Monday, November 07, 2005

Pitch A Trent

Hallelujah ... I love starting out the week with a Britney Spears sighting ... and it's the best kind of sighting because there ain't no K-Fed in sight :) Looks like Britney was pheenin' for some cheese fries and a milkshake ... the kind of craving that one can only sate at the local mall:

Hmmm ... I'm fairly certain that Britney was able to do all the shopping she wanted without having to worry about having her credit card declined. Is it wrong that I am absolutely giddy at the thought that Kevin might get the heave-ho? Methinks the rebirth of La Brit comes at the death of Spederline. [Source]

The big premiere over the weekend took place in the UK at the world premiere of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire:

Oh Daniel Radcliffe (Harry) ... nice, bold try with that outfit ... surely you will look back on that day with great sadness and regret ... but you do look happy in the pictures so hopefully you won't be too mortified when that shameful day arrives. Emma Watson (Hermione) ... you are getting so beautiful ... but let's not get nuts with the accessories from the wardrobe bin from Lord of the Rings. Liv Tyler called ... she wants her headband back. Rupert Grint (Ron) you get snaps for not trying too hard ... Mr. Robert Pattinson (Cedric) you have total hottie potential but you seriously need to talk to Jesse Metcalfe's eyebrow waxer ... and please take Colin Farrell with you. OH ... and Madonna's coat is much better than Daniel's. [Source]

Yes ... our lady Madonna was at the UK premiere of Harry Potter and she brought along her little Lourdes as her date:

Lola is so cute ... I love her coat. I think her coat is way better than both Daniel's and Madge's ... you go you little fashionista! [Source, Source]

Last bit of Maddy news, Madonna performed her new single Hung Up on the German TV show Wetten, das ..?

Visit to download the performance ... it was pretty much the same performance as the MTV EMAs performance ... but more silvery. [Source]

Lordy ... I love Janet Jackson these days ... if she's not all nekkid playing the bongos on her bare butt as she sunbathes, she's secretly hiding away secret daughters all over the place ... or she's out for one of her famous work outs:

LOLOLOLOLOL!!! It looks more like a workout for the poor guys that had to help her get up off the ground. [Source]

Duuuuude, Avril Lavigne is wearing capri pants ... that is sooo wrong:

She really is glamming up these days ... pretty soon she'll be wearing tiny little sundresses and other crap from Chick by Nicky Hilton. [Source]

Mischa Barton and Cisco Adler are becoming quite the little celebrity couple ... I'm thinking Mischco ... here's the couple as they do some grocery shopping:

There is a lot of beer in that shopping cart ... I'm sure there is a lot of hair conditioner in those bags, too. [Source]

My homegirl Gurj alerted me to the fact that my NYC sweetie Ultragrrrl Sarah Lewitin and her B.F.F. Karen Plus One walked away from the Paper magazine NightLife Awards with 3 awards!!! MisShapes also picked up an award!

That is so hot! [Source]

And look, Michael Stipe was on hand at the awards to present in his Halloween costume:

Hot hot hot! I am sending out tons of Pink love and congrats to my NYC crew ... you guys totally rule and totally deserve the accolades! XOXO [thanks Gurj]

Awww ... Witherppe are making a concerted effort to look all happy and familyesque ... here are some pics of Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon (and Deacon and Ava) as they have a nice family day out:

Oh Ryan ... you scamp you ... you don't take the fam to see full-frontal Jake Gyllenhaal in Jarhead ... you go later ... by yourself ... with me :) [Source]

Colin Farrell is either a raging alcoholic or he's a raging closet case:

You make the call. [Source]

Wee ... check out these INSANELY cute pictures of our Jakey Poo with his new little puggle (pug + beagle) friend:

Pardon me whilst I die ... cute cute cute. [Source]

Jakey was also recently on the The Conan O'Brien show ... boy, was he animated:

... Awww Jake, you're making me blush. [Source]

Here is a pretty clear picture of baby Cruz Beckham ... something's up with the kid's look ... I'm sorry to say that he doesn't look that cute ...

He's like a scary hybrid mixture of his mother and his father ... which actually explains a lot ... beautiful people have ugly babies ... and ugly people have super cute babies ... it's, like, fate or something. [Source]

I am happy to report that Kate Moss is getting work again ...

... which is really great news because I was worried that if she kept losing all of her modeling contracts then she'd never have enough money to buy drugs again. [Source]

Joss Whedon has officially christened Veronica Mars as the new Buffy the Vampire Slayer ... check out this picture of Joss as he guests on an upcoming episode:

Joss rules all ... I need to start watching VM now. [Source]

Hey Team LC ... you have new reason to rejoice ... LC has opened up her own official website at

These 2 pictures are the only ones in her gallery ... and she even has a blog there (with no entries yet) ... but I'll be watching ... still no word on yet ... so LC seems to have beat her to the punch. [Source, thanks Stephanie]

Hey Team Taylor ... oh wait, there's no one on Team Taylor ... well anyways, in more Laguna Beach news click HERE to see a whole slew of Taylor's pictures from her adventures in college:

I hate to say it but her pink dress is horrid. Those puffy shoulder sleeves have got to G-O! But there are some minorly fun pictures in those galleries ... [Source, thanks Tipy]

And finally ... here is one more bit of Buffyverse news ... Tom Lenk (ex-Andrew) is in a new play called Strangely Attractive ... the promo artwork for the play is based on those American Apparel ads that are so popular these days:

Tom was amazingly funny as Andrew on Buffy so I'm sure the play will be great ... Incidentally, he was also at Parker Posey's birthday party on Saturday night ... I think he glanced at me once. [Source]

The News:
This past weekend went from insane to mundane and was all over the map. I got to spend the afternoon with my friend Lisa and then the evening at my other friend Ethan's place:

It was nice to chill out and just hang ...

... But, the work week is starting up and I have to get back to the meetings. I have a big pitch meeting this afternoon ... keep those fingers crossed for me.

Oy! I have to go prepare and stuff ... so I'm out ... but I'll be back you know when.


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