Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Newlyweds Are Dunzo For Rizzle!

"After three years of marriage, and careful thought and consideration, we have decided to part ways," the statement says. "This is the mutual decision of two people with an enormous amount of respect and admiration for each other. We hope that you respect our privacy during this difficult time."

Jessica Simpson, 25, and Nick Lachey, 32, are going their separate ways, the couple announced in a statement Wednesday.
[thanks to everyone for the emails]

Well ... the good news is that there will be no more Nick & Jessica Xmas Specials to suffer thru.

This news, tho not surprising, is a huge bummer ...

What Are You Doing Thanksgiving Eve?

Wowie wow! There has been an explosion of Spederline all over the place ... and I don't know if I should be thrilled or appalled ... it's getting harder and harder to determine whether more Spederline news is actually a good thing. Since People magazine scored the the first pictures of baby Sean Preston (at last, official confirmation that this is his real name) the Spederline news has been spewing all over the place ... let's get to the pics ... here are a couple pictures of Kevin Federline as he heads into the Sony building last week in NYC:

I think it's safe to assume that he is moving ahead, full steam, with the release of his debut album. I think now it's a matter of convincing a record company that it would be a good idea to sign him ... which prolly won't be too difficult. Regardless of talent, there is a pretty good guarantee that the album will sell ... UGH ... it's a scary thought. I wonder if he'll tour. I wonder if I would see him on tour. I wonder why I'm wondering ... of course I'd see him on tour ... yes, I realize that I have serious problems. [Source]

It's nice to know that Britney Spears understands priorities ... having birthed her baby it's time to take care of the important stuff ... the body jewelry. Heaven forbid she go one day longer sans her precious belly button piercing.

Spederline's NY jaunt was a quick one ... they are already home in sunny California ... Britney grabbed one of her enormous bodyguards and did some pre-Thanksgiving shopping to prepare for the Spederline Thanksgiving Feast:

Roses ... from the local Sav On drug store ... you can't get classier than that! [Source]

Anyways ... after a long day of shopping at various drug stores around town, Britney got Kevin to stop doing whatever it is that he does (most likely sleeping and/or farting) and join her for a fun little visit to a private beach:

Thankfully ... Kevin took the corn rows out ... [Source]

It's funny ... shouldn't Britney be holding Kevin's hand ...

... as he runs along the beach in his diaper. Yes, it's clear that Kevin has a lot in common with Deacon Phillippe ... what, with the same maturity level and all. [Source]

OY ... that's enough Spederline for now ... the other big news from last night is the American Music Awards ... which I actually had NO idea was going to air therefore I neither watched the show live nor even knew to record it to watch later. I'm usually pretty good about knowing when stuff is going to be on TV so I blame this on ABC for their poor promotion ... BUT ANYWAYS ... here are some pictures from the event ...

I hear I missed quite a show ... the AMAs are notorious for making all of their performers lip sync and it sounds like I missed some interesting performances. Click HERE for a full rundown of winners ... I'm glad to know that Mariah Carey, Gwen Stefani and Kelly Clarkson all won awards. [Source, Source, Source]

I see that Lindsay Lohan performed for the AMAs ... as we all know, her new album A Little More Personal (RAW) is just about to be released but an insider with a promo copy of the album sends in these interesting Thank Yous from the liner notes:

JL - are you a beautiful lie or are you my fatal crime? Am I your beautiful lie or are you my beautiful life? I hope the 2 beautiful worlds or lie's and life's collide. With the good karma on my side. Because I know I'm right. Thanks for being a companion through this you...and thank you for coming into my life.

DAD - I love you and thank you for being my father. I hope you understand where you may be, that I miss your presence. From me to you ... Get well, and get healthy. For the kids. And your extraordinary wife who's gone through so much.

We all know who DAD is ... she sure keeps on trying to mend fences with him, don't she? And JL?? With all the references to a "beautiful lie" which is the name of the new Jared Leto fronted band 30 Seconds to Mars it seems clear that she is talking about Mr. Jared Leto. It looks like she is enraptured by the lad ... which is a bit unfortunate since he seems to already be over her and has moved on to blonder company.

I don't know that I will ever really understand it but Mischa Barton seems still to be happily attached to Cisco Adler ... here are pictures of the fugly duo gallivanting on the beaches of Hawaii:

That head band looks hot ... is it really wise to add a sweaty forehead to all that ratty hair? Mischa! What are you doing?!? [Source]

Jennifer Garner has yet to spew out her baby ...

