Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I Hear Secrets That You Keep ...

Promotion continues for the Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger love story Brokeback Mountain ... the dang movie seems to have a new premiere every single day ... let's check in on our fave boys of the moment at an afterparty for the most recent premiere:

Uh oh ... it looks like Michelle Williams (who is going to become Heath Ledger's babymama) is catching wind of what's really going on betwixt Jake and Heath. Kirsten Dunst, on the other hand, still seems to be pretty clueless as to what is going on ... here she is hanging out with some friends in NYC having a chat:

Ah, she is such a sweet girl. I'm even starting to feel bad for her. Meanwhile, also in NYC, Jakey-poo met up with his sister Maggie Gyllenhaal to do some hanging and chatting of their own:

Thick as thieves ... I love it! I wonder how long Jake can get away with his little secret ...? I wonder when the video tape will surface? Stay tuned ...

Fashion designer Marc Jacobs really <3s Lil' Kim ... he threw a party in her honor ... a going away party, if you will:

She was lauded and applauded ... wished well ... all that good stuff ... even Dan Renzi (RW: Miami) was good enough to attend. But, like all good things ... the party had to end and reality had to sink in ... the next day (yesterday) the Queen Bee Lil' Kim had to report to prison to begin serving her sentence 366 day sentence:

Homegirl is being detained at a concrete, high-rise Philadelphia prison, y'all! How come she couldn't serve her sentence at Camp Cupcake like Martha Stewart?! That is some bullshizz, if you ask me. Well Miss Kimberly Jones ... keep your head up and stay strong, girl. We're gonna miss talking about pictures of ya while you're in the pokey. But we will be waiting for your return.

Paris Hilton really wants you to know that she is not a sexual person ... unless she is making home sex tapes or is posing for Stuff magazine:

Er ... she might as well just show the rest of her boobies ... she's pretty much giving them all away anyways. For more Stuff magazine pictures of Paris Hilton, click HERE.

But at least we like Paris ... it seems that Stuff magazine chose to put ... get this ... Kimberly Stewart in the same magazine:

People ... I am convinced Miss Kim had to shell out a lot of freaking money to the magazine for them to put her in their pages. Hello, I want to get my hands on the magic wand they used on her face! Whose face is that in the Stuff pictures?! Compare Kim's face in the top candid picture with "her" face in the Stuff pictures ... I am always amazed at the wondrous things man can do with technology. If for some godforsaken reason you'd like to see the other pictures of Kimberly Stewart in Stuff magazine, click HERE.

Here are pictures of Mariah Carey performing in London at the ASDA's Tickled Pink Charity Concert benefiting breast cancer research:

She looks amazing all pink and sparkling ... but before Mimi got all glam for the benefit, she spent some time hanging out in the water ... you know, drinking and stuff:

You wanna bet she had a wee bit more to drink than just that one glass of wine. Hot, girl ... do your thang!

Jennifer Love Hewitt is just like you and me:

Except even I have someone to pick up my dry cleaning for me. Doesn't she have a personal assistant? Even Kathy Griffin has a personal assistant and she is relegated to playing second fiddle to Star Jones. J. Love surely must be praying that her new show, Ghost Therapist, becomes a hit ... yeeeeah, best of luck with that.

Nicole Richie and Mischa Barton have had themselves surgically joined at the hip:

Lessee ... they are on the same diet, they have the same enemies and they have the same accessories ... yep, in no time they'll become Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen ... you know, but not as weird.

Check it out ... Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen are giving it another another go at making their marriage work ...

How sweet ... I sincerely hope it's a really long time before she decides to kick him to the curb ... again.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have been house hunting lately:

It appears they need a larger home for baby Bennifer to come home to ... you know because babies require so much room.

Um ... what the crap is up with Ashley Olsen? When exactly did she become an animatronic alien?

Firstly, I cannot believe that she would decide to wear pajamas to a Calvin Klein fashion show and secondly, what is wrong with her face? You can almost see the reflection of the camera in the shine on her forehead.

Reese Witherspoon and her pooch were dropped off at the vet ...

... and were, apparently, forgotten. I wonder what hubby Ryan Phillippe was busy doing that he forgot to pick up his wife. I wonder if he was hanging out with Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger. Le sigh ...

Portia De Rossi was once on the cover of the Hot Issue of Rolling Stone magazine:

She could have at least drawn on better-looking eyebrows. But I like that she's wearing that leather get-up -- it was a nice foreshadowing of what was to come ... I bet she and Ellen DeGeneres are F-REAKS in the boudoir. No wonder Ellen is so happy all of the time ...

Did y'all watch Laguna Beach last night? Jessica couldn't be any more pathetic if her name was LC. But I digress ... check out these yearbook pictures of Taylor (Tay Tay) and Casey (Poo Poo):

These pages are from the back of the yearbook where parents shell out hundreds of dollars to write whatever they want in the book. It is my understanding that Casey's parents also purchased a page for Casey's fake hair, boobs and teeth ... but I couldn't find a scan of that page. [via ONTD!]

Shania Twain, never one to miss out on a trendy gimmick, is offering up her own fragrance:

All you need to know is that it's made by Stetson. So if you're into smelling like ... well ... barn ... then this smell is for you!

Yay! Ryan Adams is about to release a new album (his second of the year, there is supposedly one more due later on this year) ... the album was previously named September but has since been changed to Jacksonville Nights:

I am very excited for this album's release despite knowing that Snore-a Jones appears on it. AND -- Ryan has even started his own blog! What a nouvelle idea!

To the bookstore, Batman! Today 2 of my most anxiously awaited books are finally released ... first up, The Pocket DJ by Sarah Lewitinn (aka Ultragrrrl):

I have been waiting for this book to come out ever since I found out that Sarah was writing it earlier this year. This girl knows music, y'all ... you must get this book (they are even selling it at Urban Outfitters).

Also released today is the new novel by one of my favorite authors ever, Neil Gaiman:

I have never been disappointed by a Neil Gaiman book and I'm sure that Anansi Boys is no exception. It was such a thrill to run into Neil at the Tori Amos concert last month ... I will surely have this book read in no time. I'm telling you folks, if you're looking for an excellent book to read you cannot go wrong with a Neil Gaiman book.

And finally, I found out yesterday that Pink is the new Blog (and I, specifically) received some awesome shout-outs! Haylie Duff was interviewed on KISS 106.1 yesterday and she gave Pink a little shout out, click below to hear the snippet:

this is an audio post - click to play

Thanks for the love, Haylie! [thanks Elise for the heads up]

CNET gave me and my new Motorola Pink RAZR a shout-out in their email newsletter:

Aww ... I feel like a Hollywood "It" Girl now ... [thanks Vanessa]

Les news:
Whew ... I cannot even tell you about all the fun, scary, crazy and amazing things that are happening to me right now ... well, at least not yet. My schedule has become so crazy lately ... I'm just trying to hang in there with everything that his coming my way. I promise to announce what is going on as soon as I can ... I hope it will be good news for you ... I know it's good news for me.

Work, work, work ... I gotta get to work. I'm out.