Monday, December 05, 2005

Life Is Fabulous

So VH1 aired it's Big in '05 Awards last night ... VLB came over and we watched the whole thing together ... the WHOLE thing ... it wasn't horrible but there have been more entertaining award shows. Jessica Simpson made her first appearance since announcing her separation from Nick Lachey and accepted the award for Big Stylin' ... her acceptance speech was totally unwatchable ... she kept laughing that HUH HUH laugh that she does at her own jokes and had a hard time putting together cohesive sentences ... but she did look good in that purple dress:

Lindsay Lohan won the award for Big It Girl (she dedicated her award to the paparazzi but IMHO she should've dedicated it to the bloggers ;) and Green Day won the award for Big Music Artist. Click HERE to see the full list of winners. [Source]

Was anyone else disappointed with the musical performances? Fall Out Boy was the only performance worth watching ... they were great too! I may need to see them live again.

UPDATE: A few astute Pink readers noticed that Lindsay is about to pop out of her dress in the picture above ... let's take a closer look:

Click the star to see the NSFW picture

Hmm ... yeah, it does look like she's peeking out of her dress. I guess the Big It Girl for '05 really has to go all out to claim her award. [Source]

Kristin Cavallari and Lauren "LC" Conrad were paired up together to introduce INXS 2.0 ... they did this cute little skit before they were announced which was actually funny:

They were all smiles on stage ... but you could tell they've still got that rivalry going. Instead of fighting over Stephen, they're fighting over the lime light ... I love it! Go Team Kristin! [Source]

In other Laguna Beach news, the gang got together to shoot some pictures for an upcoming Bongo Jeans ad campaign ... here are some outtakes:

LOL ... Talan was just waiting for a chance to take off his shirt ... Stephen was itching for an excuse to drop his pants ... I love how it's the Laguna guys who are baring the skin in order to get attention away from the girls. LOL. [Source, thanks Kristen]

Jessica Simpson offers her formula for getting over a broken heart:

I'm with ya, girl. Shopping does make the blues go away. A $30,000 vintage Louis Vuitton trunk should have her feeling better for a few days at least. [Source]

Mariah Carey is a big fan of Xmas ... here are a few of her favorite things:

Isn't it precious how she puts on a skin tight dress and skin tight jeans and thrusts out her ass whilst she puts decorations on the Xmas tree AND pumps her gas. Nothing warms the cockles of your heart like a big ol' booty at Xmas time. [Source]

OY! Y'all know I love Mimi and I hate to admit it but ... this is freaking hilarious:

Oh ... those kids at Oh No They Didn't! are a witty bunch. [Source]

Lindsay Lohan has been spending time with Talan Torriero since his breakup with Kimberly Stewart ... L. Lo has been seen around town wearing a ring ... is there something they're not telling us?

Maybe he just gave Kim's engagement ring to Linds? Ugh! Don't do it, Lindsay! Tell him to peace out and run away!!! [Source]

In other L. Lo news, here are some new promo pictures for her new album A Little More Personal (RAW) which is released tomorrow:

The gypsy outfit looks much better from far away. Yeah, the girl does know how to take a good picture. [Source]

Michelle Trachtenberg, Alicia Silverstone and others were on hand for Hollywood Life magazine's Breakthrough of the Year Awards:

I'm not sure what breakthroughs either Michelle or Alicia made this year but, kudos to them for being recognized for them! [Source]

Michelle also showed up a Flaunt magazine party this weekend:

She looks great in that dress ... it would be so nice for Michelle to get a kickass role in some movie ... It'd be nice to like her more than for her role on Buffy that ended years ago. The Ice Princess just ain't gonna do it for me. [Source]

Jude Law has succumbed to the pressures of Xmas shopping ... the poor chap looks all pooped out:

Yeah, I bet he will be spending lots and lots of money on Sienna Miller this year. He better be pickin' up a lot more presents than just these. [Source]

In happier Xmas shopping news, here are some pictures of Hilary Duff (currently touring Australia) doing some Xmas shopping with her mom:

OY! I'm totally not feeling those UGGS at all! Hee hee, and you just know that for every gift she buys for someone she buys 3 things for herself. I love it! [Source]

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were photographed doing soccer duty again ... ugh, I bet they are *so* tired of having their picture taken:

All that girl-kissing has to be getting to Tommy boy by now ... [Source]

What the hell is going on with Keanu Reeves?

Um, he looks like he's having a really bad day. [Source]

Ashley Olsen was on hand for the Teen Vogue magazine shopping benefit for the Nick Traina Foundation this weekend:

Ya know ... I almost didn't recognize Ashley in her secret identity outfit. Er, is it telling that Miss Olsen is supporting a foundation for manic depressives? [Source]

Scarlett Johansson is the covergirl for The New York Times Style Magazine Holiday issue:

It's all about the lips with Scarlett. Her plumpies are in full effect. [Source]

USA Today has the first look at a couple of new X-Men that new director Brett Ratner is bringing to X-Men 3:

Kelsey Grammer as Beast and Ben Foster as Angel look pretty cool. I can't wait to see what Colossus will look like ... all shiny metal ... and half nekkid ... bring on the X-Men!!! [Source]

Here is a picture of Pink reader Ginger with her Pink is the new Blog sticker:

I am in the process of having new stickers made ... and I will be announcing the release of a limited edition PITNB t-shirt ... unfortunately it won't be ready in time for Xmas but there will be an announcement soon on how you can preorder the t-shirt.

And finally, I have to give a big birthday shoutout to Megan who turns 21 years old today:

I'm fairly certain that she's gonna do it up big for her super sweet 21 ... Happy Birthday, Megan! Have a safe and very happy birthday.

I have to give another birthday shoutout to Christina who turns 22 today. Christina and I go way back ... I think she still owes me a whole ream of printer paper ... but it's cool ... I hope she has a happy birthday anyways ;)

Les News:
The weekend was a nice and quiet one ... VLB and I hung out for most of yesterday afternoon ... last night Erik joined us to watch the new episode of Mile High. I cannot get over how awesome this show is! We're all hooked like crack addicts ... any Brits out there who can give me more info on this show (how long it's been on the air, is it available on DVD, etc.)?? It's an amazingly fun show ...

I guess that's it ... I'm out.