Friday, November 11, 2005

No Time To Hesitate

You HAVE to watch this video ... Madonna should be so proud ...

I hope all y'all have an amazing weekend! [Source]

Team Spirit

Madonna is a very busy woman ... she is always traveling to and fro on a daily basis ... it must really interfere with the home life she has cultivated in recent years. Anyways ... here are some pictures of Madonna in London (after a nice workout) and then in Paris, France all on the same day:

Madge is totally wrapped up in doing promo for Confessions on a Dancefloor. I, like many of you, have been fortunate enough to hear the album in its entirety. Personally, I think the album works best as a whole but there are great tracks on the disc (Sorry gets stuck in my head for hours, I'm glad to know it will be the second single). I cannot wait to get my hands on an actual copy of the album when it drops next Tuesday. [Source, Source]

Wooo ... David Beckham was spotted doing some shopping at Agent Provocateur this week ... and he came out of the lingerie store with quite a few bags:

Hmmm ... doesn't the openly metrosexual David Beckham strike you as the kind of man who would wear ladies' underwear? I'm sure he said he was buying them for his wife Victoria Beckham but I'm not convinced. [Source]

Keira Knightley got all dolled up in Cleopatra-like finery for the New York premiere of her new movie Pride and Prejudice:

It's actually a good look for her ... the eye makeup works well I think. I'm not a big Jane Austen fan but it's good to know that the movie version of the novel has really zeroed in on its target audience. [Source]

Nicole Richie, who is in NYC doing promotion for her new book, paid a little visit to MTV's TRL:

Hee hee ... I love when Nicole does that uncomfortable smiley face ... [Source]

After TRL, Nicole went across the street to sign copies of her new book The Truth About Diamonds at the Virgin Megastore in Times Square:

She looks very happy to have become a published author. It's too bad that I couldn't be in NYC to get an autographed copy of her new book ... but I am gonna try and arrange to get an autographed copy when she signs in LA. [Source]

Here is a scan of page 33 of The Truth About Diamonds that has the reference to Pink is the new Blog:

I *still* cannot believe that Nicole Richie is fan enough of this blog to give it a mention in her new book. I am so glad that she gets what this site is all about ... fun with celebrity gossip. As soon as I'm done with the new Anne Rice book I'm gonna start reading Diamonds. [Source]

Hmmm ... don't you love it when animals celebrities attack? In this instance, we've got a rabid Sienna Miller on the attack:

The best part of these pictures is that Jude Law is sitting back in his car watching and smirking ... he is loving it all! Isn't it interesting that Sienna got angry enough at the paparazzi that she had to haul off and beat one of them ... I wonder if she did the same to Jude when he confessed to her that he had cheated. Oh, and snaps for the 80's nod by wearing those leg warmers, Sienna. [Source]

Matthew Perry has been spending quite a lot of time with his new lady Lauren Graham so it's only natural that the ex-Chan man would want to keep himself in top shape:

It's nice to think that Chandler is gettin' some booty. [Source]

Oh those Hiltons ... always trying to outdo one another ... even when they're posing for magazines ... Paris and Nicky seem to be appearing within the pages of Maxim almost every other day:

It's nice to know that each sister has great ability to arch her back. It's useful abilities like this that will keep the debutantes in the spotlight for years to come. [Source]

Joaquin Phoenix is featured in this month's issue of Another Man magazine:

The pics are pretty hot ... I've never heard of Another Man magazine but I suppose there is always room for another magazine ... well another, another magazine. [Source via Source]

Carmen Electra is the coverboy for the new issue of Men's Fitness magazine:

And while Carmen is pretty fit, I think I'd rather have someone like a scantily clad Ryan Phillippe on the cover instead. [Source]

Ali G is appearing in hilarious commercials for the NBA Thursdays on TNT. Ali G is interviewing NBA stars like Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash using his usual M.O. to try and confuse them with his questions:

LOL ... my favorite little snippet is the one where Ali asks Steve Nash now he feels being chosen as the league MP3 last season. The bits are cute but you gotta wonder how "real" they are ... regardless some of them are pretty funny. [Source]

The official website for Superman Returns has gone live and is already offering fun stuff like photos and wallpapers:

I'm so excited to see what Bryan Singer will do with the man in blue tights. I was very hopeful that Batman Begins would be as good as the hype and I was very happy to see that the hype was true. I know I'm gonna love Superman Returns regardless (because I've been a big fan forever) but it'll be way cool if it really does come out as a kick ass movie. [Source]

Tom Lenk's new play Strangely Attractive debuted this week and my good friend Whitney was on had for last night's show ... she sends in this great picture of Tom and his costars Patty and Ariane just as they came off stage:

Whitney tells me the show was super hilarious ... I am so bummed that I missed it but I hope to one day get to see one of Tom's live shows ... maybe if he does one with Emma Caufield ... that would rule! [thanks Whitney]

Here is today's Laguna Beach update ... check out these hilariously awesome yearbook photos of our favorite wingman Cedric:

Who knew that homie was on the water polo team? We all know that Lo is a big fan of water polo players ... I wonder if they ever hooked up? Hmm, I somehow doubt that Cedric would even notice any attention from someone else because he was always too busy paying attention to Jason. [Source]

And finally ... words cannot express my utter thrill of receiving this autograph (the picture is from Item magazine):

Woo! GO TEAM KRISTIN! I am floored that she actually reads Pink is the new Blog ... it is well known who I'm rooting for ... thanks for the love Kristin!!! And thank you, too, David!!! XOXO

Les News:
I spent most of yesterday in an unconscious state ... I slept more yesterday than I probably did all of last week ... so when Erik proposed the idea of dancing with some friends at Luna I was all refreshed and rearing to go ...

... which is why I'm posting so late in the day today ... whoopsie! We had so much fun last night ...

... and tonight Erik arranged for a small cocktail party of a few friends which turned into a full cavalcade of RSVPs so we're gonna have a house full of friends ... it's gonna be a blast. It's really good to be home.

I have shizz to do in preparation so I'm out.