Friday, October 14, 2005

U Drive Me Crazy

NOTE: If you are having problems with the pictures it is most likely because of the high rate of traffic going on around here. I'm very much looking forward to finding a picture host that can keep up with Pink is the new Blog. The pictures are working ... you just may have to reload :(

So the LA trip is going very well ... things are happening all over the place ... I'm trying to have fun and still give the blog the attention it deserves. Believe me ... it's not that I want to be tied to a computer when I'm in sunny California ... but I love writing this blog every day so I do set aside time for it in the mornings ... unforch, the mornings on the West Coast are the afternoons on the East Coast. Things will be back to normal soon ... when my jet setting is all done with. Enough of that ... let's get to it ...

Yay! Finally ... new pictures of Ryan Phillippe out and about. Check out these adorable pictures of Ryan with his baby boy Deacon as they go out for coffee:

I think it's safe to assume that Ryan did not go out and get a full sleeve of tattoos. He must be prepping for a movie or something. It's great to see him around town again ... but it'd be even better if we got to see him around town wearing less clothing. [Source]

What's this ... could it be ...? Is Lindsay Lohan back behind the steering wheel?

Awww yeah ... You know you can't keep a good biatch down for long. Looks like Linds traded in her love for smaller, sportier vehicles for the larger, safer super tank-size SUV. And, can we give some love to the overzealous paparazzi who feel they need to get physical with one another over taking pictures? I can't imagine getting into a scuffle with another blogger over something so silly ... but I suppose I could take the Thigh Master in a fight. [Source]

Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson have fled the US in an attempt to escape the public scrutiny here at home ... so of course they are being photographed wherever they go. Here's a picture of the pair in Italy:

The smiles are there ... they are physically touching one another ... THAT'S IT ... they must be perfectly happy. [Source]

Here is a picture of Penelope Cruz and Matthew McConaughey as they spend some romantic time in Madrid, Spain:

Penelope is in Spain filming the new Pedro Almodovar film Volver. They actually make a cute couple ... and to think, used to be with Tom Cruise. Hee hee, I bet she's got some great stories. [Source]

Nicole Richie has cornered the market on the super-sized sunglasses ...

Perhaps the magnification of glasses that size make smaller bits of food look larger. Hmmm ... have I cracked the secret of her diet habits? [Source]

Xtina Aguilera has jumped ship at Coca Cola and has signed on to peddle Pepsi products now. Here is the Dirrty one filming a commercial for the soda pop:

I'm not sure how I feel about the ginormous of peacock feathers jutting from the top of her head but I suppose I can reserve judgement until I see the actual commercial. I think it's safe to assume that Britney Spears has been dropped from the Pepsi line-up since they've signed on with Xtina. Boo. [Source]

Here are a few more pictures of Xtina Aguilera as she performs (or films a "performance") outside of Capitol Records here in LA:

Oh yeah ... the hair, the lipstick, the outfit ... she is a dead ringer for Hedwig from Hedwig & the Angry Inch. [Source]

The new James Bond has been chosen ... and this time our favorite spy will be a blonde ... meet Craig ... Daniel Craig, 007:

Well well well well ... it seems that Mr. Craig has no problem with frontal nudity (NSFW) in front of the camera. Will we get to see James Bond wang out and all in the new movie? The only movie that I have seen him in is Tomb Raider with Angelina Jolie. In any regard, good luck to him ... and good luck to Pierce Brosnon ... maybe he can get signed to do voiceovers or something. [Source, Source (NSFW)]

Alicia Keys is a very talented musician ...

... with a hilarious sense of style. I mean ... a side pony tail ... FOR REAL?! [Source]

Speaking of a hilarious sense of style ... check out the latest pictures of Miss Kim Stewart hanging out in Beverly Hills:

The only thing that would make this outfit completely perfect would be a side pony tail. [Source]

Charlize Theron is easily agitated ... here are some pictures of her on her way to MTV's TRL:

She seems like the type of woman you don't want to mess around with. Well, I hope you have a better day today Charlize. [Source]

Nicky Hilton has been tapped by Glamour magazine to give out her own brand of fashion tips:

[Insert your own joke here] [Source]

Alanis Morissette is releasing a greatest hits compilation in November ... her official site is previewing the artwork:

There is only one new track on this collection ... her cover of Seal's song Crazy. Here is a screencap of the video which you can see in its entirety HERE:

The video is interesting ... there is a twist at the end ... because Hello! there are twists at the end of everything these days. I love Alanis ... there is no doubt about that ... but her hair in the video is very ... wrong. The woman hasn't had good bangs for a few years now ... we just need to get her a nice cut. [Source via ONTD!]

Sowwy ... No news listings for today ... I'm so late with this post already ...

Things in LA are progressing nicely ... I am meeting some of the coolest people around. Yesterday I had a very fun lunch with new friends Jeremy, Mara and Brian who all work at CNN Showbiz Today. Then Jim and I had a meeting with a great new company who offered us a great deal on a great concept. As I said before, I'm just listening to what people are proposing and then making decisions after everything has been taken into consideration. It's fun but weird all at the same time ...

The gang all went out dancing last night at Joseph's for the latest Dim Mak party ... and we got to rock out and dance our assess off to the DJ stylings of Benji Madden. It was such a fun night.

Today ... there is more stuff to do ... not sure where I'll be tonight but I'm thinking I want to drink down some goodness at The Abbey and then we might hit Pop Starz to dance the night away with Ce Ce Peniston -- Holla!

Believe me, I am just trying to keep my head on straight, enjoy the things that are coming my way and be smart about how to proceed. Y'all know that I love this blog very much ... so don't worry on that account. But I have to tell you ... I'm very much looking forward to when all the running around is over and I can settle back down at home and get to work.

I hope you all have a great weekend ... I know it's getting chilly back home but I hope my Detroit peeps will still go out for this month's Dorkwave Danceparty tomorrow night. Erik and Jake will be there ... so be there or be extremely S-Q-U-A-R-E.

I'm out! Posted 11:35 AM PST