Monday, November 21, 2005

Umpossible Is A Word*

Okay ... okay ... I know I've been posting a lot of Xtina Aguilera pictures the past few days ... but her wedding is kinda big news ... and I was hoping that some sort of official wedding picture would have leaked by now ... but alas, that isn't the case. Here are some pictures of the newlyweds the day after they got married:

I love how Xtina kept stretching out her hand so that her ring would be in plain sight. Loves it! Shoot ... if someone gave me a multimillion dollar rock to wear you better believe I'd be showing it off too. And it's not that I'm trying to be cynical but we know that Hollywood romances aren't known as the most resilient things around ... here's hoping that Xtina and Jordy buck the trend and don't end up like Chad Michael Murray & Sophia Bush or Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston and instead turn out more like Britney Spears & Kevin Federline or Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony ... yeah, I'm still shocked they're all still married, too. [Source]

Jake Gyllenhaal was seen out and about with a male friend over the weekend ...

... no inference whatsoever is implied ... just wondering who the dude is. [Source]

We do know that this cute little puppy with Jake on the set of his newest movie is his pet puggle named Boo:

Ack! Could they be any cuter? I love the dog 'kercheif ... and I love that Jake prolly picked it out all by himself. [Source]

Kirsten Dunst, Jake's on again, off again, on again, girl friend was busy spending her time with a friend taking in a basketball game:

She's rockin' new extensions which I love ... but the capris ... oh lord ... Boooooooooo! You almost had my whole heart, Kirsten. [Source]

Mariah Carey was on hand for the Grammy Foundation's Grammy SoundCheck thing ...

... and it looks like Xmas has come early for Miss Carey. She finally got that Bedazzler that she's always dreamed of. [Source]

Kate Moss is a woman in the grip of addiction ... if it's not the hard stuff, it's the other stuff:

Well, at least it's comforting to know that she is completely dunzo with the Cocaine ... right? [Source]

Paris (male) looks pretty lonely on his way to Koi for dinner ... alone ...

... and suddenly, I'm realizing that it is no longer necessary to label him as Paris (male) anymore since he is no longer paired with Paris (female) ... in fact, it seems hardly necessary to talk about him at all. [Source]

Teri Hatcher, and a whole slew of other celebs, was on hand for the lighting of the Xmas tree at The Grove in Los Angeles last night ... and she looked shocked and surprised ...

... to learn that she looks exactly like He-Man's arch nemesis. I think it's the nose that gives away the resemblance. [Source]

Snoop Dogg was on hand this weekend at San Quentin Prison to rally on behalf of Stan Tookie Williams who is scheduled to be executed next month:

Pink reader Heather was also at the rally and she sends in her pictures of Snoop to share with us. There is a push to try and get clemency for Tookie so that he won't be executed next month. Check out for more information. [thanks Heather]

Mischa Barton decided to get her hair did over the weekend ... no doubt she paid a fortune in order to look her best ...

... I love the head band ... Um, not really so please don't email me. [Source, Source]

Reese Witherspoon took her baby boy, Deacon, to the beach to frolic in the water ... thus resulting in the Cutest.Pictures.Ever.

That kid is CUTE as hell ... and while I normally would be aghast at seeing a kid running around the beach in his diaper, I don't really mind so much in this instance. [Source]

Jack and Kelly Osbourne were on hand to present an award at the Smash Hits Poll Winners Party in the UK recently ... and look ... Kelly was hobbling along with the aid of a crutch:

Ugh ... but effing crutch or not ... what the hell is up with the turban on her head?! Egads ... I don't even know what to say ... she looks ... really, really wrong. [Source]

Ladies and gentlemen ... behold People magazine's Sexiest Man of the Year:

Golf claps all around! [Source]

Hmmm ... Pamela Anderson is one voluptuous woman ...

Fergie of BEP has nothing on her ... Pamela Anderson has got humps, lumps, clumps, dumps, plumps, bumps AND booty mumps. Dayum is right! [Source]

If you recall (which a VAST MANY of you will not because it was so long ago) I became very enamored of one Daniel Cudmore who was cast in X-Men II as the mutant Colossus ... well, this beefy manhunk has resurfaced over at the Famous Males Forums and the pictures have renewed my enamoration of the chap:

It seems that Colossus will be given a more prominent role in X-Men III which makes me very happy. Man, Bryan Singer really knows how to pick 'em, don't he? [Source]

Speaking of manhunks ... check out these sweet pictures of a sleeping David Beckham ...

... these screencaptures come from the art installation of David Beckham ... Sleeping which is a 67 minute video, on loop, of David Beckham sleeping (which has been on display all year long). Click HERE to watch a short clip of the video. I wonder what Becks dreams about when he's sleeping ... Don't you just love art? [Source]

And finally ... here's a little game to start out the week ... can you guess which Hollywood starlet has been missing her appointments to the lip waxer?

Head on over to Egotastic to find out. I think you'll be surprised. [Source]

Well ... here we are ... Thanksgiving week already ... I cannot believe how quickly the year has gone by ... as soon as Thanksgiving is over it's gonna be Xmas and then a whole new year ... which is kinda depressing. There are many houses around town here that already have their Xmas lights up outside and their Xmas trees up inside ... it's ridiculous! Blah!

Anyways ... this should be a fun week ... I was supposed to go to another screening of Rent tonight but I'm afraid I won't be able to make it. Adriana is coming home from LA this Wednesday and a whole bunch of us are going to see Rent that evening for opening day. After the movie we're all gonna go to the Dorkwave dance party ... which should be a blast!

That is all.

*Okay ... not really a word but it's damn funny, right Michael?