Friday, September 30, 2005

The Best 5 Secs Ever

Ya know, whatevs. It was fun to do ... I did my best :)


Yesterday was just utterly amazing ... from my taping at VH1's Best Week Ever to my little stint on MTV's TRL I can honestly say that it really was the best day ever. As a reminder, I am continuing to post truncated posts while I am in NYC but I do plan on returning to the usual post sizes when I get back home to Detroit on Monday. So ... let's get to it ...

Here are a few more pictures of Britney Spears and Kevin Federline putzing around on the grounds of their mansion ... there is something about the blurriness that makes the whole scene seem seedy ...

... or maybe it's the trashy wife-beater t-shirt that Kevin is wearing ... or perhaps it's the fact that K-Fed is walking around with his beer gut hanging out ... or, sadly, perhaps it's the fact that Britney seems to have reverted to her use of the scrunchie. Hot damn, I love me some Spederline!

Lindsay Lohan is in NYC right now ... she's in town to shoot the video for her new song Confessions of a Broken Heart. On Wednesday, Kirsten and I had lunch at Cafeteria and afterwards managed to stumble upon the video shoot location on 26th Street. We were unable to stay long enough to get any pictures of Miss L but we did get to see her little siblings Ali and Cody be ushered in and out of the building where the video was being shot. Here are some pictures of Lindsay from that shoot:

She looks a lot like a reject from Wicked in that very busy dress. Her hair is a bit much ... and so is her make-up but she doesn't look too bad. The video will be premiering on [via JJB and]

Charlize Theron was honored in LA yesterday when she received her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame:

She looks so thrilled and so humble. She is a great actress ... she is truly deserving of this honor.

I know they're a bit late but here are a few pictures of Hilary Duff and her family arriving at her 18th birthday party on Wednesday:

Of course Haylie Duff and Joel & Benji Madden were on hand to party ... But it was so cool to see that my homie Josh Madden also made it out for her party. It's too bad I was in NYC when the festivities took place ...

Rumors have been flying that Dominic Monaghan and Evangeline Lilly were the newest hot couple ... these pictures would seem to affirm those rumors:

They look really cute together ... can't you feel the love? Hmmm ... Andy and I were talking about this new celebrity coupling ... we think that they should be dubbed Monalilly ... you know, cuz these hybrid celebrity couple names are all the rage these days.

Janet Jackson doesn't like when the paparazzi take candid pictures of her ... she thinks they make her look bad or stupid ... her solution is to hide:

You know, cuz she comes out looking so much better.

And finally -- Ding Dong! The bitch is dead! Star Jones got her ass fired by E! She will no longer be doing red carpet reports for the entertainment channel:

Yay! Could it be that Kathy Griffin's Star Jones voodoo doll actually works? Hopefully E! will wise up and get Kathy to take her place.

Les news:
So ... TRL was so fun ... we got VIP access which means a lot of camera time and a chance to do a shoutout (thank you SO much TIM!) ... I managed to pull myself together and really prepare my shoutout so that I wouldn't sound like an ass on live TV. I gave my shoutout during Mariah Carey's Shake It Off video (I think it was number 6 or 7). Did anyone see it? I even gave a shout out to all the Pink is the new Blog readers out there by calling you my "pink peeps".

Dude.Man.Phat has a screenshot of me on TRL:

Let me ASSURE you all that I was not picking my nose on live TV ... shoot, I didn't even want to blink on live TV ... thanks for the screencap, Justin. If anyone else has any screencaps of me on TRL or can make some of me on Best Week Ever (that airs all weekend long starting tonight at 11pm) please email them to me :)

After I was done with all of my TV things I got to hang out with the staff of Best Week Ever. We met up at the Hog Pit in the Meat Packing District to drink the night away:

I cannot thank them enough for being so kickass to me ... I <3 U guys totally!

Today I have another thing to do ... but believe me, it's nothing to talk about ... Tonight I think I'm going dancing with my new B.F.F.s Norman and Fred ... maybe ...

I believe the plan for tomorrow night is MisShapes to hear Ultragrrrl tear it up on the 2's.

And that's it ... I'm out.