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Monday, August 28, 2006

I Want My Emmy TV

Okay ... so today is basically gonna be all about the 2006 Primetime Emmy Awards that were handed out here in Hollywood last night but let's get one teensy bit of Britney Spears news out of the way because I know there are legions of Britney fans out there who just can't get enough. Here are a few pictures of Britney Spears' infamous Harper's Bazaar nekkid magazine cover as it is being displayed in the subway walkways of Tokyo, Japan:

You may recall that the photos were almost censored by Japanese officials but good won over evil and the photos were given the green light for display: A heavily pregnant Britney Spears has finally bared all in Tokyo after subway bosses reversed a decision to censor an advertisement showing the US pop diva in the nude. The photograph, taken for the cover of fashion magazine Harper's Bazaar, shows a six months' pregnant Spears covering her breasts above her swollen belly in a pose reminiscent of actress Demi Moore's iconic 1991 shoot for Vanity Fair. Tokyo Metro initially asked the publisher to cover Britney below the elbows as the sight of her naked midriff and thighs was inappropriate for impressionable Japanese youths and more sensitive commuters. But bosses later back-tracked after the story hit the local headlines, prompting dozens of commuters to contact the subway operator to request the pop sensation be displayed in her full glory. In the end, her naked pose raised few eyebrows among harried Tokyo commuters Monday at Omotesando station. I love it ... no matter what Britney Spears does she still manages to make a splash when she really wants to. Her Dateline NBC interview is already a long forgotten memory and now everyone is all excited about her second pregnancy. See ... this is why I'll always have hope for a return of the Britney we know and love. [Source]

So ... the Emmys ... I have to admit, I was pretty unprepared for the whole thing this year. There really hasn't been much buzz around the awards since the surprising nominations came out a couple of months ago. I actually forgot that the awards were to be given out last night until I was perusing the day's news yesterday. Here are a few photos from the red carpet:

All in all, the red carpet was pretty boring (altho, it was plainly clear that purple was the new black last night). Everyone pretty much looked nice, no one really stood out too much and Paula Abdul looked like she was about to fall over at any second -- it was pretty much par for the course this year. Leading into the awards, I was very excited and hopeful that it would be a good night for some of my favorite actors and TV shows ... and I am very happy so see that some of my faves took home awards last night (What up, 24?!?). [Source]

Conan O'Brien did a pretty good job playing host for the 2006 Emmy Awards, even if he inadvertently offended a whole bunch of people by performing a skit about a disastrous airplane crash on the very day that a real airplane crash occurred in Kentucky (head on over to to watch the Conan video if you missed watching it live last night). Overall, tho, last night really wasn't about Conan or his performance as host ... for me, it was really all about how 24 rules the effing world!!!

Fox network's action thriller "24" came out shooting at the annual Emmy awards, beating heavily-nominated rivals such as ABC hospital drama "Grey's Anatomy" in the top US television awards ... The series, whose 24 parts each depict an hour in the day of agent Jack Bauer, picked up outstanding drama series, best director for drama and earned Kiefer Sutherland best actor in the category for his energetic portrayal. "Every once in a while you'll have an evening that just reminds you that you are given too much and this is that evening," he said, accepting his award and paying tribute to his father, Donald, also nominated for an Emmy. The series, which is now in its fifth season and had led the nominations with 12 nods, was the only winner for Fox, with cable network HBO claiming the evening by picking up nine gongs, ahead of NBC with six. Cringe-worthy spoof documentary "The Office," adapted from the British show of the same name, won best comedy, while the category's best actor award went to Tony Shalhoub, for his role as an obsessive-compulsive detective in "Monk." Julia Louis-Dreyfus won the best comedy actress with her role as a divorced mother in "The New Adventures Of Old Christine," while Mariska Hargitay, took home best dramatic actress for "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit." I have to send out much congrats to all the winners but I am especially THRILLED that my fave show ever not only took home the award for Best Drama Series but also allowed Keifer Sutherland to win the award for Best Actor in a Drama Series (but next year, Mary Lynn Rajskab [Chloe] needs to win an award fo' shizzle!). It was also really cool to see Carlos Bernard (Tony Almeida) and Louis Lombardi (Edgar Stiles) up on stage with the rest of the cast. See ... what have I been telling you all along ... 24 rules, y'all. There ain't no better way to spend an hour each week then by sitting on the edge of your chair, butt cheeks clenched in anticipation, watching Jack Bauer save the world hour-by-hour despite insurmountable odds. Much love and congrats to all my 24 peeps ... Woot! [Source]

Unfortch, one of my other fave shows ever, Project Runway, did not win any awards last night but I still love the show anyways. Here are a couple really cute pictures of Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn at the Entertainment Weekly pre-Emmy party on Saturday evening:

I love these two together ... Heidi looks ready to pop out her third baby and we already know she's ready to get all knocked up again. I gotta admit, I was not a Tim Gunn fan on the first season of PR ... I don't know why, but he irritated me. I found an appreciation for him in the second season and now he's my fave person on Project Runway (Nina Garcia is a close second). Even tho the show didn't win, I'm confident it will have longevity and will prolly be around to win the award next year. [Source]

Click HERE for a full list of 2006 Primetime Emmy Award winners.

