Sunday, October 02, 2005

Mr. & MisShapes

Soooo ... my NYC adventure is quickly coming to a close. Today is my last day in the city ... but I'm working on hopefully coming back in a few weeks ... let's get to our last truncated post and do the damn thang!

Bennifer was in Boston to cheer on their Red Sox this weekend:

Jen Garner is smart to play into the sports thing with hubs Ben Affleck. We all know that J. Lo was NOT a sports fan ... see, Jen knows how to keep her man happy so that they'll be together forever ... it don't hurt that she got knocked up either.

Cillian Murphy is in NYC for the premiere of his new movie Breakfast on Pluto:

He is a cutie! Personally, I think he looks much better with the short hair but I ain't never gonna do no complain' about Mr. Murphy.

Jennifer Lopez was the stunning portrait of the Latina Diva at the American Express Gala this weekend ...

... but she ain't gettin' no love from PETA. They managed to jump on stage to protest J. Lo's fashion show earlier in the week. C'mon y'all ... can't we all just get along?

Pink is in NYC this weekend to play a benefit show for breast cancer research:

First, Pink is awesome for working towards such a great cause ... and second, Pink is so hot right now ... everywhere you look ... I think NYC might need a little more pink ...

Yeah ... Tori Spelling ain't wasting her time crying over the end of her marriage ...

... it looks like she's already found her new Mr. Right. The only problem is that the dude looks ancient ... I can't believe she would end her marriage only to hook up with a dude who has old balls.

Here are few more pictures of Lindsay Lohan shooting her video for the song Confessions of a Broken Heart right here in NYC:

Feeling! With feeling, people! L. Lo knows how to emote when she's performing ... can't you feel her pain?

And finally, check out these amazing pictures of Lil' Kim from Source magazine:

I bet poor Kimmy is in her cell right now lamenting the lose of her furs and her bling. Hang in there, girl ... we'll be holding it down for you until you get sprung.

No news roundup for today ... I'll have the usual news links tomorrow tho!

Yesterday was so fun ... I got to meet up with a few new friends from the VH1 show The Fabulous Life ... at Elmo in Chelsea:

I got to meet Ryan and Rebecca earlier this week on Wednesday night and Kirsten and I got to meet Hallie and Max yesterday. We had the best time ... great conversation, great advice ... I feel so lucky to have new friends like these guys.

After Elmo, Kirsten and I went to Magnolia for a couple of their amazing cupcakes and then we met up with my good friend Brad and his friend Kathy. We were also graced with an appearance by my fave girl ever, Melissa and her boyfriend Justin:

I cannot tell you much I love me some Melissa. She is so warm and genuine ... she was totally the way I knew she would be. It was all I could do to keep from putting her in my pocket and running away with her ...

Kirsten's friends from Long Island came into the city to have dinner with all of us and then we parted ways with Melissa and Justin and headed off to MisShapes for some dancin'. I don't care what anybody says, MisShapes the funnest dance party ever. Seriously, the best music to dance to ... It was so nice to finally get to meet Greg K. It was so nice seeing Sarah again ... and of course, the MisShapes gang:

Dancing last night was the perfect way to end my amazing week here in NYC. It wasn't too shabby that The Killers stopped by to hang out for a little bit. I've had some of the best experiences of my life this week ... and hopefully this is only the beginning of more amazing things to come.

Kirsten and I are meeting up with Andy and Dave for brunch this afternoon and then Kirsten and I are having a quiet dinner at her place. It don't get no better than that.

I'm sure there are a million things I'm forgetting to mention but things have been so frantic, so amazingly fun that it is hard to keep track of everything when everything seems to be happening all at once.

SOOOOO thank you New York City ... I've had the best time ... I've met the best people ... and I can't wait to come back.