... ugh ... even I'm starting to feel the burden of her having to carry that baby around ... [Source]

Kirsten Dunst met up with some of her homegirls for a fun lunch of cigs, pop and food ...

... which is rare in Hollywood because most lunches consist only of the cigs and soda pop. [Source]

Paris Hilton and her new boyfriend Raggedy Andy Stavros Niarchos seem to be still together despite rumors that they have already broken up:

They should be engaged at any moment ... maybe for Xmas? [Source]

Betty White, Bea Arhtur and Rue McClanahan were all on hand to sign copies of the 3rd season of The Golden Girls on DVD in New York City ... I absolutely cannot say a bad word about these women ...

I'm happy to know that they are all still active and seem very happy as they get on in years. It would've been so awesome to meet them ... I totally heart the Golden Girls! [Source]

Paula Abdul has got herself a new man ...

Hee hee, she looks a bit drunk so maybe she is seeing him thru beer goggles (cuz he ain't that cute at all) ... but a drunk Paula seems a happy Paula. [Source]

OOOOOOH man ... get this ... if you head on over to you'll find that Talan's official website has been updated ... his bio has been updated, a photo gallery has been added and you can now hear 3 snippets of songs from his debut album ...

LOLOLOLOLOLOL! This shizz is bananas ... it's so terrible it's super awesome! There is even a link to a "journal" that has no entries yet ... but I'll be watching!!! [Source]

But, by far, the best thing about this site update is the music ... LOLOLOLOLOL ... yeah the music ... check out some of the gnarly lyrics from the song snippets:

Fighting Caroline: "Someone call a doctor, my temperature is no good, I don't know how I lost control of what I had with you before, you're playing with my head, cuz everything was tight (oh yeah, oh yeah)"

2 Day's 'Til: "I don't care if you yell in my ear, let the cops shut us down, we got 2 days til Sunday comes ... live today like tomorrow never came"

Dead In Hollywood: "Tattoos, street lights, blood shot from the sleepless nights ... I guess he's just misunderstood, somewhere dead in Hollywood"

Uh ... I'm totally serious. The Fighting Caroline song is totally cringe-worthy ... it makes your toes curl when he tries to hit certain notes ... I LOVE IT! I predict that 2006 is gonna be the most kickass year for music ever ... with debut albums by Talan Torriero AND Kevin Federline ... I can barely contain myself! Woot!!!

In other Laguna news, Stephen and Jason have joined forces to hang on to whatever shred of fame they can still enjoy as LB cast members ... here are the studs at a New Jersey party last weekend:

Oh gawd ... wouldn't it be great if these 2 made an album together?! OY! What is wrong with me ... I should totally shut up before anyone out there gets any ideas. [Source, thanks Lisa]

Check out these pictures of Cillian Murphy on the cover of Time Out New York magazine:

The boy is WHITE ... but his eyes are amazing. No complaints here. [Source]

Adrien Brody has beefed up for his action/adventure lead role in King Kong and went to Men's Fitness magazine to prove it:

Um ... he looks weird now ... the muscles look wrong on his body ... it can't just be me, right? [Source]

And finally, Pink reader Kalli sends in this cute picture of her little sister (whose face she asked me to cover up) from her Halloween run in with Tony Parker and Eva Longoria whilst trick-or-treating this year:

It must be nice to live near celebs so that you can trick-or-treat at their houses at Halloween. I think it's awesome that Tony and Eva posed for a pic ... what a nice treat. [thanks Kalli]

The News:
Last night Erik and I had a nice, quiet dinner together ... which was very nice because we were able to talk about the things that are going on with me lately ... it was a very sweet semi-date night. But tonight is gonna be all about our friends ... Adriana is home from LA for the weekend and we are all meeting up this evening for a fun sushi dinner at Crave in Dearborn before we all go out to see Rent:

Only Sarah and I have already seen the film so we are gonna sit together and sing quietly away from everyone else ... after the movie we're gonna get EVERYONE WE KNOW to come out to the Dorkwave danceparty, Les Enfants Terrible, for a kickass Thanksgiving Eve soiree:

Only everyone in Detroit is gonna be there ... Woot! I'm sure there will be fun pictures to share tomorrow.

Soooo ... I hope you all have a very fun but very safe night out tonight ... since it is the Biggest Bar Night of the year make sure that you plan wisely and party safely.

I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving tomorrow ... there will be a regular post tomorrow but it may be a short one ... I have to be at Erik's family dinner early in the afternoon tomorrow. I'll tell Mom you said Hey.

BTW ... it just started snowing here ... and it's bumming me out.