Saturday, October 29, 2005

The Dukes of Brokeback Mountain

Woot! I got Erik to dress up for Halloween last night ... it wasn't necessarily a pretty sight (either of us) but we did have fun ... deets at the end of today's post ...

Ashlee Simpson ... you scamp, you ... is it true that you really didn't steal Lindsay Lohan's boyfriend?

Cuz ... you and Wilmer Valderrama always look pretty tight. But, if you say you didn't then I guess I can believe you ... [Source]

Oh no. Nicole Richie got suckered into taking a lunch meeting ...

... what the hell was she thinking? [Source]

Here are pictures of Kelly Osbourne heading into her 21st birthday party:

I absolutely *love* what she's wearing. I understand the designer is someone called Glad. [Source] has posted some new pictures of the boys down in Mexico:

GC just wrapped up a quick tour that took them down to Texas and then to Mexico. How muy bueno is that?! [Source]

Tyra Banks is saving her Halloween costume as a surprise for her show next week ... but here's a little preview:

I wonder how she got so white? Hopefully she didn't do it the "Michael Jackson" way. She got Paris Hilton down tho. [Source]

And finally, check out these pictures of Adam Brody gettin' all sexy to sell clothes and underwear for Jeans & Clothes:

Everyone knows that flashing pubic hair and lookin' all innocent is the way to generate huge sales. Well done, Adam. [Source, Source]

So, Erik and I got to see Kathy Griffin do stand-up last night and she was utterly amazing! I have only seen her in censored mode because I've never seen her live before ... and she was brilliant! She performed in front of a sold-out house at the Macomb Center for the Performing Arts. She opened the show by welcoming us to her Scooter Libby Indictment party and took off full force. If you haven't seen her live then you really haven't seen her yet. My favorite part of the show was when she started talking about her latest encounter with Celine Dion:

I haven't laughed that loud and that hard in a long time ... anyways, that was my favorite part ... until she started telling the story about how she got locked out of her hotel room in nothing but a shirt and panties ... AND THEN PROCEEDED TO TAKE OFF HER PANTS TO ILLUSTRATE HER POINT:

Yeah, she told the whole story with her pants around her ankles. It was great! Do yourself a favor, check her out on tour if she's coming to your town. It's a good time.

Oh, one more thing ... she alluded to still hanging out with Matt (her husband) so it seemed like maybe she was patching things up with him but at the end of her show (while she was telling the "panties story") she confirmed that she is still going thru the divorce and that "it sucks". Apparently, she and Matt are still friendly but their marriage is over. Boo!

ANYWAYS ... after Kathy's show, Erik and I met up with Sarah and Brandon and we got dressed for the Dethlab danceparty at OSLO. Erik and I dressed up as Bo and Luke Duke -- The Dukes of Hazzard -- and Brandon dressed up as Cooter:

I tried to get Sarah to dress up as Daisy Duke but she just wasn't having it ... so we decided to just say she was a cat named Daisy.

Yeah, those wigs were hot and scratchy ... but we wore them for most of the night ... but after a couple hours at OSLO we ditched the wigs and became the gay cowboys from Brokeback Mountain:

Sarah became the interchangeable wife to the gay cowboys from Brokeback Mountain and Brandon became a freaky dude in a nappy blonde wig.

We had fun ... but the music could've been better. They did play some Siouxsie and the Banshees and Fischerspooner ... but when the playlist turned to outright booty-shakin' techno we were pretty much dunzo.

We had so much fun dressing up last night that we may do it again tonight ... but with different costumes. Stay tuned! Any dressing up and dancing will have to come after I attend the Gwen Stefani show at the Palace of Auburn Hills tonight!

OH YEAH ... last thing ... send me pictures of you and your friends in your Halloween costumes. I will post my picks for the Top 5 Best Pictures on Tuesday November 1. If I post your picture, I'll send you a sticker.

I'm out.