Saturday, November 12, 2005

Shimmer Like A Girl

Awwwww yeeeeeah! Britney Spears has bunched her hair atop her pretty little head and got her booty to shopping ... here are some pictures of our dear Britney picking up a few things in Malibu:

It's been a while since we've seen Brit-Brit walking around with a can of Red Bull (sugar-free even!) ... and suddenly I'm realizing that I'm getting all excited about that fact! Noooo! Well, at any rate, it seems that Miss Spears is getting back to normal ... I mean you wouldn't even know that she just gave birth to a baby because you we've never actually seen her with a baby. [Source]

Madonna has been appearing on European TV all week long ... here are some screencaptures from her appearance on the Parkinson Show when she was in London:

Damn ... those are some hot boots! The woman always looks amazing ... I can hardly think of a time when Madonna looks bad. [Source]

OH WAIT ... I THINK I AM MISTAKEN ... check out these pictures of Madonna performing on Star Academy in France:

LOLOLOLOLOLOL! Whoa ... Madge is my girl ... I love her, love her, love her but dayum ... this outfit is horrid! She looks like she stole it from Psychic Friend Dionne Warwick's closet ... or her trash bin. [Source, thanks Christina]

OY! This outfit is so bad it's worth a second look:

Seriously ... I cannot believe she thought this would be a good look for her! When you take the boots into account she looks more like Maya Rudolph in the SNL sketch Gays In Space. Hee hee. [Source]

TomKat were on the prowl this week ... showing up at the British Academy of Film and Television Awards:

Well look at that ... Katie's belly seems to be growing as if there really were a baby in there ... I still ain't buyin' it ... not at all. This whole things REEKS of a sham ... but anyways I guess time will tell. I'm always so disturbed by the way that Tom Cruise looks at Katie Holmes ... he's always gritting his teeth as if he's telling her to keep her mouth shut ... it's creepy. [Source]

Joel and Benji Madden paid a little visit to MTV's TRL along with Lindsay Lohan and Daniel Radcliffe:

Looks like Lindsay created quite a stir when she took the show outside ... say what you will, TRL is a fun show! I love it! [Source, Source]

Liv Tyler was spotted shopping for baby clothes in NYC this week:

It was nice of her to give a fashion nod to the dearly departed Mother Theresa. Are cloth veil/head-wrap things gonna be all the rage now? How holy! [Source]

Jake Gyllenhaal was on the Ellen DeGeneres Show this week ... and I missed it!!!!!!! Boo! But we do have these screencaptures to enjoy ...

... I might have to go see Jarhead today with Sarah in order to make up for missing Jake attempting to take his shirt off ... I hear that Jakey poo takes off quite a bit more in the movie. Woot! [Source]

And finally ... have you heard of the British University Babes and Boys calendar? Yeah, well neither did I until I checked out the pictures:

Hmmm ... there is something about pasty white half nekkid dudes that I really respond to ... call me cruiseazy! [Source]

Yesterday was a busy day ... it was a little stressful but I think I made it thru successfully. Last night, as you know, we had a bunch of friends come over for an impromptu cocktail party ... here are some pictures:

Yeah ... our beautiful Goddaughter Zakiya really stole the show ... as she always does since she is the most beautiful baby in the entire world. The party was very fun ... I got to see a lot of people who I haven't seen in a long time ... we had some members of my kickball team, Phil Collins, show up ... a good friend that I used to work with ... just a bunch of great people.

OY ... there were a lot of drinks, a lot of shots ... a lot of fun.

Today Sarah and I are hanging out to see a couple of movies ... tonight we're gonna try and catch Ben and Sam's show before going to OSLO for a dance party. It will be a busy but fun day ...

I hope y'all are having a great weekend ... live it up!

I'm out.