Friday, September 09, 2005

Do The Latina Diva

Kirsten Dunst looks happy as a clam as she nuzzles in close with her beau, the very hot Jake Gyllenhaal, at the Venice Film Festival:

Shoot ... I do not blame you, girl ... I'd hold on for dear life, too!

Check out these pictures of Lindsay Lohan from the Elle magazine party earlier this week:

She looks great! The healthy weight really makes her look not so sickly. Her face in the second picture looks a bit mannish (I think it's the eyebrows) but overall she looks very nice.

Ryan Cabrera is never one to say no to a booze party, here he is at the Imperia Vodka party:

If he's as smart as Kathy Griffin I'm sure he managed to leave the party with more than just a few bottles of the stuff.

Look at how giddy Jennifer Garner is as she shops for maternity wear and baby clothes:

She must really, really be in love with with her man, Ben Affleck, to be this excitable all the time.

Ah yes ... he is one great catch, that one.

Jennifer Lopez paid a little visit to The Late Show with David Letterman this week:

And she looked ravishing doing so. I love her classic latina diva-look (i.e. the pulled back hair, uber-glam dress & super-curled eyelashes). I'm not that big a fan of her housewifey-look:

She needs to give that dress back to Madonna and those glasses back to Nicole Richie immediately.

J. Lo is on the October cover of Glamour magazine and she is sportin' some plain hair ...

... and a pretty plain dress. Yo Jenny, stick with the latina diva-look and you should be just fine.

Awwww, check out this cute picture of Apple with her daddy Chris Martin:

She is a cutie!

Reese Witherspoon was all smiles and various other facial contortions at the premiere of her new movie Just Like Heaven:

Despite the non pareil-inspired dress ... she looked really nice. I believe Ryan Phillippe was unable to attend as he is off filming his movie, Flags of our Fathers. Ah, but she looked happy nonetheless.

What is this? Cameron Diaz a Louis Vuitton fan?

Have I misjudged the lady?!? Probably not, but I'll be nice for now.

Lil' Kim is spending a lot of time shooting and trying to sell her new reality show:

I'm not sure what the concept it (Lil' Kim's last days before getting thrown into the slammer?) but I KNOW that if it gets picked up it's gonna be worth checking out. Think Being Bobby Brown meets Growing Up Gotti. Loves it!

Heidi Klum just keeps expanding to enormous proportions ...

... she looks SO ready to have those quintuplets already.

Kim Stewart is a vile person ... and not just because of her face, hair or clothes:

First, she had the insane gall to go on record and call Jennifer Aniston "homely" in an interview. And now, she has the audacity to make an extremely tasteless joke at Heather Mills (Paul McCartney's wife) expense. She is truly an ugly person ... inside and out. [Reg. Req'd. thanks Andy & everyone else who sent me the link]

In happier news, I understand the Hurricane relief party that took place at Forbidden City in LA last night was a huge success. Benji Madden and his crew spun a great party:

I hear it was a very fun shindig! [thanks Jeff and Jim]

If there is a Hurricane relief party or event in your area, I urge you to attend. What better way to have a great time AND chip in and offer your support for such an important cause. The Living Room here in Detroit is having a Hurricane relief party on Monday -- so you know where I'll be.

And finally, here is the latest fan with his Pink is the new Blog sticker:

Thanks Shane! I will have information on how to get the stickers ... I promise ... soon ...

Les News:
So I met up with Joseph for dinner and drinks last night and we had the best time. We talked about Martika, Tiffany, Jem and the Holograms, Paulina Rubio, Selena ... yeah, it was pretty much a couple of latina divas having a good ol' mexi-gay fest. Joseph, who lives in Chicago, has been holed up here in Detroit for the past 7 weeks and he finally gets to go home today. I'm sure Detroit loved having you, Joseph, but I'm sure Chicago can't wait to get you back.

I think that Erik and I are going to see The Exorcism of Emily Rose tonight ... it looks scary but ... I'll believe it when I see it.

And with that, I'm out.

PS: I have to say Happy Birthday to Jennifer Politos.