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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Have You Lost Your Mind?

Britney Spears felt it was time to flee from the persecution she was receiving in California and take NYC by storm. Brit Brit arrived in the Big Apple earlier this week and has been popping up all over the place. I have to warn you, there are a lot of Britney pictures coming your way ... but they are absolutely precious and cannot be missed.

It appears that Britney and Sean P. are traveling sans Kevin Federline. With Britney hiring all these new male servants, you have to wonder (and HOPE and PRAY) that there might be trubs in the Spederline paradise. Here are pictures of Britney and Sean P. arriving at their hotel in NYC:

Would it have killed her to put on a little make-up before going out in public looking like this? Would it have killed her to put some shoes on that poor baby's feet? Maybe doing these things will kill her and that is why she and Sean P. are always looking like such a mess. [Source]

We've already seen pictures of Sean Preston's hot-looking new manny ("male nanny") and here are pictures of Britney's not-quite-so-hot-but-better-than-Kevin-looking new bodyguard ... I don't know about you, but I think the gay porn star mustache looks kinda fetching on this dude:

What is going on with her lately? What's with all these new and young male attendees suddenly under her employ? Could she really be satisfying her sweet tooth with these new dudes because K-Fed ain't pullin' his weight underneath the sheets anymore? This new bodyguard (whom I choose to call Rico) looks ridiculously cheesy but he looks like he can do some serious damage with that 'stache of his. [Source]

Britney Spears thought it would be a good idea to drag along her bedraggled-looking baby boy to the Lucky magazine gift lounge at the Ritz Carlton ...

... unfortch, she also thought it would be a good idea to leave her bra at home. WTF? Is she allergic to having perky boobs all of the sudden? What happened to you Britters? Boo! [Source]

And finally on the Britney front, here are pictures of Miss Spears (always with her poor baby in tow) attempting to clandestinely slip away from Tao in NYC dressed as a construction cone ...

Someone should tell her that day-glo orange is not her color. It's sad that she looks best in these pictures. Doesn't Sean Preston ever get to sleep? [Source]


Well ... last night's episode was the last regular ep of Lost for the season. The 2-hour season finale airs next Wednesday night at 8pm. We finally got to see what Michael saw when he was captured by The Others 13 days ago. I can't say that I was surprised by much in this episode but there was some interesting new information provided nonetheless:

It's clear that desperation has made Michael very stupid. He so desires to rescue his son away from his captors that his ability to reason and think clearly has obviously disappeared. It is still unclear whether or not it was Walt who lured Michael into the jungle by way of that IM chat on the computer 13 days ago. It's feasible that it was Walt communicating with his father but it's clear that it could've also been a ruse to trick Michael into falling into The Others' trap. It struck me that HOLE was typed out in all caps -- is this relevant or am I just trying to decipher every single bit of information that flashes on the screen? Damn this show for effing with my mind! It was very interesting that Eko felt it necessary to tell Michael the story of the murdered dog in Hell -- was it just a fluke or was he cluing Michael into who he may run into once he gets to Hell for murdering Ana Lucia and Libby? Speaking of clues, can you spare me with the Miss Clue (or Miss Klugh, as it was spelt in the closed captions) bullshizz? The first thing I thought when I heard her name was that she must be the little sister to famed fraudulent psychic Miss Cleo (perhaps she is on the island as well ... we don't know what happened to her after she was sued for being a fraud). Did anyone else think that the bearded Zeke, "leader" of The Others, looks a helluva lot like Moses? Is it intentional?

Okay ... so Miss Clue told Michael that he would get Walt back if he freed Henry Gale from capture and returned to them with Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley. The only common bond I can discern among these people is that they all saw or conjured up apparitions on the island (Jack saw his dead father, Kate saw the black horse, Sawyer conjured up a wild boar [the one who chased him] while hunting and Hurley saw his crazy imaginary friend Dave). It is very interesting that The Others know Kate and Sawyer's real names. It was good to see Walt again, I'm glad that he tried to warn his father that The Others were "pretending" (referring to the fact that they are pretending to be primitive-looking), I'm just not sure why Kate hasn't mentioned this to anyone. She and Claire found The Others' costumes in that locker in the medical hatch back when Claire was regaining her memory. Speaking of hatches, we've come upon yet another hatch at Camp The Others. The symbol on the Dharma logo looks to be a rectangle -- like the rectangle hole in the rock. Could this hatch be the one associated with the Electromagnetic Research Initiative of the Hanso Foundation? That would explain why Michael was told to go North and would also explain why his compass would point him in the right direction (when no other compasses work properly on the island).

Okay, this is getting too long ... let me wrap up ... I'm glad to see that Charlie seems to have kicked his junk habit -- but does this mean that his time on the island is dunzo? Generally, when people on the island work out their problems that means it's time for them do die (especially since Eko is done with Charlie). I loved the special moment between Sawyer and Jack -- the only thing that would've made that scene even better would've been a deep, passionate kiss and maybe a lingering hug. Miss Clue warned Walt to behave otherwise he'd get thrown back in "The Room" -- you wanna be we'll get to see what this room looks like in the season finale? The big shocker in this ep was the appearance of the sailboat at the end ... was it real or just an illusion? Any chance it could turn out to be Desmond's boat (he told Jack he got stranded on the island when he was attempting to sail around the world in a sailboat)? Any chance we'll get to see see Desmond next week? [Screencaptures via]

The website puzzle to figure out this week is at Head on over to to have all the secret shizz figured out for you. This week's website is sponsored by Jeep (much like last week's puzzle was sponsored by Sprite). I like the web puzzles but the product tie-ins are lame.

