Friday, November 18, 2005

Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire ... In His Pants!

Well ... it seems that reports of the demise of Spederline were greatly exaggerated ... for now at least ... Britney Spears and Kevin Federline have flown the coup and are now taking a bite out of the Big Apple. Pink reader Ru actually ran into Britney at a nail salon and sent in these camera phone pictures to share with all of us:

They're not the greatest pictures but I do thank Ru for taking the time to send in the pictures anyways. See folks, this is why it's good policy to carry around a digital camera at all times ... you never know who you might run into. [thanks Ru]

UPDATE: Pink reader Jessica sends in her pictures of Britney at the same nail salon:

See ... having a camera handy is a good thing! [thanks Jessica]

My favorite thing, by far, about this Spederline sighting in NYC is that K-Fed had new braids put in just for the occasion:

My gawd he looks terrible ... I cannot believe for one second that people around him think that is a good look for him. But you've got to give him credit for staying true to his roots ... the boy is a fan of corn rows and he gets the damn things any chance he gets. But DAMN ... they're not even cool-looking braids!!! OY! He is such a mess ... and I kinda love it! [Source]

The stars were on hand for the unofficial engagement party of Talan Torriero and Kim Stewart, otherwise known as the Microsoft XBOX 360 Launch party on Wednesday night:

Nothing brings out the stars like free stuff. Jesse Metcalfe is lookin' pretty alright ... Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Zack Morris) was there as well ... I'm not feelin' the There's Something About Mary-hair do but it's good to see him out and about. He has just joined the cast of Commander In Chief on ABC and I can't wait to see what he will bring to the show. It's also really good to see Snoop D-O double G as well ... we don't have enough Snoop Dogg sightings around here. [Source]

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen were on hand for the Lucky magazine party this week ... I usually have a hard time figuring out which Olsen twin is which but in this case it really doesn't matter ...

... since they are both wearing different variations on the tablecloth theme. I suppose it's very practical ... you just grab any old tablecloth, cut a hole in the center, stick your head thru it and voila! [Source]

Jessica Simpson, on the other hand, looked stunning with hubby Nick Lachey at the Gucci Spring Fashion show this week:

That dress looks amazing on her ... that color green is a really good color for her. My only complaint is the terrible eye makeup. Irregardless, Jessica looks stunning. [Source]

Kelly Osbourne has proclaimed that she is fed up with "working" and is ready to retire:

I mean, hello! The girl has been working since age 15 ... I think it is high time for her to quit while she's still on top ... oh wait ... [Source]

Robert Pattinson, one of the "hunks" of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, is proof positive that anyone can have a bad day:

And in his case, an especially bad day. Yikes! [thanks Camila]

Landon Leuck is busy training and preparing for his stint on MTV's The Gauntlet II: Rookies vs. Veterans:

'Cuz everyone knows that the real challenge on these MTV shows is to see how much liquor you can drink down at one setting without passing out. Just don't die, okay Landon? [thanks Pier]

Jake Gyllenhaal is on the cover of the new issue of Details magazine:

He looks great in all of the pictures, natch, but the interview raises some interesting questions. Towleroad takes a closer look at what Jake says about playing the gay cowboy role in Brokeback Mountain. I am particularly struck by the fact that Jake contends that his character "could have been played by a woman and it would have made just as much sense." Um, not if you read the short story. I'm not sure how I feel about this sense of backpeddling that is coming out all of the sudden. Maybe Jake is just trying to distance himself from the Toothy Tile rumors that are always running rampant? [Source]

Here are the pictures of Ashlee Simpson in her "sexy phase" in the pages of Blender magazine:

I dunno ... she looks okay in these pictures ... I just don't buy her as a sexpot. The look doesn't seem to suit her ... maybe it's the blonde Loretta Lynn hair that is throwing me off. [Source]

Fiona Apple likes to look insane and crazed in her photoshoots ... which is plainly obvious in these pictures from Nylon magazine:

She is such a spazz ... it's good to have her back. I have begun compiling my fave albums of 2005 and Extraordinary Machine is definitely gonna be on the list. These pictures of Fiona were taken by Jason Nocito who has a whole bunch of other celebrity photographs on his site HERE. Make sure you check out the hot pic of Jake HERE. [Source]

