Sunday, September 25, 2005




Us Weekly is the first news outlet in the world to report that Demi Moore, 42, and Ashton Kutcher, 27, got married Saturday night at a Beverly Hills home in a ceremony in front of more than 100 of their closest friends and family, according to several sources close to the couple. ''It was very last minute,'' one guest told Us. Kutcher's publicist declined to confirm the nuptials, and when asked to confirm the wedding, Moore's publicist Stephen Huvane simply declined comment to Us.

Standing before a crowd that included actors Bruce Willis and Wilmer Valderrama, actress Lucy Liu, Moore's three daughters and their closest family and friends, the couple, followers of the ancient spiritual practice of Kabbalah, exchanged vows in a brief but traditional ceremony. ''Most everyone was dressed formally,'' a source at the wedding told Us.

It is the third marriage for Moore, who separated from her second husband, actor Bruce Willis, in 1998 (she was married to musician Freddie Moore for four years in the early 1980s). It is the first walk down the aisle for Kutcher, producer and star of the MTV reality show Punk'd and former star of Fox's That '70s Show, who dated actress Brittany Murphy before he began dating the veteran film actress Moore in early 2003.

Um ... for real?

Girlfriend In A Coma

Boo! It is so gloomy outside today ... it was gloomy yesterday too ... I am not a fan of September weather ... the transition from sunny warm days to cooler overcast days really kinda sucks. Blah ...

... but there is work to be done, so let's get to it ... Alyson Hannigan (Willow on Buffy), her husband Alexis Denisof (Wesley Windom Price on Buffy & Angel) and Amy Acker (Fred & Illyria on Angel) were among the stars at the premiere of the new Joss Whedon movie Serenity:

It's nice to see the Buffy alums coming together for events like this. Of course THE Buffy alum, Sarah Michelle Gellar, is usually the hold-out who doesn't attend these types of things ... but this time she has an excuse ... you know, since she's busy playing a porn star in the filming her own movie.

Paris Hilton doesn't strike me as a very good driver ...

... and we now know that she's not very good at parking her car. OY! I hate scraping the bottom of my car and it's just a VW Beetle ... if I scraped the bottom of my Ferrari I'd prolly kill myself. Paris will probably go buy a new car.

Nicky Hilton, on the other hand, is probably a pretty good driver ... I mean, c'mon ... she's so talented:

You see, it behooves one to be very bendy.

Aww ... Jennifer Garner is getting plumper and plumper with each passing day ... it's so nice when she and Ben Affleck spend so much time together ...

... hugging, kissing, going for walks together ... going for coffee together ... ingesting first-hand and second-hand smoke together:

The careful regard that Bennifer have for their unborn baby is truly remarkable.

Blech! Will UGGs ever die and go away? Well ... if Kim Stewart keeps wearing them hopefully they will:

I think the surest way to get people to stop wearing UGGs is to remind them that Kimmy-poo loves to wear them.

Hmm ... do you suppose Ashlee Simpson will have a difficult time filling seats at concert halls on her upcoming tour?

Nah ... I think she's gonna be just fine ... so long as she can avoid any SNL-like eff-ups this time around I think she'll be A-OK. Presales for her upcoming tour are already underway ... I can't wait to see her new show.

Jennifer Love Hewitt's new show, Ghost Whisperer, debuted on Friday night ... I actually watched the entire thing just to get a feel for what it's all about (well, I watched it mostly because I was bored out of my mind):

I didn't hate it ... per se ... well, don't get me wrong ... the show is horrid but J. Love comes across as very likeable. I know -- I was shocked as well. The problem with the show is that it's way too sappy ... like to a nauseating degree. On the plus side, Wentworth Miller AND Balthazar Getty both guest starred in the premiere episode ... so it really wasn't that much of a waste of time.

The 5th season of Smallville premieres on The WB this week:

Damn ... are Clark Kent and Lana Lang finally gonna do the nasty? I hope so ... poor Supes has been suffering with the blue balls from hell for years now. Anyways, click HERE to see the season 5 trailer ... James Marsters (who plays Brainiac) is in it ... and so is bad Lex. I'm not a huge Smallville fan ... but with the lead-in to Superman Returns next summer ... I may have to play catch up.

Yesterday evening, Sarah and I went to the movies together and we were able to catch the newest trailer for the movie Rent. I actually got chills while watching the damn thing:

The trailer we saw was different than the one you can see HERE. I have seen the musical MANY times so it is very strange to see the characters set in the "real NYC environment" of San Francisco. I cannot express how excited I am to see how this musical gets translated to the big screen. Wee! I can't wait!!!

And finally ... Charmed begins its 8th and final season tonight on The WB:

I know ... Charmed is a little cheesy ... but it was my Buffy replacement when that show ended ... and I've grown to actually care about the Halliwell sisters ... I'm glad they're giving it one more season before pulling the plug -- I wasn't ready for it to end. BUT, we learned in the finale of the last season that the world thinks the Charmed Ones are dead ... however will this new season play out ... and who is that new witch with them??? I guess we'll have to tune in to find out ...

I spent the afternoon at my parent's house yesterday ... I had a long talk with my dad about my upcoming trips and the ramifications of what I'm about to embark upon. My parents are always so supportive ... I really feel a lot better after I hang out with them.

Later yesterday evening, I met up with Sarah and we went to go see Just Like Heaven:

What's with all the dead people lately? They're everywhere it seems ... but anyways, the movie was verrrry schmaltzy ... very girlie ... it was cute but extremely implausible. Eh, I didn't hate it.

On our way out of the theater we kinda snuck into another theater to see Flightplan:

Boy, am I glad we didn't pay to see this one. The movie is basically Panic Room at 3,000 feet ... without Jared Leto in corn rows ... after being bored into a coma (seriously, my spirit left my body to go chill out at home) for about 8 hours the action picked up at the end ... I have to give the movie a big poop sandwich ... the plot was ridiculous and the kid wasn't even that cute.

After our night at the movies, Sarah and I met up with Mark and Candice at The Double Olive to drink the night away ... we had fun ... so much fun that I had to crash at Sarah's house. Oy!

Today I'm hanging out with Mark and Sarah again ... so I better get going. And get I get a Hoo-RAH! that Erik is coming home from Chicago tonight ... Wee!!!