Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Loose Lips

So today is the first of my NYC truncated posts ... I hope you all can understand ... I'm here in NYC for some important bizznazz that I will fill you in on as the days progress. Right now I'm blogging from Parson's School of Design ... let's get to it ...

Jennifer Garner let loose a very big secret last night on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno ... she accidentally revealed the sex of her baby ... Bennifer is having a baby girl:

It won't be long before little Bennifa (isn't that a cute name?) will be born. Maybe she can date Sean Preston?

I did not believe the rumors that Paris2 called off their engagement ... from the looks of these pictures, they look pretty together to me:

Don't Paris (female) and Paris (male) look so happy and in love?

Nicky Hilton is in the land of OZ with her friend Kim Stewart to do promotion for Antz Pantz underwear ... check out the bopsie twins as they ham it up for the cameras:

Hmm ... invasion of the body snatchers much? Who's body did Kim Stewart steal? Nicky really should choose to associate with better divas.

Mischa Barton has been seen out-and-about with a new(er) dude:

Er ... he's got longer extensions than Lindsay Lohan. Ew. She can do better than this ...

Speaking of La Lohan, check out Lindsay's little sis Ali Lohan at the premiere of Wallace & Gromit:

She is a total L. Lo clone with brown hair! I suspect there is a factory somewhere that is churning out exact replicants of our favorite celebs ... Jamie Lynn Spears and Ali Lohan are proof positive of that. I wonder when the Nicole Richie clone is going to surface.

Newly engaged Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell pitched in to help out with Hurricane relief by joining with other celebs to pass out much needed supplies to hurricane victims:

I love how Jerry felt the need to show off his manly muscles by carrying around those boxes. Do you suppose he's trying to overcompensate so that he can hang on to Rebecca?

And finally, check out Joaquin Phoenix on the cover of Details magazine:

He is going to make the hottest Johnny Cash ever! Woot!

The news:
  • The Detroit Free Press ran an article on me in today's paper. You can read it HERE. I cannot tell you how honored I am to be featured in Detroit's favorite newspaper. Detroiters, pick up your print copies today to see my pictures with Paris Hilton.
  • HERE by popular demand is the Kevin Federline's Magic Mirror (from The Family Guy). [via GorillaMask, thanks Zach]
  • Jennifer Jason Leigh got hitched!
  • Click HERE to read Spin magazine's interview with Courtney Love.
  • Click HERE to see who got nominated for MTV Europe Music Awards.
  • R. Kelly's wife doesn't seem too smart.
  • Harry Potter has some dedicated fans.
  • Abercrombie & Fitch want you to watch SOMETHING. Towleroad has the screencaps.
So the plane ride this morning was a bit stressful ... after we boarded the plane we were told that there was "something wrong" with the plane and that we had to deboard and get on a new plane. Yeah.

But I made it here safe and sound ... I have a "thing" to do tonight, if everything goes well I will have something to report tomorrow. I have a few things scheduled this week that are still under wraps ... but, I can tell you now that I'm going to MTV's TRL tomorrow ... I'm not sure if I'll be in the audience (because I am going to be given backstage access) but I'm gonna try so that I can be one of the screaming TRLers on the show. Check it out if you can ...

The plan for this evening is to keep it chill ... I have an appointment tomorrow morning that I need to be fresh for so I'm not going to whoop it up at all tonight. I'm meeting up with the incredible Andy Towle tonight ... we're going to watch Lost together. That should be really fun.

So anyways ... that is all for now ... please bear with me this week ... I have a lot of things to do while I'm in NYC so I don't know how much computer time I'm going to have. I'm not sure when I'll get to post tomorrow but I'm gonna do my best to post something. I promise to do my best to post something every day, just like always, so stay tuned.

Okay ... I'm gonna go off so that I can be a part of it ... I'm out.