Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Tale Of The Tail

Woot! Britney Spears has decided to roll out of her hizzy, put on her best cleanest pair of sweat pants ... couldn't find a clean bra ... and went out anyways. Here are some pictures of Miss Spears chillin' with Mama Lynn Spears as they head to a vet in Malibu:

Dang ... she is saggin' like a mother effer, ain't she? It looks like Sean Preston has really been giving them suckas a good workout ... Eh, Brit-Brit ain't lookin' too great but a sighting is a sighting ... I'll take it. [Source]


Seriously ... the genius of a show like Lost is that there really are a plethora of different ways to introduce new information ... information that the audience prolly never considered they'd be privy to ... which means that it is conceivable that the story can grow exponentially for years to come. I was the biggest skeptic when Lost debuted last year ... I couldn't see how they would be able to keep a story about survivors stranded on an island fresh and new for multiple years to come. After seeing what they did with the episode last night, I really see that there are many things that can be introduced in a variety of ways. And man ... what a great episode, eh?

So, only 23 people survived from the tail end of the plane ... and of them 3 survivors got snatched away on the first night (the "strongest" among them). Echo was to be snatched but he ended up killing 2 of Others with his bare hands ... and a rock. On the 12th night another 9 survivors got stolen away, including both children, and Anna Lucia killed one of the female Others ... which begs the question -- how many Others are there?! We've seen a lot of them so far (the ones on the boat, the ones who attacked the Tailers, including Ethan and Goodwin). It was clear they were trying to make Nathan appear to be the "Ethan" of this group of survivors ... and we don't even know for sure if Nathan wasn't one of the Others ... just because Goodwin killed him doesn't necessarily mean that he was innocent (Goodwin himself said that he "wasn't good"). On the 27th day the Tailers found their own hatch (with the arrow Dharma logo) with a box full of weird crap ... a glass eye, a Bible and a radio (the glass eye and the Bible will turn out to be important, you watch). It appears that Ethan was meant to start planning which of the Front-End survivors would be stolen away but he was discovered and killed more quickly than Goodwin was. Ahhhh ... there is just so much new information that almost clues you in but just manages to bring up more questions. Ethan was an Other, Goodwin was an Other ... but was Nathan (who was from Canada like Ethan was) and Other too? What about Cindy? She just disappeared which doesn't necessarily mean that she was taken. Okay ... my head hurts ... I'm done with this for now ... [Source]

One more thing, if you go to you will see the number 23 (or is it 32?) with a very interesting LINK. Does this clue us into the Bible already?

So while most of America was glued to the TV set watching the events that turned Anna Lucia into a raving biatch, Talan Torriero was busy committing the biggest idiotic move of his short life ... our boy Talan got engaged to Kimberly Stewart:

Um ... I ... don't even ... know what to say ... I mean obviously EW! because it involves Kim Stewart ... but if you think about it ... doesn't this seem really fishy? They've been dating for "2 months" ... and now they're engaged to be married?! Are they pulling a TomKat on us? Trying to get attention and press by announcing their engagement? I mean, I suppose it's possible that they are actually in love (we know that Talan isn't really that smart, what with dropping out of high school during the second half of his senior year and all) but, despite the fact that the odds are in their favor, I'm not buying it. Talan may be dumb but he's not blind ... besides, Kim Stewart is R-I-C-H. Ugh ... the thought of what he's gonna have to do to have access to those riches ... kinda brings the bile up into the back of my throat. Ack. [Source]

UPDATE: Here are a few pictures of the newly engaged Talan and Kim at the XBOX 360 party last night ... it is really shocking to learn that Jason is turning out to be more intelligent than Talan:

Although ... if Talan is being drugged and manipulated than I suppose there is still hope that the boy will wise up some day. I somehow doubt it, tho. [Source]

Let's move on to something that will clear away those horrid images ... Jake Gyllenhaal is a man who loves his work ... he just goes from movie, to movie, to movie ... does this man ever take a break?! Here is our Jakey poo on the set of his latest movie Zodiac:

Well, at least with a new movie on the horizon we can rest assured that Jake news will not taper off in the new year. Hot. [Source]

What's this? Paris Hilton walking the streets of LA barefoot?

