Monday, October 10, 2005

Just Desserts?

So ... I'm here in LA blogging from the West Coast ... I'll be here all week so I apologize if the posts come later in the day for you peeps on the East Coast ... I'm still gonna try and post at the same time in the morning but, because of the time diff, they will be coming later on for y'all.

Let's get to it ... soooo we watched Ashlee Simpson perform on Saturday Night Live, right? Well, if you missed it you really didn't miss much ... there were no blundering faux pas' nor was there a shocking incident to speak of ... unless you consider what the poor girl was wearing:

What the fug is going on with her?! I know I already mentioned it but, seriously, she looks terrible with this new mid-1990's grunge thing she's got goin' on. It's horrid. Ashlee PLEASE stop doing this ... it's starting to physically pain me to watch. [Source]

Here are a couple of pictures that give you a good look at Paris Hilton's new hairdo:

Short and sassy ... which is the perfect look for her ... [Source]

... Especially since Paris spent the weekend whooping it up in Sin City. Newly single and ready to party, Paris Hilton returned to her former partygirl-self this weekend. Here are some pictures of Miss Hilton dancing on the tables at Tao:

Ugh ... yes that's Kim Stewart that she is dancing with/freaking on ... Blah ... I'm trying to keep my breakfast down so let's move on ... [Source]

After her shenanigans at Tao she decided to take her I'm So Upset Over the End of My Engagement show to the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino where she became an unofficial member of Fat Joe's Terror Squad:

I believe that is Bijou Phillips that she is dancing with this time ... thank good for children of famous people who are really good for nothing else other than existing as potential Paris Hilton sidekicks ... otherwise, Paris might have to resort to freakin' on regular people. Oh the horror! [Source]

Lindsay Lohan, on the other hand, has toned down her wild ways ... returning to "the scene of the crime" in Beverly Hills this weekend ... L. Lo went back to Newsroom, the restaurant where she crashed her car last Wednesday:

I mean I know you can't tell that it is Lindsay Lohan, what with her remarkable disguise, but I can assure you that it is her. Alas, will she ever smile for the paparazzi again? [Source]

Newly married (???) Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher surfaced in Barcelona, Spain:

It is interesting that Ashton is keeping his left hand in his pocket ... we still don't know for sure that they are, indeed, married. Neither one of them have officially confirmed the marriage yet. Hmmm ... [Source]

Let Act II of the TomKat Theater commence ... here are more pictures of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes at one of Tom's daughter's soccer games. Notice how much Katie seems to be showing her expanding belly:

Fishy, fishy, fishy .... the whole thing just stinks of a sham! I can't help but feel like we are being had ... I am convinced that that baby, if ever born, is going to come out with goat's feet and a pointed tail -- you just watch! [Source, thanks Annekatrin]

PETA is, like, having a great year what with all the stunts they keep pulling off lately ... not that I support their guerilla-type tactics (thanks Zip), but still ... their latest coup involved pelting Vogue magazine editor, Anna Wintour, in the face with a tofu-cream pie:

Yeah, she got hit pretty good in the face. The only thing PETA could do at this point to top this would be to successfully embarrass Jennifer Lopez in the same way. Yikes! And at their recent success rate, I wouldn't put it past them. [Source]

Here are some screencaps of our dear Jilary on a Spanish music TV show:

Does anyone else think it would incredibly awesome if Hilary Duff and Joel Madden recorded a duet of Love Lift Us Up Where We Belong? [Source]

Oh Aaron. When will you learn that the endless partying is having a damaging effect on your youth? Probably not until you've well wasted your youth and wake up in your 30's wondering where the time went:

Egads ... Aaron Carter is beginning to look like a grizzled old, washed up has-been ... and isn't he, like, 14 years old or something? Nice call with that cig behind his ear ... it really makes the whole outfit. [Source]

It's good to have Fiona Apple back on the scene ... she has been gone for way too long. Here are some pictures of Fiona at a recent in-store appearance at Tower Records:

Here is more good news ... Fiona is going on tour! Click HERE for her latest tour dates scheduled. No Detroit date yet ... but here's hopin' they'll add one soon. [Source]

Pink reader Fatima was fortunate enough to attend a San Diego event where cast members from Laguna Beach attended the Fusion Fashion Show at a club called On Broadway. Lucky, lucky Fatima had VIP passes and was able to schmooze with the LBers ... and here are some of her pictures:

First off, Fatima looks amazing! Secondly, it looks like she got to meet all the principles sans Kristin (who was prolly too busy hanging out with her new BF Brody Jenner). Fatima tells us that the girls were modeling those ugly corsets that were featured here on Pink is the new Blog a few days ago. The good thing is that the fashion was was a fundraiser for Dieter's pretty-cool organization Running Home for Teens. [thanks Fatima]

So ... do we love the new Aquaman much? Maybe ... but only because the dude has been EVERYWHERE long before he was selected to be Aquaman on Smallville (and probably because he looks pretty good wet). His name is Alan Ritchson and he can do basically everything ....

I'm pretty sure that if this Aquaman thing doesn't work out he'll be running for Congress next. [Source, Source, Source, Source]

One last Alan tidbit, Pink reader Alyssa went to high school and graciously sends in his yearbook picture for us to check out:

I love the attempt at a feathered haircut ... it's a nice nod to the 80's. And before you ask ... NO I will not be sharing pictures of me from High School ... I think I would drop dead from the embarrassment and you would all lose respect for me and none of us want that, now do we? [thanks Alyssa]

Jake Gyllenhaal is on the cover of Premiere magazine:

He looks great as usual. Can I just tell you that I am soooo anxious to see Brokeback Mountain already? I want to see it now! [Source]

We know that Beyoncé is on the cover of the new issue of Vanity Fair ... but there are a whole slew of Hip-Hop divas featured within the magazine's pages:

Personally, I think they all look great. I'm not a huge fan of the Tootie from The Fact's of Life hairdo that Lauryn Hill is sportin' but she rules so I can't really say a bad thing about her. [Source]

And finally, here is a screen shot from the Lost website for Hurley's chicken store Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack:

The screen flashes quickly but we can tell from the screenshot that a few new clues are revealed. Inside the chicken head we see the dreaded numbers and the names Jin, Hanso, Hurley ... we see the words Polar Bear and Dharma ... and part of a sentence that begins JACK WILL DI ... it could mean that Jack will Die or that Jack will Discover something ... who knows?! Grrr ... is it Wednesday yet? I think we need more baffling information. [thanks Kristina]

The News:
So I arrived in LA at 10 AM PST yesterday and I was butt-ass tired. I had to be at the airport in Detroit at 5 AM and that was NOT fun at all. As soon as I arrived Jeff and I had a quick brunch before he took me home to sleep for a few hours. Jeff had to go to work (at the Playboy Mansion of all places) and I hung out with Adriana and Brian. We had pizza at Nova Express (which is the coolest-looking pizza place I've ever been to) and then went to see MirrorMask:

Wow ... if you are looking for a visually stunning, sometimes creepy, extremely confusing but fantastical movie then MirrorMask is the film for you. I really enjoyed it ... it was a bit much to take in at times but overall, it's a great film. [Source]

So that's it, y'all. I'm here in Hollywood for the week ... there will be some business to take care of ... friends to visit and hopefully a lot of relaxing downtime. We weren't able to go out for drinks last night ... but hopefully we can make a cameo (hopefully the first of many) at The Abbey tonight.

I'm out. Lates.

posted 9:40 AM PST