Monday, November 14, 2005

La Cerveza Mas Fina

Kevin Federline is a pimp, yo! I mean ... the boy has got mad rappin' skillz ... potent sperm and hot threads ... check it:

You know you've finally made it when you are able to wear, get this, monogrammed clothing. And I'm not talking about just any ol' monogrammed clothing, no sir ... how fly is a monogram that looks like street graffiti?! Maybe I can one day hope to have a monogrammed shirts ... yeah, I like to dream big. [Source]

Eh ... the shirt is lame but what do we really expect from the Federline? And the only thing better than one Federline is two Federlines ... father and son ... spending some quality time together doing male bonding activities ... like going on a beer run:

These guys do not strike me as imported beer drinkers ... I bet the Corona was on sale. [Source]

The Johnny Cash biopic, Walk the Line, premiered in NYC over the weekend and the principle stars were in attendance, natch, along with some Country music divas who prolly figured it would be more fun to go out than to stay home and watch Reba reruns:

Joaquin Phoenix was lookin' pretty good ... but Ryan Phillippe was really lookin' good ... even tho he looks pissed off to be there. The ladies are lookin' pretty fine themselves ... Reese needs to cool it a bit with all those bows but she's so damn cute, I can't hate on her. Where's the hubby, LeAnn? Shania, fix your hair. [Source]

Mariah Carey was the big winner at the Vibe Awards over the weekend, bringing home 4 awards and Mary J. Blige was honored with the V Legend Award ... here are some pictures:

Mariah cleaned house ... winning in the categories Album of the Year, Artist of the Year, R&B Voice of the Year and Best R&B Song for We Belong Together (which, incidentally, is my jam). I think it's safe to say that Mariah Carey has had a very, very good year. Ciara won an award for Best Collabo (with Ludacris for Oh) and Game won his award for Hottest Hook. [Source, Source]

Oh yes ... I think I'm beginning to understand why Sienna Miller keeps forgiving Jude Law for his past indescretions ...

... eh, I can see how toughing it out and making it work with him even tho he's a cheater may have its advantages. [Source]

Angelina Jolie has taken up flying lessons at the suggestion of her paramour Brad Pitt WHOOPS I did get it the wrong way around, didn't I?

... I wonder who's the better student? Brad's been taking lessons longer but Angelina Jolie is so hot ... hmmmm ... it's hard to tell. Well it's clear then, Angelina has been flying longer AND she's hot ... so she wins! Thanks for the head's up guys ... [Source, Source]

Avril Lavigne and Deryck Whibley like to keep it real:

It's nice to see a young couple like this enjoying activities together. I should see if I can get Erik to hold the gas door open for me while I pump ... and suddenly, that makes it sound all dirty. Hot! [Source]

Katie Holmes is falling into mommy duty very well ... here are some pictures of Miss Holmes attending a soccer game for her soon-to-be step daughter Isabella:

It's a shame that Katie is considering giving up her acting career because she is really, really good at following a script. Tom was wise to choose her ... [Source]

... I mean check it out ... so far, she's been perfect ...

... the high five is nice but I especially love the snow white shawl that gives Katie that motherly glow ... plus it hides her fake belly -- GENIUS!!! [Source]

Anytime David and Victoria Beckham go out in public you can be sure there will be a few photographers to capture the moment ... which appears to be very exciting for Victoria:

Have her boobs always been that pointy? They look really ... different ... and wrong ... maybe she just had armor piercing nipples put in? [Source]

Lindsay Lohan knows all about good family relations ... she has learned that gettin' cutesy with little siblings is a good way to endear yourself to the public:

And see, it worked on me! Anyways ... I think Ali Lohan doesn't have anything to worry about but I wonder what kind of complex little Cody is going to grow up with being L. Lo's little brother. He'll prolly turn out like little Conrad Hilton. Who you ask? Exactly my point. [Source]

ANYWAYS ... while Lindsay was all smiles posing with her little brother, it was a different story when she appeared at Stefano Gabbana's birthday party:

The poor dear looks as if she's having a difficult time passing the lamb brisket she had for dinner. [Source]

Madonna is on the cover of L'Uomo Vogue this month:

Okay okay ... I get the 70's vibe ... and I love it ... but she needs to give that red dress back to Liza Minelli, say thank you very much, and get back to being the hot fashion diva that we all know that she is. [Source via Made In Brazil]

Ashlee Simpson is already thinking beyond her singing career ... and she's giving Blender magazine a sneak peek at what the future has in store for her:

Personally, I don't think a career in porn is the way to go but ... whatevs. [Source, thanks Kacey]

OKAY ... so we are ALL excited about the second season finale of Laguna Beach tonight ... it airs commercial-free and promises "shocking" surprises -- yadda, yadda, yadda ... but we already know there will be a third season of The Real OC next year (although it's moving from the OC to LA) so I'm not sure how shocking it's actually gonna be. So while we have Laguna Season 3 to look forward to, we also have a Laguna spin-off to look forward to ... focusing on Lauren Conrad:

LC's show, The Hills, will focus on her move to Los Angeles to become an intern at Teen Vogue magazine. Not too shabby ... Team LC should be proud. Personally, I am very interested in checking out this show ... and I'll root for LC to succeed but I have the sneaking suspicion that my girl Kristin Cavallari has something bigger up her sleeve. Irregardless of all of this new stuff ... I can't wait for tonight's episode ... will Jessica finally fess up to being a skank? Will Cedric finally profess his undying love for Jason? Will Taylor finally get a personality? I can't wait to find out!!! [Source]

Nicole Richie was in Los Angeles singing copies of her new book, The Truth About Diamonds, at the Barnes & Noble at The Grove yesterday ... unfortunately I was unable to attend (since I'm home in D-Town) but my very good friends Jeff and Jim went to the signing for me:

She was so sweet ... she happily signed a copy for me in pink marker ... which I love! So hot!

Click HERE to read the first chapter of Nicole's book ... you want to pick up a copy for yourself.

And finally ... check out this awesome picture of Carrot Top posing with a Pink is the new Blog sticker:

Much love to my girl Clariza for procuring this picture for me. Loves it!!!

The weekend is ovah ... but I'm not complaining ... it's nice to be home, back to my routine ... back with Erik and my friends ... the weather is getting colder by the day and the days are getting shorter over all ...

... but this is Detroit in the fall ... I used to hate it but I'm not hating it so much these days. Being away from home so much makes me appreciate it all the more ... which is very weird because I hate cold weather.

Anyways ... a new week is upon us ... let's see what happens next.

I'm out.