Whatever, Britney was pulling that shizz last year ... if Paris is trying to make this barefoot thing "hot" then I think she's finally lost it. [Source]

Awww ... Hilary Duff and Joel Madden really love their caffeinated beverages:

... and they really love each other. [Source]

Speaking of Joely, here are some pictures from last Saturday night at MisShapes in NYC:

Ultragrrrl, Josh and Joel are sooooo scene. Right down to the purple asymetrical hair, the fingerless gloves and the rosaries. [Source]

When Jessica Simpson ain't busy playing with her Sidekick in traffic, she's loading up on food and booze with her friends:

Interestingly there's no Nick in sight. Oh whatevs, she looks happy and a little toasted. Good for her! [Source]

Sarah Silverman was on hand for the AFI premiere of her new movie Jesus Is Magic:

Oh man ... this movie looks sick! I can't wait to see it ... an hour and a half of uncensored Sarah Silverman ... I don't think American is ready for that. It's funny ... Sarah is just popping up all over the place lately ... she's such a little Darling ... [Source]

Ian Somerhalder has found life after Lost ... in an off-Broadway play called Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead ... here are some pictures from the press preview:

Apparently Dog Sees God does for Peanuts what Avenue Q did for Sesame Street. Sounds interesting ... I'm just glad to see that Ian Somerhalder is doing well ... I miss him on Lost. [Source]

Jennifer Garner looks ready to just blow up as she reports to work on the set of Alias ...

... tick-tock, tick-tock ... it can't be long before little Bennifa comes into the world. She should hurry up already! [Source]

Kate Moss is busy and very much back to work after suffering through the "shame" of being caught doing drugs and having to go to rehab for it ...

... good for her. I love pulling for the multimillion dollar underdog. [Source]

Reese Witherspoon is very cute ... like there is nothing ever wrong with her ... well except for her occasional excessive love of bows ... oh, and her rare love of the poodle hair-look:

Who tells her that this is a good look for her? If someone comes up to you with a barette and says "Trust me, this will look soooo cute" run away as fast as you can. Just say no to poodle hair! [Source]

Here is a picture of the new "star" of Laguna Beach (season 3) LC's little sister Breanna Conrad:

Hmmm ... any takers for Team BC? [Source]

Here are the pictures of the Jennifer Aniston Woman of the Year photoshoot for GQ magazine:

Many people herald Jennifer's accomplishments this year for having made 3 movies while bravely shouldering the public humiliation of having to go through a very sad divorce ... and claim this is what makes her worthy of being Woman of the Year. Don't get me wrong ... I got mad love for Jen but I just don't buy these accomplishments as Woman of the Year material. If anything, I think Katie Holmes is more worthy of being Woman of the Year for putting up with Tom Cruise and his cruiseazy shenanigans without losing her cool or ... you know, blowing her brains out. That seems more of an accomplishment to me. [Source]

And finally, here are some screencaptures of Joss Whedon from his cameo on Veronica Mars last week:

He is just too cool and too cute to not feature. Yay Joss!!!! [Source]

The News:
Last night I got to hang out with Megan for pizza and martinis. We were able to catch up on what's going on with each of us ... something we don't get to do nearly enough.

I woke up this morning not feeling too great ... I hope I'm not getting "unwell" (I refuse to use the S word) because I can't afford to be unwell right now. I'm gonna go slam as much orange juice as I can and do some other remedies to try and fend off any unwellness that is trying to take hold.

I'll be on the couch if you need me. I'm out.

Happy Birthday JAKE

Whaddup sucka ... Happy Birfday and stuff ...

Jakey ... I hope you have a great birthday and you get all the presents you want ... which means all the boys you want ... which means you'll really have a great birthday!