Sunday, December 04, 2005

L.O.V.E. In D.E.T.R.O.I.T.

Hmm ... is it just wishful thinking or are all the signs pointing to a huge tiff between Britney Spears and Kevin Federline? First we see pictures of his Ferrari getting towed back to the dealership and now we have pictures of K-Fed, with a packed bag, taking off on his own:

Of course this bag could be the manbag/diaper bag that he's been carrying around lately ... but let's just imagine, for one second, that Brit Brit chose the 24th anniversary of her birth to wisen up ... finally tired of Kevin dragging her down ... she boots his ass, takes away his toys and then begins her career makeover. She hires new handlers, new stylists, new managers to start plotting her triumphant return to the top! 2006, y'all ... it could all happen in 2006 ... Ahhh, it is nice to dream. [Source, thanks Glen]

VH1 held its Big in '05 Awards last night in LA ... here are some arrival pictures:

It looks like a fun event ... I don't even want to know who won what until the show airs tonight on VH1. I love that Tori Spelling is already sucking face with some new dude, like, 10 minutes after she filed for divorce. Tsk, Tsk. I dunno what happened to Brooke Hogan and Jane Weidlin ... they both look terrible. I bet they really regret wearing all that crap around their eyes. [Source, Source]

Speaking of bad makeup ... ye gods ... Kelly O really needs to chill with that stuff ...

Her foundation looks like it was applied with a spatula. I think its her lashes that remind me of Tammy Faye. Eh, if that's the look that she's going for then ROCK ON! Tammy Faye can't live forever. [Source]

Nicole Richie and Mischa Barton met up for a fun night of hanging out and having dinner:

Er ... well, I'm sure they had a fun night. [Source]

Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling are becoming more bold with their relationship ... once a Hollywood couple is photographed walking their dog(s) together then you just know that they are having the sexual relations:

It's like the rule or something. They do make a cute couple ... Ahh, gotta love those Canadians. [Source]

So here's the chick that claims that she hooked up with Nick Lachey ... a lot of people are blaming her for the break up of The Newlyweds:

Personally, I doubt anything substantial happened between her and Nick. He was probably really nice to her and she figured she could make more of the encounter and sell her story ... which is just what she did. I just don't think Nick would go for her over Jessica ... talk about a downgrade. I can't wait until either Nick or Jess give their first interview explaining what really happened. [Source]

Ashlee Simpson graces the cover of the new issue of Cosmopolitan magazine:

She actually looks great. Cosmo always has its cover models wear the same type dress so she had a lot of help there. But her hair ... it actually looks nice ... no hair nets, no barrettes. Finally! [Source]

It's that time ... time for the weekly hot dude ... let's say hello to Mark:

I know y'all love the nip slip pics on this site so I figured I'd do a nod to the nip slip with this picture of Mark. It's unfortunate the the lad can't afford a belt to keep his pants closed ... but OH WELL what're ya gonna do ..? I guess we'll just have to enjoy the picture anyways. [Source]

So okay ... Ashlee Simpson had a show last night here in Detroit ... I spent most of the day sleeping off the jet lag and then spent the late afternoon blogging ... at like 4:40 PM I pulled out the concert tickets and noticed that the show was listed for a 5:00 PM start time! Um, what?! I get ready as quickly as I can and get down to the venue ... only to find that the doors opened at 4:00 PM ... UM WHAT? I was a little annoyed but I managed to miss both opening acts so I wasn't that upset.

I got to run into some Pink readers at the show:

I have to send out much love to my Detroit peeps Emilie, Angie, Ryan, and Megan!

Okay ... so the show ... it was just okay ... when Erik and I saw Ashlee earlier this year the show was very fun -- great stage, lots of lights, a few costume changes and really high energy. This show was just ... blah. No stage to speak of, no big surprises and a lot of Ashlee running from one end of the stage, pausing in the middle and then running to the other end of stage ... over and over and over:

I wasn't very close to the stage so I wasn't able to take many good pictures. Fortunately Angie (pictured above) sent me a couple of her pictures to share on the blog. Here is the setlist:

I Am Me
Nothing New
Coming Back For More
Roses (Outkast cover)
Love Me For Me
Catch Me When I Fall
Eyes Wide Open
Pieces Of Me
Running For Your Love (Chris James)
La La



I was very annoyed that Ashlee's "band member" Chris James sang a song right in the middle of her set. It turns out that Chris was just signed to Joe Simpson's record label -- doesn't that sound like a Joe Simpson idea? Put one of his new acts on tour with his daughter (posing as a band member) and then have him sing one of his songs right in the middle of her concert? Personally, I think that is crappy promotion ... I know that I didn't want to hear him perform in the middle of Ashlee's show. After that stunt, I could care less about Chris James and his new album. The fact that Ashlee's drummer was clad only in boxers and a bow tie almost made up for my annoyance.

Since the show started so early it seemed really short ... we were done by 20 after 7. Afterwards, Erik and I had dinner at OSLO and then we went over to Sarah's place to hang out. We ended up watching, like, 8 episodes of the BRILLIANT BBC America show Mile High. Erik got us both sucked into this show ... and we loved it!!! It's got everything ... I tried to get into Footballers Wive$ but it never stuck with me ... Mile High is amazing ... I'm DVRing every episode I can in order to see as many as I can.

Okay ... that's it ... it's cold and snowy out ... I'm prolly gonna stay inside as much as possible. Ah ... Michigan weather ... how I loathe you so.

I'm out.