Moving on ... The Da Vinci Code premiered at the Cannes Film Festival this week. And, despite early negative reviews, the cast looked happy and proud at the movie's premiere:

I'm deffo gonna check out this movie ... I enjoyed the book and am hopeful it'll make an entertaining flick. I am a huge Audrey Tautou fan (even tho I hate what she did to her hair) so I'll check it out for sure. Paul Bettany looks way hot in this premiere picture (I've been a fan of his ever since I saw him in the Kirsten Dunst movie Wimbledon [you know, the one where he shows his butt?]) -- I can't wait to see him as the creepy albino monk Silas. Not since the movie Powder have I been so turned on by such a pigment-less chap. Woot! [Source]

Maxim magazine held a party to celebrate their list of the Hot 100 women in Hollywood last night in NYC. Some of the greats showed up (Hi, Linds) and some of the not-so-greats showed up (Hi, Ashley Parker Angel's chick Tiffany) for the shindig:

It's nice to see some of the stars from Lost showing up at these events. Since the show is on summer vacation, the cast members are allowed to leave Hawaii and party it up with the other Hollywood socialites. Good for them! [Source]

Now this is something you don't see every day ... Nicole Richie did some grocery shopping at a Ralph's in LA earlier this week:

Unfortch, she didn't come out of the store with any food. That's okay ... these things take time ... first, she has to get comfortable around the food then she can feel more comfortable actually purchasing the food. [Source]

Since Lindsay Lohan has pretty much gotten back to her healthy weight size I think it's time that Nicole be paired up with someone else to be her other half of The SkeletwinsTM. I nominate Nicole's new BFF Mischa Barton. Here is a picture of Mischa at the Chanel 2006/2007 Cruise Collection fashion show that was held at New York City's Grand Central Station yesterday:

It's amazing -- when she stands sideways she seems to almost disappear. She looks exactly like her cartoon self in the new MTV2 animated series Where My Dogs At?. [Source]

Here is the first picture of Drew Lachey, lookin' all cute and fatherly, with his new baby daughter Isabella from the new issue of People magazine:

As PEOPLE reports in its new issue, the former 98 Degrees singer and his choreographer wife, Lea, have found their footing as parents since the March 23 birth of Isabella Claire. "I am in charge of changing diapers," says Drew, 29. "And I'm an expert swaddler. I have mastered that very quickly." Says Lea, 29: "He's amazing and gentle and soft. He has this very particular voice that he uses just with her. That's my favorite thing, to watch him with her." The new dad plans to write a lullaby for his little girl, but in the meantime "she likes these low hums, and I'll sing anything to her: Sly and the Family Stone, opera," Drew says. She's also into pop music. Before the baby was born, while Drew and Lea were listening to a preview of his brother Nick's new album, "she just went nuts," says Drew. "She was dancing in the belly like no one's business!" Uhhh ... I think it's safe to assume that baby Isabella was squirming around in her mother's belly because she was trying to get away from Nick Lachey's warbling. [Source] has posted a short vid clip previewing her new Confessions Tour which kicks off in Los Angeles this Sunday night, here are few screencaps:

The video shows mostly backstage and behind the scenes footage but there are a few glimpses of what the staging and performances will look like. Unfortch, I will not be in LA for the tour kickoff but I am getting really excited for the show that David and I are going to see at Madison Square Gardens next month. [Source]

This is just too PERFECT! Topps baseball cards has released a series of Superman Returns collector's cards ... it appears that one of Superman's little secrets has been let out of ... well, the closet:

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! I guess this answers the question How Gay is Superman?. I'm just having a hard time picturing Brandon Routh as a Topp ... he strikes me more as a bottom. [Source]

Gallery of the Absurd has posted another brilliant portrait of one Hollywood's beloved celebs -- except in this case the subject is Brandon Davis who has no real connection to Hollywood and isn't a celeb by any stretch of the imagination:

This portrait nails him perfectly. Brandon is always sweating ... there must be something wrong with his glands. Normal people don't just leak all of the time. He should really get some help ... and some class. [Source]

Tyra Banks finds out what it's like to go to prison in today's episode of The Tyra Banks Show, here is Tyra's fake mugshot which makes her look, surprisingly, good:

On Thursday's episode of 'The Tyra Banks Show,' Tyra spends a day inside a women's prison in Chino, Calif. Tyra decided to go there after learning that most of the inmates were there because of the actions of their husbands or boyfriends ... Tyra went to the California Institution for Women, where she was fingerprinted, photographed and stripsearched. "I felt violated," she said. "It felt too real to me." Personally, I think Tyra should've left her weave at home before going to the prison ... I don't think that prison is the place to try and look your prettiest. [Source]

And finally, the 2-hour series finale of Will & Grace airs on NBC tonight starting at 8pm:

As I've said before, I've not been a real fan of the show for quite some time now (I kinda fell away around the time that Harry Connick, Jr. joined the cast) but I still have mad love for this show. The early seasons are insanely funny and I am sorry to see the show come to an end. I'm hoping that I can watch the series finale with my very own Grace (hi, Sarah) tonight so that we can say goodbye to this very funny and very important TV show together ... and with a lot of booze. [Source]

I spent yesterday evening hanging out with Mark while Sarah was bizzy at her boot camp work-out class. I kinda suckered Mark into watching the season finale of America's Next Top Model (mainly, because it was the only thing on and I am not a fan of basketball) before Sarah came home from her class. Once Sarah got home, she broke out the lemons and the booze to make delicious Lemondrop Martinis (from a recipe that she got from Oprah Winfrey) so that we would all watch Lost together. Booze, friends and good TV ... it don't get much better than that.

I have an engagement this afternoon that I am very excited for ... so I have to go ... and engage. I'm out.



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