Wednesday, November 09, 2005

A Little Dab'll Do Ya

Hmm ... I think there has to be some sort of place where celebrities can go and learn how to drive ... a place where the rich and famous can be taught the skills with which to operate automotive pieces of machinery ... such places should exist ... right? Here is a quick snap of Paris (with her crew which apparently now includes Talan) with her new beau Stavros behind the wheel of her car:

Click HERE to watch a little vid clip of the whole incident. If such a place as "driving school" exists they should make sure to tell their students that it is best to drive without putting a coat over your head. [Source, thanks Missy]

Xtina Aguilera paid a little visit to South Africa recently ...

... she was on hand to help raise money for the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund which is an extremely noble cause ... note that she brought 50 tubes of red lip stick with her ... I know it's her signature or whatever but I think she should stop now. Thanks. [Source]

Cameron Diaz was in London to promote her new movie In Her Shoes ...

... TOO MUCH RED LIP STICK already ... the dark red just sucks the color out of her face ... she looks like a cadaver ... which, actually, might be an improvement? [Source]

Hilary Duff was on hand in New York City to be honored by CosmoGirl magazine at their Born To Lead awards ... here are some pictures of Hil with Joel:

Joel's my dawg so I'm glad to know that he's down with the concept of using hair product. The backstage pictures come courtesy of Pink reader Katie. [Source, and thanks Katie]

Alyssa Milano was at the United Nations Awards Dinner Gala in NYC yesterday ...

... you know, cuz when you're thinking about international relations you're thinking about Alyssa Milano. Whatevs ... she was prolly there for the free eats ... or was it because she got dragged along by Judith Light? [Source]

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen joined up to attend the 9th Annual ACE Awards ... which I'm sure is a very prestigious event or whatever:

I am taken aback by how great MK looks ... weight wise. She seems to be looking normal-sized as opposed to stick figure size. I'm not really feelin' the bouffant thing she's rockin' ... and Ashley's got that crazed look in her eye ... but I suppose these are classic Olsen Twins things that are pretty much here to stay. [Source]

Jessica Simpson appeared on Access Hollywood in an interview with Billy Bush to talk about her shoe line or something and her publicist was adamant that she was not gonna answer any questions about anything else ... especially her hubby Nick Lachey:

If you missed the incident on Access Hollywood you can read a pretty good synopsis of the whole thing HERE, or you can read about it on Billy Bush's blog HERE. It is strange (ly telling?) that her people wouldn't let her talk about anything ... she normally loves talking about Nick and now she won't even go near him as a subject? Hmmmmmmmm ... so developing ... [Source]

Check out this picture of Jessica Alba (and man hunk), the dude from Entourage and one of the Beastie Boys chillin' at a NY Knicks game:

What a strange combo ... and who is that guy that Jessica is hanging all over? Oh right, it's Cash Warren ... what the hell is wrong with me?! [thanks Aaron and Kristen]

Pink reader Cecelia and her friend Josefine were just in Stockholm and she sends in these pictures of a store-front window at Jeans & Clothes ... check out Miss Mischa Barton all laid out:

So Mischa and Adam are promoting J&C ... it's an OC thing I guess. [thanks Cecelia]

Brandon Flowers of The Killers, joined U2 on stage last week in Las Vegas to perform the song In A Little While:

Head on over to ONTD! for some video downloads of the performance. Additionally, Pink reader Conor and his sister Marisa ran into Bono while they were dining in San Francisco and he sent in his picture to share with us. Rock on. [Source, and thanks Conor]

Here is one of Lindsay Lohan's new promo pictures for the release of her upcoming album A Little More Personal (Raw):

It's an interesting look ... not quite sure why she's lookin' like a gypsy fortune teller but ... whatever ... the dark hair is growin' on me as well ... light years better than the blonde. [Source]

Pink reader Amy sends in this picture of her with Stephen from Laguna Beach ...

She ran into him at the Spider Club over the weekend ... man, those Laguna kids get around, don't they? [thanks Amy]

And finally, can you guess who this friend of a certain newly single actress is simply by recognizing him from his nose hairs?

Click above to see who it is

ICK! ICK! ICK! His actress friend needs to get his ass a nose hair trimmer STAT. [Source]

Yesterday was a great day ... we had a great meeting that looks very promising. I'm hopeful but realistic ... and definitely keeping my fingers crossed!

Last night was very fun ... I wanted to hang out with my new LA friends who are helping me with all the crazy stuff that I'm running around doing ... so we all met up at i Candy for some drinks and conversation:

I wanted to take a ton of pictures with everyone who was there but I ended up spending the night talking with everyone who was there ... and I guess that was the better way to go. To everyone that I know and love out here in LA ... thank you all so much for everything. I feel so blessed to have met such wonderful and fun people. Hopefully, this is only the beginning!

I leave LA tonight ... I need to get my butt home to Erik and Detroit ... I had a blast this time around (obvs) and I may be back sooner than later :)

Last thing ... T-Mobile is sending out a system update for the Sidekick II ... the web browser has been updated to handle websites with Java script ... which means that Sidekick users can now access Pink is the new Blog on their Sidekicks!

The page takes a little while to load ... but it looks so damn cool when it finally does! Rock on! I am so geeked about this ...

Okay ... I have to jet ... I'm doing the talk show Queer Edge on Q TV this afternoon (maybe next time I can get on the Reichen Show!) and then a couple more meetings before I get my ass home to Detroit. I'll see you back in D-Town.

I'm out!

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