Monday, December 19, 2005

6 Days Left

Yesterday was a huge day for celebrity birthdays ... Brad Pitt, Steven Spielberg, Katie Holmes and Xtina Aguilera all turned one year older yesterday (as did my best friend's mother) ... here are some pictures of Xtina being led to and from her birthday celebration:

Mrs. B looks pretty sedate ... it looks like the dirrrty party girl is gone only to be replaced by a more demure, married wife. Well, I suppose she could be hopped up on booze or maybe she has just grown up a bit. Xtina has come a long way ... I hope she had a very happy birthday. [Source]

Here are the first pictures of Marilyn Manson and his new wife Dita Von Teese from their wedding celebration a couple of weekends ago:

You know, Marilyn Manson isn't usually the shy type ... perhaps he spent a little bit too much time celebrating. Dita has got her work cut out for her, being Mrs. Marilyn Manson sounds like a very interesting job. Congratulations again to the happy couple, I suspect they will be together for a very long time. [Source]

TomKat took on Miami, FL in order to further celebrate Katie Holmes' birthday ... here are pictures of the happy couple appearing on stage at the Y 100.7 Jingle Ball Xmas concert:

Apparently the crowd "exploded" with applause and then Tom addressed the crowd: "How's it going? This is my first time in Miami and I love it. Is it always like this? I'd like to wish you all a happy holiday and Merry Christmas and just a great year." Katie just stood there smiling wide enough for the audience to get a good look at her new (invisible) braces. Hmmm ... didn't Tom Cruise get braces recently? I wonder if they were his gift to her ... yeah, I think we've lost her forever. [Source]

Speaking of lost forever, a new report has been released that documents Tom Cruise's entry and subsequent study at a super-secret Scientology compound hidden in California:

According to the report, Tom was introduced to Scientology in the late 80's/early 90's and spent some considerable time doing "intensive study and counseling" at the secretive Southern California desert compound. Wow, the report goes on to explain what life was like for Tom while he was at this compound and can be read in full HERE. The Los Angeles Times article is very interesting ... and a bit creepy. [Source]

Carmen Electra gussied up her pet pooch, put on her best Santa hat and posed for her 2005 Xmas pictures:

I don't know about you, but the barrette that dog is wearing looks pretty fly -- it looks better on her than it does on Britney. Carmen is looking very nice and festive ... Ho Ho Ho, everybody! [Source]

Paris Hilton also would like to wish you all a Merry Xmas ... she threw a party over the weekend to celebrate the holiday season .. she wanted her party to be loud enough for everyone to partake of the celebration ...

... except her neighbors weren't interested in partaking in anything she had to offer. I hope that ferret made it out alive ... [Source]

Oh look, Courtney Love still lives ... in fact, she has been an upright citizen for some time now ... looks like that last stint in rehab might've done the trick. A healthy and happy Courtney took her daughter, Frances Bean, out for a shopping jaunt at Kitson in Beverly Hills:

Dare I say it ... she looks great! Frances still looks like her father, Kurt Cobain, but she is turning a bit into her mother as well. Here's hoping C. Lo stays on the straight and narrow and stays clean. Apparently she is working on new music ... it will be great to see her on the road again. [Source]

Madonna and Stuart Price were spotted hanging out at the recent Coldplay concert in London last Thursday:

Not only does Maddy <3 Coldplay but it seems that they are fans of her as well. The band performed a minute and a half version of Hung Up at the show. Head on over to Madonnalicious to download a lo-fi version of Coldplay covering Hung Up. [Source]

Dieter Schmitz from MTV's Laguna Beach finished his 115 mile trek to raise money for his charity Running Home 4 Teens yesterday afternoon ... and in fine Laguna style, threw a benefit party that was attended by his friends and Laguna Beach co-stars Kristin, Stephen and both Alexs. Pink reader Traci was also at the party and she shares her pictures with us:

Uh oh, it looks like Stephen is still having a hard time getting over Kristin ... she, on the other hand, was having a great time rockin' out to her boyfriend's band. Brody Jenner's band Facehumper were among the performers along with the likes of Alex M. Looks like it was a fun party ... well done Dieter ... it's great to see he is using his fame for a good cause. Tune into MTV's TRL this afternoon to catch footage from the event. [thanks Traci]

Christina Ricci cannot be held back ... no matter what ...

... and that goes double for her boobs. You know what ... just go with it ... there is no resisting Christina's boobies. [Source]

Here are a few more pictures of the newly blonde Alanis Morissette ... and if that weren't bad enough ... check out the also blonde ex-Superboy Dean Cain:

I think the blonde Alanis is growing on me a bit (eek! I know!) but Dean is a bit too much for me to take. I know peroxide is a tempting idea ... but sometimes you just have to say no. [Source, Source]

Lost's Josh Holloway is a sassy boy:

He flips that hair like a pro ... who knew he was such a diva. [Source]

There have been rumblings that Gwen Stefani has become pregnant and that is the reason she is holding off on releasing her second solo album. Pink reader Jenn caught Gwen in concert on the 17th in Columbus, OH and sends in this picture:

I suppose she could just be carrying normal weight ... but that tummy does look a little pregs to me. Personally, I think Gwen Stefani would make a very cool mom ... I guess we'll have to wait and see. [thanks Jen]

The official X-Men 3 website gallery as been updated and here are a couple newer pictures ...

Yeah, you can tell I am a Colossus fan ... the picture of Vinnie Jones as Juggernaut is awesome! Is Juggernaut supposed to look so hot? Whatevs, I approve! I cannot WAIT until X-Men 3 is released next May. [Source]

The Museum of Modern Art in NYC is hosting a special exhibit of Pixar-related artwork, here are a few of the pieces on display:

The exhibit runs until February 6 and features over 500 works of original art including paintings, conceptual art and sculptures. This exhibit looks so interesting ... it would be very cool to see this stuff in person. If you're in NYC make sure you check it out ... I hope to get there before the exhibit ends. [Source]

Great news for you Project Runway fans, you can now preorder the limited edition Project Runway My Scene Barbie doll:

The doll looks great! It turned out exactly like the real design ... Nick really did an amazing job with his design. Santino can bite the big one, Nick really deserved to win. Head on over to the Project Runway website to order your Barbie doll. [Source]

And finally ... lest you think I have lost all reason and forgotten about our Jakey poo ... I have to send out a huge Happy Birthday to Jake Gyllenhaal who turns 25 years old today:

Woot! Le Sigh! Happy Birthday! [Source]

Les News:
We had the best time at Nina's party yesterday afternoon! Sarah did an amazing job orchestrating the surprise party for her mom ... we got to hang out with all of her family and friends -- it was very fun. Unfortunately, Sarah cannot send me any pictures to share but I can assure you, Mama Nina looked amazing for a woman of 25 years old*.

With only 6 days left til Xmas I think I had better get started on my shopping ... Ugh, I am so not looking forward to dealing with the holiday shopping crowd, wish me luck.

I'm out.

*Well, she's a little bit older than 25 but her secret is safe with me.