Sunday, September 18, 2005


Wow ... against all odds ... against all predictions to the contrary ... and one baby boy later ... Spederline has survived one year of wedded bliss together ... Britney Spears' marriage to Kevin Federline has lasted 159 times longer than her first marriage to Jason Alexander -- that is amazin', y'all!!!

So once again ... Congratulations to our dear Spederline! What a week it has been ... the birth of their baby and the celebration of their 1st anniversary today ... wow! Congrats! Congrats! Congrats!

OH and incidentally, if you got to you'll find that there is a typo in the title bar of the website:

Hee hee ... maybe from now on we should call her Brintey Spears! [thanks Jen]

Gwen Stefani closed out Olympus Fashion Week with her L.A.M.B. fashion show ... but Ms. Stefani was looking ... kinda hit:

She's got kind of a man face ... what is going on? Gwen is usually so hot.

Anyways ... so Fashion Week is winding down ... and that means there is one last chance for celebs to go to shows and be seen:

When Tara Reid shows up you know the bottom of the barrel is about scraped clean ... Fashion Week is dunzo.

Check out these pictures of Keanu Reeves at the premiere of his new movie Thumbsucker:

I love Keanu! Ever since Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, I've been a fan. He looks pretty good in these pictures, too! [thanks Craig]

Hilary Duff and Joel Madden made an appearance at US Weekly magazine's Young Hollywood Hot 20 party:

Awww, don't Jilary look so cute?! They always look so happy when they are together. [via]

Nicole Richie made an appearance at the unveiling of the Samsonite Black Label Premium Line:

I'm not exactly sure what the Samsonite Black Label Premium Line is ... but Nicole sure is skinny. Look at her chest ... you can see way too many ribs ... ick. That dress just hangs on her shoulder blades ... so not cute.

But her skinniness must be alluring ... Nicole seems to have attracted Mischa Barton with no probs:

Whatup?! Does DJ AM know about this? I bet he does ... and I bet he likey. Hmm ... I wonder who Mischa is talking to on her Motorola Pink RAZR? It's cool seeing our limited edition phone showing up all over Hollywood. Perhaps it's time for me to get my ass out to Hollywood, too.

Did you know that Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are big fans of the Rolling Stones? Here are the twins backstage at the recent NYC Rolling Stones concert:

I have to be honest ... I can't see the girls actually digging songs like Jumpin' Jack Flash, Angie and/or Paint It Black. They don't seem like Stones fans to me ... so they were probably there for the backstage groupie action ... which is infinitely grosser to think about.

Oprah Winfrey had Jennifer Aniston on her show and together they toasted Jennifer's new singleness:

Jennifer doesn't look too happy, does she? Maybe if Oprah gave her a new car ...?

And finally, check out these pictures of Marc Blucas, he played Buffy's boyfriend, Riley Finn, for a few seasons on BtVS:

... and he is still lookin' pret-ty good. Hot!

Les news:
So last night I drove down to Toledo, Ohio to see Jared Leto's band, 30 Seconds to Mars, play a show ... and I have to tell you ... Jared Leto totally <3s Toledo:

Apparently, Toledo, OH is the #1 city in the country in 30 Seconds to Mars album sales ... or something like that. The show was interesting ... the 30STM fans, the Echelon, are insane-o! They are very dedicated ... and the band really appreciates that dedication. Jared is pretty crazy on stage ... at one point he climbed up on top of the speakers and stage dove into the crowd (and onto my head). It was sick! After the show was over the band vowed to sign every single thing for every single person who wanted something signed. Thankfully I was able to get to meet him and then leave fairly quickly ... because 75% of the people at the show stood in line for autographs. I was unable to get a picture with Jared himself ... but I know I'll get to do that some day. Click HERE to see all the pictures I took at the show. There aren't that many and they're not that great but enjoy anyways!

I have to give a big shout out to my girl Susie (who hates being called a hipster so I'll just call her a kickass chick). I also have to say hey to Kat ... it was great meeting you last night!

As soon as I was done with Jared, I hauled my ass back to Detroit to get to the Dorkwave dance party:

As soon as I got to the danceparty and hit the dancefloor the DJ played Kylie Minogue's I Believe In You ... It was HOT! I met up with Erik, Jake and his friends and we had a fun, sweaty good time. The Lobsterfest dance party was kinda weird (we now have a fake plastic lobster in our bathroom) but it was totally fun! Holla!

Tonight, we're going over to VLB's place for a dinner and Emmy party. And with that, I'm out.