Tuesday, November 08, 2005

My Phair Lady

Blah ... I was excited when I received an email that said it contained a scan of the back of Kevin Federline's album ... complete with song list ... until I checked out the attachment:

There is no way that this is real ... but it is hilarious. Drop A Beat? Chill Zone? Yeah ... I wish those were real song titles ... Oh well, it's still a fun way to start the day. [thanks Alisha]

It was bound to happen sooner or later ... Jake Gyllenhaal's booty just cannot be contained on the big screen ... someone took camera phone pictures of the Jake butt shots from Jarhead and now they are all over the Internets ...

There are rumblings that some of the booty shots are actually a booty double but the "Santa hat" booty shot is all Jake G. Make sure you visit Socialite Life for a fun animated gif and a video download of that Santa scene. [Source]

The Rolling Stones were in LA this week and quite a few stars were spotted in the audience ... including Miss Paris Hilton:

If there is a celebrity debutante who can't get no satisfaction -- it's Paris Hilton. Well, at least it's nice to know that she's got semi-good taste in music ... unless she just showed up because it was the party du jour. [Source]

Why oh why were the kiddies at MTV UK's TRL treated to a shot of Cameron Diaz's "O" face?

Oy! And why am I making you see it as well? [Source]

Here is another picture of Colin Farrell from that party where he was sucking face with that soccer dude ... Pink reader Lindsay spotted something extra in this picture:

Doesn't it look like what you think it looks like? [thanks Lindsay]

Mischa Barton was on hand for the Irish Film and Television Awards this week ...

... and her statuesque frame (i.e. skeleframe) makes any cool-dress look like a hanging curtain ... how Vogue! [Source]

Dominic Monaghan and Evangeline Lilly find that they have to hold hands and suck on each other's tongues while they do some Xmas shopping together ...

... you know, just like any other couple of friends. Oh that Monalilly. [Source]

P. Diddy knows how to work an ass ...

... and that girl knows how to drop it like it's hot ... [Source]

Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn get all moody-looking as they take a stroll on the beach:

Things don't look like they are going well for Vinnifer these days ... but with the way relationships work in Hollywood it'll prolly be a totally different story tomorrow. [Source]

Nicolette Sheridan seems to really like her Motorola Pink RAZR:

After all, it is the best phone to hear all the best gossip on ... and I hear that T-Mobile is going to start selling them really soon ... [thanks Victoria]

What is going on ... Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon actually like being seen together now? Geeze, they're practically out with one another almost every day ...

... um, so are we supposed to believe all is fine and dandy with our Witherppe? Awww ... that's no fun. [Source]

Morrissey is hard at work on his next album ... here are some pictures of the Mozzer with his producer Tony Visconti:

The Moz man looks so forlorn, dejected and jaded ... which means his next album is going to RULE ALL! [Source, Source]

Okay ... so this is, like, the coolest thing EVER ... when I got to meet Nicole Richie at the Motorola party last Thursday she told me that she put me in her book ... I was very shocked and surprised but I wasn't sure what she meant ... then I received an email from Pink reader Chris (from Toronto) alerting me to the fact that Pink is the new Blog got a shout-out in Nicole's new novel The Truth About Diamonds:

Here is what Chris wrote me:

Anyways, I wanted to write you and tell you in case no one else has, but I'm reading Nicole Richie's new novel "The Truth About Diamonds" and on page 33, paragraph 4 says;

"The speedy take-off slammed the doors shut, and I pulled away just in time to avoid a dragging incident that i think would have provided pinkisthenewblog.com with fodder for a week."

Um ... OH MY GOD much?! I cannot believe that she mentioned my site ... that has got to be the coolest effing thing ever ... I mean, the New York Times interview was amazing but getting in the pages of Nicole Richie's book is astounding! I haven't picked up a copy of the book yet (no one in LA seems to have it) but I placed an order at Amazon.com and it will arrive at home in Detroit on the day I get home. [Source]

So, while I was busy trying to grab a copy of Nicole's book, David Beckham was busy grabbing something else:

Hmm ... yeah, if I had the choice I might go for what he's grabbing over any book any day ... [Source]

Someone sent me Hilary Duff's new video, Beat Of My Heart, because I haven't had the chance to see it on actual TV yet ... and I have to tell you that the video rocks:

Of course there is going to be the contingency of people who are going to say that I'm "kissing her ass" or whatever but what am I gonna do? I'm not going to change anyone's mind so I might as well just say what I want to say anyways ... check out the video (I believe Oh-Hilary.com has it for download) if you haven't already ... it's a really cool video -- and the song is catchy as hell! Love it. [Source]

And finally ... I was checking out some screencaptures from the upcoming Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and I noticed that one picture reminded me of a scene from another movie:

It's strange to know that in the future a whole generation will look back fondly and remember the Harry Potter movies as I look back on Star Wars ... damn, I am getting old. BOOOOO! [Source]

Les News:
So yesterday was ... a ... strange day ... we had our meeting ... and because I don't know how things work in Hollywood I can't tell you how it all went. We've got more meetings today (I'll be back at E!) and still more for tomorrow ... but in the end, I'm not going to be hearing anything substantial for a while yet ... so I guess I'll just keep a good thought and hope for the best.

Last night, thanks to my good friend Jack, Tony and I were able to see Liz Phair play the House of Blues here in LA:

I was very bummed when I heard she was going on tour but wasn't making a stop in Detroit (or anywhere else in Michigan). I just figured I'd catch her the next time around ... but Jack came thru and scored 2 tickets for me to see the lovely Liz. Here is the setlist:

Somebody's Miracle (acoustic)
Baby Got Going (acoustic)
Soap Star Joe (acoustic)
$hitloads Of Money
Rock Me
Help Me Mary
Polyester Bride
Lazy Dreamer
Perfect World
Never Said
Red Light Fever
Uncle Alvarez
Divorce Song
Cinco De Mayo
Why Can't I?

Quick Encore

Fuck And Run

She came out with just her guitarist Deano (the guy she's dating?) and they played the first 3 songs acoustically ... then the rest of the band came out for the rest of the set. Right in the middle of 6'1" her guitar string broke and she switched up with a new guitar without missing a beat ... it was hot! After Lazy Dreamer she yells out Are ya feelin' me, LA? ... she is such a dork! During Mesmerizing as she was singing "I wanna be mesmerizing too" Tony thought that she was saying "I wanna bat my eyes at you" ... he is such a dork! At the end of the show, after she sang Why Can't I?, she yelled out "I'm already 5 mins. over the curfew so I'm gonna do the next song really fast" and then they broke into Fuck and Run really fast. It was such a great show ... I was unable to bring in a camera but I did manage to snap one quick picture with my Sidekick:

Believe me, it does not do her beauty justice ... she looked hot as hell! She had on these awesome alligator boots on that were just hot hot hot. I am so glad I got to see Liz on this tour ... I totally <3 her.

And I guess that's all ... I have to get ready for another crazy day in LA ...

I'm out.

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