Tuesday, November 15, 2005


OMG ... the season two finale of Laguna Beach: The Real OC can be summed up in one ... ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ:

Can I just say WHAT THE EFF?! Ye gods was that the most boringest episode ever ... the tears, I expected ... the goodbyes, I expected ... something worth caring about, I expected and did not get. Where was the "shocking" information that would "change Laguna Beach forever"? Seriously ... if the big secret that LC has a little sister and will be featured on next season's Laguna Beach was the "shocker" then I'm very disappointed. Yes, it was a surprise but c'mon ... we didn't even learn about her existence until after the episode was over in the trailer for season 3. I cannot say BOOOOO! enough. This episode was a steaming poop sandwich. Perhaps Laguna Beach has jumped the shark ... and by "jumped" I mean "fallen into" and by "shark" I mean "crap hole". [Source]

Damn ... what a good show ... I'm gonna miss the old days:

I think it's finally time to let this one go ... there will never be another Stephen, Kristin, LC, Lo, Talan ... the new crop of kids for next year looked saaaaad. And I'm gonna be nice and not say what I think of LC's little sister ... well, at least not yet. [thanks Elizabeth]

One last bit of Laguna news ... a few LBers were in Chicago this past weekend ... they were in town to party with the Chitowners in a nice, safe, appropriate manner:

... which, by Laguna Beach standards, means with plenty of booze, much debauchery and glassy-eyed smiles. Boo! I'm gonna miss this show. [Source, thanks Kristin]

OH WAIT ... this is the last bit of Lagunaness for rizzle ... check out these awesome screencaptures of our girl Kristin Cavallari getting Punk'D:

The poor girl looked wrecked ... you know you've made it when Ashton Kutcher sets his sights on you. Go Team Kristin! [Source]

Sienna Miller made a very public appearance with Jude Law at the premiere of her new movie Cassanova:

And while I suppose I can find it in my heart to forgive her for forgiving the cheating Jude Law, I think I shant forgive her for wearing this ridiculous outfit! A boustier with capri pants??? ::Shudder:: [Source, Source]

The stars came out last night for the 13th Annual Diversity Awards ... let's admire the diverse facial expressions that lit up the red carpet:

Giuliana DePandi and Patrick Dempsey look great ... the rest ... well, it goes downhill quick. But celebrating Diversity is a good thing ... so YAY! [Source]

The stars also came out for the Angel Ball last night ... but Lisa Loeb and Leela James were the only interesting stars that I could find:

Lisa is so damn cute ... I'm bummed that I missed seeing her Detroit show a couple of weeks ago ... Erik says she was amazing as always. Leela James is making waves as the funkiest new soul singer in town. I also missed a recent show of hers while I was in LA. Boo! It's cool to see these lovely ladies out and about. [Source]

The gossips have been raving over the "fact" that Jake Gyllenhaal and Kirsten Dunst had broken up ... I wasn't buying it because Kirsten is a smart chick (with great taste) ... she ain't lettin' Jake go no where (and I don't blame her!) ... behold:

You better hold on to him girl ... cuz if you do ever let go ... you betta watchout! [Source]

Do you think Stavros Niarchos is at all embarrassed by being videotaped smashing Paris Hilton's car while in a very drunken state?

Yeah, I don't either ... he is prolly just drunk again in these pictures. [Source]

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are getting close to having their new home completed ... hopefully it will be ready for when Jen bursts and spews out her baby:

Wasn't she due to have that baby like days ago? It can't be much longer ... she'll prolly spew forth her loins by the end of the week. Hot! [Source]

Nick Lachey is such a good little househubby ... here he is taking wifey Jessica's dog, Daisy, to the vet:

Hmmm ... Nick looks pretty good from behind, n'est ce pas? [Source]

Ashlee Simpson <3s her fans ... she really, really does ... even if she is desperately trying to commit career suicide by berating the midnight shift staff at McDonald's while the whole fiasco is being recorded on tape she still makes time to pose for a picture with one of her fans:

That's hot. [Source]

Jack Osbourne wants the world to know that he isn't a fat slob anymore ... and he's posing in the semi-nude to prove it:

And while Jack looks great -- light years better, even -- I am not necessarily loving this new nekkid picture of him ... something about his nipples that disturb me ... [Source]

Aaron Carter is a gangsta, y'all:

Anyone who looks to Kevin Federline as a role model is a mad, dope, pretty fly playa dawg! [thanks GRL]

Have you heard about the new David Beckham doll?

Yeah, too bad it doesn't come in actual size ... oh wait, scratch that ... I meant too bad it's not anatomically correct ... yeah ... actually, too bad it's not anatomically correct in actual size ... [Source]

Don't you love seeing pictures of stars before they were famous? Check out the hair-do on Lost's Josh Holloway:

You just know he used MTV's Martha Quinn as inspiration for that 'shroom hair cut. Loves it! [Source]

Jermaine Dupri thinks that Mariah Carey is the Artist of the Year:

I tend to agree. I just downloaded the new songs available on the Platinum Edition of The Emancipation Of Mimi because, this year, Mariah can do no wrong. [Source]

And finally ... I don't need to tell you that Madonna's new album, Confessions on a Dancefloor, is out today:

But a little reminder never hurt anyone. Log on to AOL this evening to catch Madonna perform live at KoKo's in London. Made in Brazil reports that there will be pre-performance footage streaming on the site so you might want to tune in early. Happy Madonna Day! [Source]

Les News:
Blaurgh ... it's really cold and really rainy today ... it's nowhere near as charming as it was yesterday ... I hate Michigan weather! Boo!

Sarah and VLB came over last night to watch the momentous Laguna Beach finale ... so after I roused them from a sound coma I put them out on the street and told them to come back because tonight we are going to see an advance screening of the movie Rent:

Thanks to my homie Joe, we are all gonna get to see Rent a couple weeks before it's set to open ... and I couldn't be more excited! Woot!!!!

And I guess that's all I gots ta say about that ... I'm out ... Lates!!!