Monday, December 12, 2005

Witch Craft

Are Britney and Kevin still together? Is Sean Preston enjoying his Nativity nursery room? Will Britney Spears release an album and make a comeback in 2006? All these questions keep me up nights ... well, okay, not really but I am starting to fear for our dear Britney. There doesn't seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel for her anymore. Entertainment Weekly is reporting that she is working on music for a new album but unless it's a stellar hit ... I think she's going to be dunzo for good. That must be why Jamie Lynn Spears is trying the tiara on for size ... check out these pictures from a new photoshoot:

Jamie Lynn is trying on quite a few different hats, literally (see all the pics HERE), and is perhaps poising herself to step into Britney's shoes. Yeah, well she's been poising herself all year long with nothing to show for it. Hopefully she'll do something in the coming year to try and save the Spears dynasty ... before it dies nasty. (Yeah, yeah, bad pun ... but it's early on a Monday morning) [Source via]


So okay ... CBS aired the 2 hour finale of Survivor 11 last night and revealed who the ultimate Survivor is for this season. At first, I could not believe that Lydia was the first person voted out of the final four ... I thought for sure that was the wrong move (I figured Stephenie should go first, then Lydia then leave Rafe and Danni) ... but I was wrong and Danni was right ... and that is why she is a millionaire today:

Personally, I think the questions asked by the jury were very tame ... I couldn't wait for Judd to have his say ... and then, basically, he fizzled out and never went off on anyone. I think it was genius on Danni's part to take Stephenie with her to the final two because she knew that she would absolutely win against her. I love how Rafe felt betrayed because he released Danni from her promise to take him to the final two and then she didn't take him to the final two. He basically told her to go for the million dollars ... and she did! Stephenie really never had a chance ... she betrayed everyone ... there was no way she would garner enough votes from the jury to win -- and she totally knew it. Danni played a very smart game ... she was on the chopping block for the longest time ... no one from her tribe should have made it as far as the final four and she took it all the way. She was smart, athletic and fairly genuine ... which is ultimately why she won. Woot! [Source]

KROQ held night two of their annual Almost Acoustic Xmas concert in LA last night and here are some pics:

Detroit was in the hizzy thanks to The White Stripes who played along side Depeche Mode, Hot Hot Heat and The Bravery. Generally, I am not a fan of radio station compilation concerts but the radio stations in LA and NY seem to cull together the hottest acts. This show looked like it was amazing. [Source]

Yay! It has been so long since we've seen pictures of Kylie Minogue out and about and FINALLY here are some great pictures of a very happy-looking Kylie doing some Xmas shopping in France:

I cannot tell you how cool it is to see Kylie looking so well. I have loved her for years and was very horrified to hear that she was suffering from breast cancer. Hopefully, these pictures are among the first signs that she is well on her way to a full recovery. [Source]

Aww ... isn't this precious? Robbie Williams and 50 Cent have publicly ended their feud by making up on the German TV show Wetten Dass ...?

Doesn't this sight just warm the coldest cockles of your heart? [Source]

Ladies and gentlemen ... meet Mr. and Mrs. Matt Damon:

Well ... they've lasted one weekend already ... keep it up you guys! [Source]

Scarlett Johansson was on hand for the premiere of her new movie Match Point in LA ... and it looks like she brought a couple of new friends with her:

Those bad boys look like they are ready to pop! It must have been hard work squeezin' them things into that dress. Now that's talent, y'all. [Source]

Shane West is also a fan of the gothy look:

Oh wait, those dark circles under his eyes aren't from make up. Someone needs a naaaaap. [thanks Lux]

It ain't Xmas in Hollywood until the celebs go out and buy their Xmas trees ...

Paris Hilton does not trust her people to be able to select the right Xmas tree for her to have a happy holiday. You gotta love that she takes the time out of her busy socialite schedule to take care of the little things in life. [Source]

Nicole Richie and DJ AM went out and bought an Xmas tree together shortly before announcing their break up:

I wonder who kept the tree. I wonder if the tree is a pile of ashes by now. [Source]

Alyssa Milano was on hand for the UNICEF Crystal Snowflake Ball last week:

I just like her ... enjoy the pics. [Source]

But I really love Eliza Dushku ... here is a picture of her performing in the off Broadway play Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead:

Pink reader Mark was able to see the play (based on the Peanuts characters 10 years after the last comic strip) recently and really enjoyed it (he was even lucky enough to meet Ian Somerhalder and Eliza after the show). The play is currently running in NYC. [Source]

Check out this picture of Landon Lueck from The Real World: Philly posing in front of his new Wax Brand billboard in LA:

Wow ... and you thought he had a big package before. Landon seems like such a cool dude ... I hope he does well in the Gauntlet 2 (which airs tonight -- I can't wait to see just how crazy Jo has become) ... I also hope he does more underwear ads. [Source]

Stop the presses ... did you know that En Vogue has reunited (mostly) and are performing again? Well, if Salt N Pepa can do it, why can't they?

I'm not sure to what extent they are doing performances but it would be cool to see the ladies make a comeback. They can pick up where Destiny's Child left off ... shoot, they did it first anyways. [Source]

Scarlett Johansson is on the cover of the newest issue of Elle magazine ... and here are some pictures from the photo spread:

Scarlett is obviously inspired by Avril Lavigne's punky spirit ... but I don't think that Avril necessarily approves. [Source]

And finally ... I gotta know ... would you buy underwear from these 2 ladies?

Would you get make-up tips from them? I sincerely hope the answer is no. [Source]

Yesterday Erik and I spent the whole day together ... we had a nice dinner date and then went out to see The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe:

Okay ... so I've never read the books (I know, for shame and all of that but there are weirder things -- Erik has never seen The Wizard of Oz, for Pete's sake!) so I didn't have a literary point of reference for the film but I did enjoy the movie. I've been reading news articles that talk about how Disney has been quietly trying to sell this movie to Church-goers because the movie is a Christian allegory. Whether it is or it isn't I didn't see it (the idea of personal sacrifice is common in many heroic tales) ... it struck me as a great fantastical fairy tale. By far, the best thing in this movie is Tilda Swinton! She is such an amazing actress ... her Ice Queen/Witch was so kickass. I love her more and more with each movie I see her in. Erik says the movie is very true to the book (although things move faster) and happily endorses it. I really liked the movie myself ... but I did feel it was quite violent for a kid's movie (war, death, ritual sacrifice, oh my!). If you're a fan of the books, I suspect you'll like the movie ... if you are new to the tale, like me, and are into the Harry Potters and Lord of the Rings out there then you'll prolly like this film as well.

A bunch of us are getting together tonight to help VLB decorate her Xmas tree so that should be fun ... especially if we hit the booze early.

I have to send out some Birthday love to Courtney and say Congrats to Nancy on her recent engagement! XO

I am out.