Madonna is a master at getting maximum useage out of various pictures from just a few photoshoots ... she used the Confessions promo pictures for half a dozen magazine covers and is doing the same with the Rolling Stone photoshoot pictures ... here is her cover for the UK's Obeserver Music Monthly magazine:

Don't get me wrong ... I think she looks fierce but I wonder how many other pictures from this photoshoot are gonna show up as other magazine covers. [Source]

Walk the Line, the Johnny Cash biopic, opens in theaters today ... and I can't wait to see it:

I hope to be able to see the movie before the weekend is over ... has anyone heard the motion picture soundtrack? iTunes doesn't have the soundtrack for download and I was wondering what the Johnny Cash songs sung by Joaquin Phoenix sound like. I may have to pick up a copy if the songs are good. [Source]

Okay ... the focus on MTV's Laguna Beach has been on the girls, with the boys playing a supporting role (even Stephen wasn't the focus during the first season, it was LC). I say it's about time that MTV shakes things up a bit and puts the focus on a dude ... a fun dude ... a dude like Zack:

Man ... check out his Livejournal and you'll know exactly what I mean ... he's like Lo, Kristin and Cedric all rolled into one fantabulous package. I don't know what I love more ... his sick tan or his unruly, straw-like Barbie with a bad haircut hairstyle ... or maybe it's the Chanel sunglasses ... If MTV wants to hold on to the Laguna Beach audience they're gonna have to come up with something a little more interesting than LC version 2.0 ... my vote is for a Zack show! [Source, thanks Ethan]

And finally, I'm glad to see that the gang at Oh No They Didn't! survived a hacking attempt on ruining their website ... I went to the page yesterday and was confronted with a lot of really wrong things ... like this picture of Miss J from America's Next Top Model:

Holla! Glad to see that things are back to normal over there! [Source]

So ... today's post is kinda late because I decided to go to a midnight screening of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire last night. It was only as I was driving to the theater at 11:30 PM last night that I realized I wouldn't be back home until after 3 AM. Eh ... it was too late to turn back so I went to theater only to find that practically everyone else in the Eastern suburbs had also braved the cold to be among the first to see this movie on opening day:

There were 3 massive theaters full of patrons by the time I arrived ... they even had to show the movie in 2 other smaller theaters to accommodate everyone. I know Harry Potter is popular but I wasn't expecting a super-crazy turnout.

Okay ... the movie ... of course they had to cut a lot of things out of the book so that the movie wouldn't be 14 hours long ... I don't feel that any of the cuts or slight revisions hurt the story overall ... but, this movie doesn't have that "full year at Hogwart's" feel that the other movies and the books have. The action begins right away and doesn't really let up. This movie is also a more grown-up version of the books ... and while you can read that Harry and co. are growing up, it's quite a different matter when you see Harry himself getting all flustered around girls (and just imagine how flustered he'd become if he were to see what Fleur DeLacouer looked like topless [link is NSFW]). In fact, there are quite a bit of tiny sexual innuendos thrown in there which are harmless but noticeable. The special effects are really, really good ... especially the underwater scenes of the second task of the TriWizard Tournament. But, my favorite part the film came at the end when Voldemort is reborn ... Ralph Finnes is so creepy looking ... he plays a very fine villain.

I really enjoyed this movie ... it looks spectacular on the screen ... as the innocence of the early tales slowly melts away you can see where the franchise is headed. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire really struck me as a teen adventure flick rather than a kid's movie. The audience in my theater was packed with teen kids (and their parents) and most of them hooted and hollered during the scene where Harry slips into the bathtub ... yes, folks Harry Potter and his fans are, indeed, growing up.

One last thing, if you are so inclined you may want to pick up a copy of the December issue of URB magazine ... it's the year end issue featuring the lead singer of Bloc Party and M.I.A. on the cover:

I was asked for an interview that turned into a 2-page piece complete with a photoshoot on Robertson Blvd. in Beverly Hills. The chihuahua was on loan from the photographer but I think we make a cute couple. You can check out the article HERE or pick up a copy of URB when it hits newsstands.

Thank you all for your help and advice on how to fight off the onset of getting ... unwell ... I've been taking Airborne and already feel much, much better. I'm gonna keep up the good fight and hopefully will head off any further feelings of unwellness.

I'm out.