Monday, November 28, 2005

Singled Out

Jessica Simpson is no longer in Texas with her family. I'm actually surprised that she is back in Los Angeles so quickly after flying home to Texas for Thanksgiving (and after announcing that she is separating from her husband of 3 years) ... in any regard, the first thing that Jess did after arriving in sunny California was head to the tanning salon:

She is no longer wearing her wedding ring ... which is really sad actually. It will be so weird to see her going out with other guys ... when that day eventually comes. [Source]

Nick Lachey spent his Thanksgiving weekend partying with his brother Drew and the also recently-single A.J. DiScala in Miami Beach:

The boys hit a few parties but nothing super scandalous happened. Hmm ... something tells me that Nick will be the first one of the ex-Newlyweds to hook up with a new person. I still can't believe they actually broke up ... we've been hearing about their problems for a while now but I think I always thought they were just rumors ... ah well, c'est la vie. [Source]

Still happily (?) attached TomKat are having a grand ol' time in China where Tom Cruise is hard at work filming Mission Impossible III. Check out that crowd of fans ... and check out Tom eating it up:

He is such an attention whore! Poor Katie Holmes is almost lost in the throng of people ... anything for attention I suppose. [Source]

Speaking of celebs in the far East, it turns out that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are in Japan to promote their movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith which is just now being released there (the movie is released on DVD in the US tomorrow). But check it ... it looks like Maddox and Zahara are already fed up with the lime light:

Maddox looks like he's about to bitch slap someone and Zahara looks as if she could care less. Ah ... the young'ns are learning well. [Source]

Whoa ... why is Lindsay Lohan trying on rings? Is she telling us something about her relationship with Jared Leto?

Probably not ... word has it that Jared is already over Lindsay ... she's prolly just being cutesy. [Source]

In other STUNNING news, L. Lo picked up a new Sony digital camera which she turned on the paparazzi to give them a taste of their own medicine:

Surely the paps have learned their lesson. I doubt we'll ever see paparazzi pictures of Lindsay Lohan ever again. [Source]

Mary Kate Olsen ... God love you ... what the hell are you wearing?

Like, how many bed sheets can one 85 lb. girl wear at any given time? It's astounding ... [Source]

Tara Reid has been out of the spotlight for some time now ... she recently had a 30th birthday party but there were no boobie slips so it was pretty much non-news. Here is the surprisingly sober Miss Reid hanging out with some friends having lunch or something:

Tara Reid without her glassy-eyed drunken stare is like a day without sunshine. Not even her friend's ridiculous visor + pink blouse ensemble can save the day. Boo. [Source]

BEP's Fergie has found herself a new friend:

This is the woman that Josh Duhamel sleeps with?! Oy! Someone wake that boy up from his stupor and get his ass back to his senses! [Source]

Kathy Griffin, among others, was on hand for the annual Hollywood Xmas Parade over the weekend and decided to cheer everyone up with her happy and fun message t-shirt:

Um. And a Merry Xmas to you too, Kathy. [Source]

Good Charlotte are on tour in South America for the next week ... here are some pictures of the boys playing a festival show in Brazil over the weekend:

Made In Brazil reports that Nine Inch Nails and Iggy Pop were also on hand for the 25,000+ capacity show. GC also played Rio last night and are headed for Chile and Argentina. [Source]

Here are some pictures of Fiona Apple's show at the Warfield in San Francisco last week:

Fiona is not slated to come to Detroit but she will be playing in Chicago on December 4th and Cleveland on December 5th. She will be in Detroit on February 22 when she opens for Coldplay. Boo ... it looks like I'm not going to get to see her any time soon. [Source]

Aww ... check out these cute pictures of Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson spending a nice morning together:

He's got his newspaper, she's got her Sidekick ... it's like they're an old married couple. Yeah, it won't last forever. [Source]

In other Adam news, here are a few more JC clothing ads featuring Mischa Barton and Adam Brody just in time for holiday shopping:

The clothes don't look that bad actually. It appears that the store is a bit classier than Aéropostale. [Source]

Madonna graces the cover of the new issue of French Elle magazine ... and she looks amazing in the photoshoot pictures:

The woman has got a body on her ... and she's still goin' strong. I'm convinced that yoga and pilates will save the world. [Source]

And finally, Fox will air the "Fall Finale" of their hit series Prison Break tonight ... are there any fans out there?

I haven't talked much about this new show but I am an avid fan (I also faithfully watch Commander In Chief, Invasion and Reunion -- these are the only new shows I picked up this season). If you've been watching Prison Break all along then you know some serious shizz has gone down recently (John got his neck slit ... is he still alive? Agent Hale has had a change of heart, will he be able to help save Lincoln Burrows from execution?) and something big happens tonight ... and then the show will go on hiatus UNTIL FREAKING MAY! I'm not sure people are still gonna care about this show if they have to wait until May to see how the everything works out. All I know is they better break out of that prison tonight, finally, or I'm gonna be seriously pissed off. [Source]

The News:
So, Erik and I got to see the new Sarah Silverman movie Jesus Is Magic yesterday ... he really loved it ... I only kinda liked it:

Overall the movie was pretty entertaining ... no question about it, Sarah is very funny. BUT ... the movie should have focused only on her stand-up act. The musical video interludes were not that funny ... but they're are only a small portion of the overall movie. I could really do without her use of the N word because I just don't think that throwing that word around to get laughs is very funny. But, I'm generally not one to throw the baby out with the bath water. I "get" her schtick and generally find her amusing ... but I think someone like Kathy Griffin is able to be funnily offensive without resorting to using ethnic slurs to get laughs.

So yeah, as I said, I generally liked the movie and thought it was pretty funny but there are some things about the movie (and Sarah's act overall) that I could do without. If you're familiar with Sarah Silverman's brand of humor then you'll prolly really enjoy the movie ... if you are unaware of her comic stylings, I suggest you do some research before going to see this movie cold -- that is just a suggestion.

Alright ... so I'm freakin' out because I have a million things to do today before I fly out to LA early tomorrow morning. I am SO excited about the event that I am going to tomorrow night ... I'm not playing coy, I'm just being cautious. I don't want to jinx anything. I'll have a full update when things are a go.

I'm gonna try and update before I fly out tomorrow morning but I might not have the time. If I am unable to update in the early morning I'll have an update in the afternoon west coast time.

And that is all ... I am out.