARIER ... check out these pictures of Mrs. Beckham after doing a photoshoot:

Yikes! I wonder what the photoshoot was for ... Fangoria magazine? THIS IS WHAT DAVID BECKHAM GOES TO BED WITH EVERY NIGHT?!? Seriously, this is what Victoria looks like with make-up on ... can you imagine what she must look like au naturalé? Yeah, Helena Bonham Carter is suddenly starting to look a whole lot better ...

Paris Hilton looks cute in this simple dress ... but what the hell is Nicky Hilton wearing?

Is Aéropostale selling their fall sweaters already?

Here is your first look at Dad Pitt in the character of Jesse James:

It's amazing ... look what a comb-over and some facial hair can do ... make Brad Pitt look like Brad Pitt with a comb-over and facial hair.

Yay! It's our favorite party girl Tara Reid ... check out these pictures of Tara with some of her friends -- and they look absolutely TARABLE!

Okay ... I'm a little shocked ... Tara actually looks better than both of her friends -- scary! That chick friend is a might frightening to look at ... and I know that Tara has freaky-looking cleavage but that dude has got worse cleavage than she does ... Ew!

Jon Bon Jovi is taking a swing at modeling, check out these pictures from Italian Vogue magazine:

I s'pose he don't look too bad for a 52-year old man. [via The Greek Princess]

Lil' Kim is on a roll lately ... check out this promo picture for her new album, The Naked Truth, which is due to be released on September 27:

Dang ... it took a prison sentence to get her business ventures into full swing. She's even trying to sell her own reality series right now. Shoot, she should'a got convicted of something a long time ago -- she'd be a bigger star by now!

Erik and I were lucky enough to see a sneak preview of the upcoming gay-slasher movie Hellbent last night:

Erik felt the movie didn't have enough depth ... I loved the hell out of it. It was the perfect blend of horror cheese, sexiness and gross slasherness. It was way scarier than, say, The Grudge (which terrified Erik to death) and the dudes are hot -- what more can you ask for? The movie opens in limited release on September 16 (it opens in Detroit on Sept. 23 at the Main Art Theater in Royal Oak).

Click HERE to download your own Hellbent computer wallpaper. I like the underwear one.

And finally, here is a new sticker picture featuring the staff of VH1's Best Week Ever:

I am a *huge* fan of Best Week Ever and I am so geeked that they are Pink fans. Soooo ... when can I be a guest commentator?

So yeah, after Erik and I scared the pants off ourselves we watched the season finale of Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List. That woman is absolutely insane and hilarious to watch. Erik and I are big fans of her show ... I really hope she gets a second season. Incidentally, you can bid on a night out with Kathy HERE ... the proceeds go to Hurricane relief.

Tonight I'm having dinner with a friend who is in town on business -- I think I shall take him to the Living Room for pizza and martinis.

Hey Detroit, we need a dancparty ... It's been ages since I've gone out dancing!

I guess I'll just have to wait ... I'm out.