Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Darling Nicki

OY! I swear that I did not forget about our darling Nicole Richie's birthday ... I meant to write a post just about her birthday and then I got caught up doing something else and just now have the time to post a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our favorite Skeletwin TM EVER!

Nicole turns a beautiful 24 years old today! I hope she has a truly amazing birthday ... and I hope she gets lots of new huge sunglasses.


Step Back In Time

It's very rare that anyone boos Madonna ... regardless of whether she is shocking, controversial or whatever the case may be ... it is completely unconceivable that Madonna would ever get booed by anyone ... well, unless she shows up with her husband, Guy Ritchie, at the UK premiere of his new movie Revolver AND she completely ignores the fans:

... then Madonna gets the hell booed out of her. In her defense, she is wearing a cast ... it's probably very hard for her to want to be nice and sign autographs in that condition. Hottie Jason Statham, on the other hand, hung out with the fans for over an hour and signed lots of autographs ... which is very cool. [via]

Yesterday, announced the tracklisting for her new album Confessions on a Dancefloor [thanks Nick]:

-- Hung Up
-- Get Together
-- Sorry
-- Future Lovers
-- I Love New York
-- Let It Will Be
-- Forbidden Love
-- Jump
-- How High
-- Isaac
-- Push
-- Like It Or Not

Orlando Bloom was in Nashville, TN for the premiere of his new movie Elizabethtown:

Looks like he's happy to sign fan autographs ... no booing there.

Mariah Carey joined Dontatella Versace at the opening of a newest Versace store in London:

And I swear to you ... that is really Donatella Versace in this picture ... it is not a wax figure. Mariah looks amazing ... Donatella looks undead.

Thank the Gods ... it looks like Lindsay Lohan finally wised up and bought back her red hair:

While I am extremely glad to see that her red hair has returned ... I am a bit mortified that she chose to wear that sack to her hair's coming out party. Tsk, Tsk.

Congratulations go out to Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell who announced their engagement yesterday:

He is cute and she is hot ... imagine that! Actually, I really like both of them so I sincerely hope they have a happy life together and go the way of Britney & Kevin (you know, minus all the trashiness) and not the way of Brad & Jen (you know, with all that divorcing stuff).

Speaking of Brad Pitt ... check out Mr. Serious at the Clinton Global Initiative Summit in New York last week:

You can tell he's really serious in these pictures ... he only gets that face one other time ...

Whoa ... someone needs to tell Helena Bonham Carter that Corpse Bride is meant to be a fun kids movie ...

... and NOT a horror flick. [thanks Erin]

Nicole Richie is a very talented lady:

The ability to double fist is very attractive.

Check out these pictures of Sarah Jessica Parker in San Francisco. She was there to sign autographs in promotion of her new fragrance:

She looks great ... [thanks Arielle]

Hey Claire Danes ... what up girl?

When did our homegirl get all attitude-y? She looks like she's about to slap someone's face off. Loves it!

Er ... it must be said ... sometimes the color pink is done so wrong ...

Lara Flynn Boyle looks ridiculous in her pink UGGs with matching pink bathrobe. It was a nice attempt to get our attention tho ... well played, Lara. [thanks Katie]

Check out these ÜberHot pictures of Jared Leto from Dazed + Confused magazine:

I really like the DEVO meets A Clockwork Orange-look that he's got goin' on (too bad he opted out of wearing the jock strap a la Alex). Hot! Hot! Hot! [via]

OOH and here's more Hot! Hot! Hot! Joaquin Phoenix looks great in these pictures from New York Times Style magazine:

I am no fan of smoking ... but this picture looks great. Here is my hopeful prediction for the next Academy Awards ... Joaquin Phoenix, Jake Gyllenhall and Heath Ledger all in the running for Best Actor. How hot would that be?!

How cool is this Salma Hayek photoshoot for the New York Times magazine feature on Women in History:

You know, with the right make-up you can make anyone look like this ... but I love that they chose Salma to don the garb of the Elizabethan, Medieval, etc. woman. It is a very nice touch having a Latina as the model.

So ... is Elijah Wood capable of taking a normal picture any more?

He looks intensely creepy in most of his recent pictures. What gives ..?

Check out these awesome pictures of Angelina Jolie as a young girl:

This girl has been skinny her whole life it seems. Apparently Angelina is about 14 years old in these pix ... which means that Brad Pitt would have been about 26 years old at the time. [thanks GM]

James Marsters has had a band called Ghost of the Robot ... here is a promo picture of the band in Scotland:

I have no idea what their music sounded like ... but ... Mmmmm ... I think I like men in kilts ... yes ... I do ...

Another celebrity-fronted band is Wicked Wisdom ... with Jada Pinkett Smith as lead singer:

It seems that it is very "un-rock and roll" to run a brush thru your hair, which would explain the bird nest on top of Jada's head. Whatevs, Jada ... do your thing girl!

And finally ... here is a recent picture of Trent Reznor in Tokyo, Japan:

Yeah ... he is only getting better with age ... I can't wait to see Nine Inch Nails when they come to Detroit on October 8th. Where my peeps at? Any other Detroiters going to the show?

The news:
Erik and I had a nice date night last night ... we haven't been able to spend much time together because of other stuff getting in the way ... but we made time last night. It was great.

SO, while I'll be in NYC next week I found out yesterday that I will be going out to LA the week after I get back from NYC. I will be in LA from October 9th to Ocotber 16th. If any of you have the skinny on the happenin' clam bakes and sock hops for that week be sure to shout me a holler.