Saturday, December 17, 2005

Skating With The Stars

Katie Holmes, captive paramour of Tom Cruise, turns 27 years old on December 18th but our fave whack-job Tommy boy decided to surprise his chick with an early birthday party in New York City ... he even invited People magazine to come along:

Aww ... he tries to be sweet and give her a fun birthday celebration but he just doesn't seem to get it quite right. Grabbing her by the back of her hair doesn't look very comfortable or loving ... and he didn't even let her blow out her own candles. But at least he's trying ... he is doing everything he can to convince her (and the world) that he really does care and love her and their unborn baby ... such devotion and attention is quite remarkable ... it's nice to know that he would never dream of doing anything to put her or her unborn baby in harm's way ... [Source]

... which is exactly why he took his pregnant fiancée ice skating!

HMMMMM ... doesn't this strike you as being strange? What kind of pregnant woman would think that ice skating is a good idea ... especially when the chance of falling down and getting hurt is quite high? Everything that TomKat does just seems soooo suspicious ... I dunno ... I don't think I'll believe any of this until I see a living, breathing baby ... and even then I'm gonna need a DNA test to be absolutely sure. [Source]

And ... as if all of that weren't cruiseazy enough for ya, check this ... Usher (of all people) decided to stop by a Church of Scientology fund raiser to spend some time with our most favoriteist scientologist Tom Cruise:

I suspect he showed up for the free gift bag but prolly ended up getting more than he bargained for. I fear we may have lost Usher to the dark side ... eh, at least we still have Kanye West. [Source]

Paris Hilton is frantically busy trying to get her Xmas shopping done ... and with only 7 days left, the pressure is on:

Ya know, with as much shopping as Paris Hilton does you would think she'd have her shizz together enough to get all of her holiday shopping done early. How are YOU doing with your holiday shopping? [Source]

Nicole Richie is hangin' in there since her separation from former fiancée DJ AM:

She's always got such a brave face ... it must be so hard to deal with a breakup so close to the holidays. Isn't it so sad to think that her multimillions offer little solace at a time like this? Yes, celebrities really do have it rough. [Source]

Newly single Nick Lachey was all smiles earlier this week (and a few days before former wife Jessica Simpson officially filed for divorce -- click HERE to see the divorce document) as he emerged from a New York City airport ...

... it's hard to tell if he is happily confidant or just has no idea what he has coming at him. It's sad to know that The Newlyweds couldn't make it work ... it's also sad, at least for Nick, that now he is an enemy of crazy Joe Simpson. If he thought Papa Joe ruined his life while he was married to Jessica, can you imagine what the poor guy has in store for him now that he's cut out of the family. I have a feeling things are gonna get pretty nasty. [Source]

And finally, Kelly Clarkson is on the cover of the new issue of Seventeen magazine:

The pics are so fun ... Kelly is so great. She comes across as such a real, genuine person. Rock on, Kelly! [Source]

The News:
So yesterday was a very interesting day ... I received some incredibly good news late in the day so Erik and I went out for a delish celebratory dinner (complete with champagne toast). We couldn't stay out too late because Sarah was coming over to our place so that we could trek out to Pontiac to party at Sevin with LC and Jason from Laguna Beach:

What a crazy night ... that club was PACKED with tons of people ... when we arrived we found a line that was absolutely insane -- there were like 70 people standing outside in the bitter cold, many of them without coats, waiting to be let inside. It was crazy! Sarah and I were able to bypass the wait and get right in ... we met up with our new friend Ray who really took care of us all night long.

LC and Jason seemed a little bit out of it ... but they were really nice to everyone who showed up to see them. They hung out with the peeps up in VIP and then came down to say hello to the rest of the club people on the dancefloor. If they weren't waving to the crowd, they were muttering hellos into the microphones that were thrust into their hands ... in between they were making out like mad. Yeah, it was very clear that they are still very much together. Sarah and I got to chat with them for a little while but ... believe me, it wasn't anything special. I never go to these types of events but I guess it was fun. Sarah and I can make any situation fun ... throw in a couple drinks, a shot or two and we're good to go.

We were so good to go, in fact, that after the party at Sevin ended she and I went downtown to dance some more at City Club. She and I have spent many a night at that dive but it had been a very, very long time since we were there last. It was fun ... but I think it's safe to say that we are pretty much over City Club, but it is always nice to know that we can go back any time we like.

Today ... the plan is to go see Brokeback Mountain this evening and then ... well, who knows what ...

Hope y'all are having a great weekend ... I'm out.