Okay ... Emmy stuff is finished, let's move on ... Jared Leto and his insanely uncontrollable gothiness were spotted at the LA hotspot Hyde late last week ... here are some pictures of the desperately-trying-to-appear-undead-by-way-of-eyeliner clad lad as he made his way out of the club:

I'm not exactly sure WTF he was thinking by wearing those silver clogs (actually, these hideous things are called crocs ... they're footwear worn by people with orthopedic problems ... or geriatrics who like to feel frisky) out in public. The skinny jeans must've been borrowed from former flame Lindsay Lohan ... or maybe Jared just likes to shop in the Little Miss section at Macy's. He really is becoming a caricature of himself these days, ain't he? [Source]

Here are a couple new pictures of Miss Hilary Duff doing a little shopping by her lonesome last week ... it looks like she picked up quite a haul ... I wonder where her main man Joel Madden or her sister Haylie Duff were while poor Hilary was left to carry all of her own bags?

This is totally unacceptable ... she shouldn't be carrying her own bags like this. See ... this is another reason why Haylie Duff needs to not have her own career ... poor Hilary is the one to suffer. [Source]

Tara Reid is just a complete mess ... even when she's not acting like her normal messy self (i.e. boozed out on the streets of LA) she still looks like a mess:

Yuck! Tara is one of the few people who can make something as simple as "eating" look so very unappetizing. [Source]

Here are a few outtake photos from Adam Brody's recent photoshoot for Elle Girl magazine:

He is seriously the cutest thing ever ... he has a bit of sass about him that makes him so appealing to 12 year old girls ... and gay men. To be fair, gay men tend to easily indentify with the 12 year old girl mindset -- but I'm not exactly sure why. Whatev, Adam is, like, totally hot! [Source]

Here are a few photos of one of my fave female musical artists, Imogen Heap. She stopped by the Rolling Stone magazine offices for a little performance and posed for a few impromptu pictures:

Okay, she may look weird but she's a total genius -- think Bjork but taller and British. Click HERE to check out Imogen's performance for Rolling Stone magazine and hear how cool she is for yourself. [Source]

And finally, Justin Hartley may have lost his dream of becoming Aquaman but it looks like his comic book superhero dreams still have a chance of actually coming true ... Justin has been cast in the role of Green Arrow in the upcoming season of Smallville:

I'm not sure which is a more pathetic superhero ... Aquaman or Green Arrow? Green Arrow has really cool arrows he can shoot at bad guys but Aquaman can talk to fish. Aquaman also was one of the main members of the Super Friends while Green Arrow was usually just a "guest" hero. I'm thinking that Green Arrow is a step down for Mr. Hartley but I guess it's better than nothing ... he could've been cast as someone even lamer ... like Apache Chief. [Source]

Les News:
Yesterday was mostly a pretty chill day ... I spent most of the day cleaning and packing for my upcoming trip to NYC (I fly out tomorrow morning). My very good friend Jeremy invited me and a guest to come out for the Access Hollywood/TV Guide After-Emmy party at Social Hollywood so I cleaned up my lazy butt, picked up Jim and off we went. I have to send out much love to Ann and Shannon who helped us out at the door ... and much love to Gina and Jeremy for inviting us to such a fun party. We were treated to a performance by none other than P!NK:

You know, I am not the biggest P!nk fan but I was very impressed with her performance last night. I took a ton of pictures and recorded three videos but YouTube is not working right for me. Only her performance of Get This Party Started uploaded successfully ... click HERE to check it out for yourself. I also recorded Trouble and Stupid Girls, I will update with links if I can get them to work.

I also got to meet a few celebs at this amazing party ... including the one, the only Paula Abdul. I know I don't talk about her much on this blog but back between the years 1989 - 1994 I was a HUGE Paula Abdul fan. She was my Britney Spears back in the day ... I won't bore you with tales of my scrapbooks, t-shirts, videos, import singles, etc. Nor will I embarrass myself by letting you all know that when I graduated high school, I signed all my friend's yearbooks with the tagline "Paula Abdul Rulz!" (it's true, my friend Sherri can show you her yearbook as proof). Needless to say it was a thrill getting to finally meet her face to face ... unfortch, she was a bit out of it and didn't really make eye contact ... nor did she seem to believe me when I told her how a big a fan I was ... in the end I just showed her where to look and we took our picture:

I also got to meet Sophia Bush (who was an absolute doll and is extremely beautiful in person), the incomparable Leslie Jordan (who played the insanely fabulous Beverley Leslie on Will & Grace), the completely kickass Pauley Perrette (Abby on NCIS ... who I've decided needs to be one of my new best friends and she knows it, too) and Simon Cowell (even tho, from the looks of this picture, it appears we didn't meet -- we did, but he was hounded by fans and paparazzi that I didn't want to impose on him any further ... Jim snapped this pic from afar). Unfortch I wasn't able to snap any pics of or with Wentworth Miller (who looks HAWT in person), Hugh Laurie, Megan Mullally or James Denton ... but CaCee Cobb was there and I kinda didn't want to bother ;) Click HERE to see more pictures from the Access Hollywood/TV Guide After Emmy party.

Meeting celebs is always fun, but I really love meeting Pink is the new Blog readers even more:

I have to give a huge shout out to Pink readers Amanda, Russ, Justin, Luigi, Nelson, Tracey ... thank you all for saying hey! It was my pleasure meeting you all :)

Jim, my LA partner in crime, and I had a blast ... we love Social Hollywood ... it's actually becoming our second home:

And yes, that's us "on the cover" of TV Guide. We didn't want our picture to look like a prom picture so we went for cheesy ... I think it works.

Okie ... I have to run, much more to do before tomorrow.

NOTE: Tomorrow’s post will prolly be a shorter one since I have to be at LAX by 6AM ... I'll do my best to write as much as I can before I have to fly. Wednesday's post will prolly be a special one as well ... I think I'm going to do something different on that day in preparation for the 2006 MTV VMAs. Have a great day, y'all ... I'm out!

PS: Sherri -- congrats on the news, now's your chance to finally use the name Chauncey. XO

I'm out.



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