Monday, September 19, 2005

Ever Wonder Whatever Happened To Grimace?

Stop the presses! Hold the phone! has leaked 3 brand new Britney Spears songs and is offering them for download HERE. The songs are Chaotic, Mona Lisa and Over To You Now. Presumably, these songs are set for release with the upcoming Britney and Kevin: Chaotic DVD set. The songs are very fun ... very poppy ... Over To You Now sounds a lot like a Kylie or Dannii Minogue song ... it's really good. Get your booties over there and get these songs ... now!

Check out these semi-cute pictures of Kevin Federline (I never thought I'd see the day where I would be typing the sentence Check out these semi-cute pictures of Kevin Federline):

Kevvy looks so young, so tender ... so innocent. Obviously these pictures predate his wife-beater t-shirt wearin' days ... but he had already been been bummin' smokes from his mother for about for 2 years. [via]

Sooooo ... the Emmy Awards ... did any of you suffer thru the 3 hour+ dull-fest like I did? OY! I think I slipped into a small coma somewhere in the area of 9:30 PM. Do all those directors really need Emmys of their own? I keed, I keed -- of course they do ... let's get to the Emmy run-down ...

The Emmy pre-parties started pretty early this weekend ... and were occurring all over tinsel town:

... and then it was time for the big event ... the red carpet! Personally, this was the most entertaining portion of the evening ... there were a lot of things to talk about with my friends ... the viciousness was fun but I learned that if I ever end up on TV I better be ready to get my ass torn apart by them ... yikes! Here are a few red carpet moments:

I don't understand why Paula Abdul has to always have her boobs hanging out ... I know she's going for classy ... but usually she comes off as trashy. I liked Eva Longoria's dress ... mostly because of the Aztec-inspired design (not the color so much). Heidi Klum looked AMAZING! She just had her baby and there she was looking all glowy on the red carpet. What the hell was Jennifer Love Hewitt wearing?! That dress looked like wadded up and shredded tissue. Booooo!

I loved the Emmy Idol portions of the show ... well, not really ... the only performances that I could stomach were the performances by William Shatner (and his screeching partner) and Donald Trump and Megan Mullally:

The Green Acres performance was the best performance BY FAR! I didn't even vote because I knew there was no way they were going to lose. I do have to give it up for the performance of the Star Trek theme, tho ... it was fun singing along! Head over to Oh No They Didn't! to download all the Emmy Idol performances.

After the insanely long Emmy Awards were over, everyone hit the afterparties to either celebrate or, as was more likely the case, to drown their sorrows:

I have to say ... I am tired of all the Desperate Housewives hype ... it's a pretty good show ... let's just not beat it to death with all the hype. And can I also say that not everyone loves Raymond? I loathe that show ... I'm very glad we'll never have to hear about it again. I predict next year will be Will & Grace's year. Here's hoping ...

One last Emmy thing for now ... do people even like Star Jones? If so, why?

She was so tediously annoying on E!'s pre-Emmy countdown show. They need to get rid of Star and put Kathy Griffin front and center on that red carpet ...

Okay ... let's move on ... Johnny Depp was honored this weekend by having his hand and footprints immortalized at Grauman's Chinese Theater:

That's pretty damn cool. They don't allow just anyone to have their hand and footprints imprinted at Grauman's Chinese Theater. Rock on, Johnny!!! You have truly become Hollywood Royalty now.

Mariah Carey was doing her thing in Paris, France this weekend:

Mimi spent some time in Paris before heading off to London for a breast cancer benefit. That's hot, Mimi.

Nicole Kidman has also been spending time in Paris:

She was doing her part to help out the Parisian economy.

Boo! It appears that Sienna Miller really has forgiven Jude Law for cheating on her with the nanny:

Whatevs! Seems that Sienna's supporters are smarter than she is. Even tho I hope he doesn't cheat again she knows what he is capable of now ... she has no excuses if he does it again.

One thing I know for sure ... Elijah Wood would never cheat on Viggo Mortensen:

Never, ever, ever.

Paris Hilton spent some time hanging out with her mother ...

... doing charity work. Dude, that homeless man got $20 bucks! I wonder if Paris tips that well, too?

Nicky Hilton appears to be the only person who ever wears items from her clothing line:

Um ... yeah, someone has to be buying that stuff 'cuz normal peeps ain't.

Check out these pictures of Sarah Michelle Gellar making out with The Rock:

The pair are filming a scene in their new movie Southland Tales. I don't know how I feel about seeing SMG locking lips with The Scorpion King ... it's kinda weird.

Yes ... Xtina Aguilera does like wearing the lingerie she is so fond of purchasing:

It made for a nice cocktail dress to wear to the US Weekly Young Hollywood Hot 20 party ... Here is Miss Aguilera on her way to the recording studio:

How modest! She covered up with a sweater.

See, if Lizzie Grubman is going to continue to go out in public without wearing any underwear ...

... she is going to have to do a better job of keeping her bizznazz to herself. ICK! [thanks Darian]

Here is another graphic for Madonna's Confessions on a Dancefloor album:

It's interesting but I think she made a good choice using the other picture for the album cover. [via]

Awww ... check out these screencaptures of Jake Gyllenhaal from the movie City Slickers:

LOL! I've never seen City Slickers so I was unaware that Jake was in it. He looks so cute! [thanks Leslie]

Robbie Williams has a new video for his song Tripping that I know he wants all of you to see:

Click HERE to watch the video (click on Insane) to check out Robbie in bed wearing bikini undies. At the site, you can also hear another track from his new album (click on Inspired). [thanks Matt]

And finally, it seems that love for Pink is the new Blog has made it allllll the way down under ... to the land of OZ ...

Click above to see full size image

Pink made it all the way to the Life magazine section of the Australian Sun-Herald newspaper. I cannot believe that so many people like this blog. I have BIG love for my Aussies and hope to visit someday. [thanks Alice, Alex and Elise]

In this hemisphere, The Oregonian shows Pink is the new Blog some love HERE. [thanks Jeff]

VLB hosted a dinner party last night at her home last night and treated us to an amazing dinner! The dinner party was just VLB, Sarah, Mark, Erik and me but it was so fun. The food was amazing ... VLB is an amazing cook, y'all. We spent the evening trying to make the Emmy Awards fun ... alas, it wasn't meant to be.

I have a few things lined up for this week ... a couple of freelance things need to get done ... a little bit of promotion for the website ... and preparation for my trip to NYC next week. That's right folks, I will be in the Big Apple from Wednesday 09/28 to Sunday 10/02. I'm not sure how I will be spending my nights out on the town ... but details will come as I get them.

I betta get to work. I'm out.