Friday, October 07, 2005

Wet Dream

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So ... yeah ... the enormous explosion of celebrity gossip news that took place on Wednesday seems to have created a quiet vacuum of news ever since ... there have been no salacious pictures or uber-juicy stories since ... see, even celebrities need to take a break from being sensationalistic all of the time.

Has the mega-swirl of celebrity activity had an adverse effect on Paris Hilton? The normally happy-to-be-photographed debutante has become shy all of the sudden:

This is really weird ... maybe even weirder than the thought of Tom Cruise actually wanting to put his penis inside of a woman -- okay, it's not that weird but it's weird enough. Maybe she had a flaming cold sore? Maybe she had a raging pimple on her nose? Maybe she was hiding from Kim Stewart? Who knows ... I just hope that Paris gets over her camera-fright soon. [Source]

Soliel Soleil Moon Frye (damnit, I always misspell her name) took her new baby daughter, Poet, out for lunch and for a stroll:

Mama Punky looks so cute with her little baby. Check out all that hair that the baby has. [Source]

Speaking of hair ... Sienna Miller has decided that she is completely finished with her long hair ... yessir, she is completely fed up with all of the bullshizz that her hair has heaped upon her ... all the lies, all the deception ... she is done with it all ... DUNZO people! She has finally cut off her stupid hair:

... but is still okay with keeping Jude Law around. [Source]

Oh lord ... someone, please help Kirstie Alley. What the eff ... you tell the woman to go buy a brush and do something with the hair and what does she go and do??? She picks up a goldfish themed outfit:

Where on God's green Earth did Kirstie manage to find those stretch pants??? That place should be found and burned to the ground ... and then the ashes should be burned again. [Source]

Tori Spelling knows that when life gives you lemons ... you go to the bar and get completely wasted on Lemon Drop shots ... and sing your heart out for the world to see:

Eternal Flame folks. That is the song that Miss Spelling graced the town of Seattle with ... I think I may cry ... [Source, thanks Nick]

Madonna is getting ready to unleash her latest album, Confessions on a Dancefloor, upon the world ... but before she does that she wants to get in as much frumpy time as she can before she has to be superfab all the time. Here are a couple of pictures of Mr. & Mrs. Ritchie leaving the Kabbalah Center:

If you head over to you can hear a 30 second clip of her new single Hung Up. Ahhh ... what a thrill it would be to get to meet her royal Madgesty ... who knows, maybe some day my wish will come true. [Source]

Pink reader Jimmy attended the Ashlee Simpson concert in Chicago this week ... his review was less than stellar ... but he did send in this picture to share with all of us:

I don't know about you, but if I had screwed up ROYALLY on live TV and then I was scheduled to appear again on that same live TV show, I think I would be a mess. Perhaps Ashlee is just dealing with a mess of nerves ... man, oh man ... it's all gonna come to a head tomorrow night on Saturday Night Live. I can't wait! [thanks Jimmy]

In other Ashlee news, her official website has been completely revamped:

It's an older, wiser, more mature website. [Source]

Jake Gyllenhaal must never sleep because every time you turn around he's making a new movie ... he spent some time in San Francisco recently filming a new movie called Zodiac:

Wait a minute ... a movie that stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Mark Ruffalo and is directed by David Fincher ...? Woot! Yes, please. [Source, thanks Brian]

Here is a new Lost tidbit: Pink reader Katie sends in these side-by-side pictures of what appears to be Desmond's girlfriend:

I suppose it could be the same woman ... it would be a nice new element if indeed the 2 women (Desmond's girlfriend and the woman on the boat who helped kidnap Walt) were one and the same. Every time ANYTHING flashes on the screen I always try and take note of it because we know that everything means something. The camera focused on the picture of Desmond and his girlfriend for a bit ... we'll see what comes of this. [thanks Katie]

Not enough? Click HERE to read about Jack's tattoos. Click HERE to visit the website for Hurley's chicken store (watch the chicken head for a few secs, look in the lower right corner for a green paragraph hyperlink, note the site was designed by 4185 Designs and the store address is 1623 N 42nd Ave.). Click HERE for the Dharma Industries website. And finally ... click HERE to make your head spin reading about the significance of the book Turn of the Screw.

Okay ... moving on ... what's goin' on with our fave Laguna Beach biatches? Check out the homegirls lookin' pretty homely in these lame corsets:

I'm not sure if they are modeling them or whatever but ... they don't look particularly flattering at all. And what ... no LC? [Source]

Sometimes pink can be too pink ...

... especially in the hands of America's Next Top Model's Miss J. [thanks Junstev]

Orlando Bloom is on the cover of both Teen People and Teen Vogue this month:

Er ... what exactly is he trying to do with that second picture? He needs to work on his poses methinks. [Source]

Here is the first teaser poster for the movie King Kong:

It's so touching ... [Source]

And here is a picture of one of the first merchandising tie-ins:

Shouldn't they make a cereal with banana-flavored chunks or something instead of using regular ol' Corn Flakes? [Source]

Okay ... hold the phone ... what the hell is going on ... when did Aquaman become the hottest thing in Hollywood? Aquaman is highly regarded as the weakest of the Superfriends and is generally the butt of many jokes ... they even make fun of him on HBO's Entourage. But now ... all of the sudden, thanks to Smallville, the Lord of the Sea is getting all sexy and stuff:

Dang ... give a dorky superhero a set of good nipples and he starts popping up on messageboards and blogs all over the place. I for one was never an Aquaman hater, per se, but that probably has more to do with the fact that I'm a huge fan of wet blondes ... go figure. In any regard, we'll see how well Aquaman fares in this new, pretty hot incarnation. [Source, Source]

And finally ... I am happy to report that has reopened for bizznazz ... here is their latest masterpiece:

Loves it! I have to get my mitts on one of these. [Source]

Erik and I went to the Tegan & Sara show at the Majestic Theater last night ...

And they were sooo fun! The girls did a cover of Bruce Springsteen's song Dancing in the Dark which was very appropriate because Sara looked like she was wearing the exact same outfit that Courteney Cox wore in the video. They had some great t-shirts but sadly, neither Erik or I got one. [Source]

Tonight Erik and I will be celebrating our 2-year anniversary (which is officially October 8th). We have special plans for a fun night together ... then he leaves tomorrow morning for 2 days for a friend's wedding and I leave for LA on Sunday. Boo. We're gonna have to make tonight count.

That is all for now. Lates.