Monday, January 02, 2006

And Away We Go ...

Well, isn't this a nice way to start out a brand new year ... here are a few candid pictures of Mama Britney Spears and chubby baby Sean Preston on their way to lunch in Malibu, CA:

I don't care what anyone says about Britney or even Kevin -- this baby is cute! Look at those cheeks. He looks so tender and innocent ... I hope that K-Fed doesn't screw him up with all that PopoZ√£o stuff that he's peddlin'. I am very sad to see the return of those damn cowboy boots ... but I suppose we should be happy that Britney is even wearing footwear. [Source]

So ... that new song ... have you heard it? Yeah, I've heard it ... and I'm SO glad that I don't like it. I mean, you would think that I would immediately fall in love with a song with lyrics like this:

I wanna see your kitty and a little bitta titty
Wanna know where I go when I'm in your city
Girl, don't you worry about all the dough
Cuz a cat is coming straight outta the 'No

I suppose I should give props to the Federline for employing Detroit producer Disco D. on his musical debut. ArjanWrites has the skinny on this collabo between Fed and Disco D. Uh ... yeah ... anyways ... K-Fed has graced us with a new My Space bulletin -- and he added another picture to his profile:

That's our K-Fed ... [Source]

There were tons of parties all over the place over the weekend ... in New York City, Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy sent out a little message to our dear Britney:

Hee hee ... save her Pete! Please!!! [Source]

Mariah Carey was also in New York City over the weekend ... she mainly stayed outside entertaining the crowds of people on the streets:

Mimi capped off a stellar year entertaining the world from Times Square. People may hate on her but she really did have the best year ever. Go, Mariah, Go! [Source]

Meanwhile in South Beach, FL, Lindsay Lohan turned into Cher as she partied away 2005:

I had no idea that Bob Mackie still designed club wear. [Source]

Fortunately for us, Linds returned to her normal self and donned a hot pink bikini and hit the beach with her little sister Ali Lohan:

Uh oh, it looks like Ali has been under some questionable influences. [Source]

L. Lo has also been under some strong influences for quite a while now ... it looks like she is still enamored with Mr. Jared Leto:

And for $15 you, too, can have your very own 30 Seconds to Mars wristband just like Lindsay -- Order Now! [Source]

Nicole Richie showed up in Miami, FL ...

... barely ... [Source]

Mischa Barton and Cisco Adler spent the weekend frolicking in Florida as well:

After playing around in the pool with trucker hat intact, Cisco serenaded his lady love on his hands and knees at a club called Snatch. Mischco really know how to do romance, don't they? [Source]

Overall ... it looks like it was a pretty tame New Year's Eve ... no one got shot -- oh wait, well just one person got shot -- at least no one died and everything seemed to go off without a hitch ... just look at how happy and sedate Carson Daly and Cisco Adler look ...

What is up with Carson ... he lately always looks so scary. [Source]

Gwyneth Paltrow is featured in the new issue of UK Vogue magazine:

She's lookin' pretty ... so fresh, so clean. [Source]

And finally, it is clear by this picture that famed comedian Rita Rudner is a huge Project Runway fan ... do you recognize this dress designed by Austin Scarlett?

The dress looks hot on her! If you are lucky enough to catch Rita's Las Vegas act at New York, New York you might get to see her wearing the dress onstage. [thanks Martin]

Les News:
The first day of 2006 was EXTREMELY chill ... I spent much of the day on the couch ... it was very nice. Surprisingly, everything was open yesterday so Erik decided it was time to go shopping for a new computer. Homie ended up getting a pretty frickin' sweet laptop at Best Buy. This afternoon we are going to his parents' house to celebrate Xmas with them ... as you may recall, Erik got really sick on Xmas day and we ended up staying home all day long. It will be nice to see the fam.

And I guess that's all ... I'm out.