Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Wet & Mild

So, almost immediately after I posted that Kevin Federline had only 2 pictures on his My Space profile he has 2 more pictures uploaded to his profile:

Hmm ... doesn't that strike you as being strange? Do you suppose K-Fed is a PITNB reader? Eh, prolly not ... Kev doesn't really strike me as an avid reader of anything. The pics are interesting ... they look like New Year's Eve pictures but they are dated May 11, 2005 ... unless they are actually dated November 5, 2005 ... or they could just be misdated all together -- which wouldn't really surprise me at all. [Source]

Here are a few more pictures of Paris and Nicky Hilton playing around in the ocean down in Hawaii:

It was so nice of Miss Paris to show us her best side. [Source]

Nicole Richie and DJ AM spent New Year's Eve together and rumors are beginning to swirl that the two have reconciled and are back together:

I guess I won't really believe it until I hear about it from People magazine. It would be very cool if this rumor turns out to be true, I'd like to see Nicole happy again. [Source, Source]

Renée Zellweger was spotted on the arm of a new dude this New Year's Eve:

They sure do look pretty chummy ... which means they should be married by Valentine's Day. [Source]

Here are even more pictures of Ashlee Simpson on vacation in Hawaii:

She looks miffed ... or maybe she's still exhausted. In any regard, here's hopin' that Ash has a great new year. She's got a new man and that means a new lease on life ... or whatever. [Source, thanks Kacey]

As if Kristin Cavallari wasn't already my fave person ever she goes and really secures herself as my new fave "It" girl. Here are pictures of Miss Kristin posing for Teen People:

Is that a Louis Vuitton trunk I see? Yeah, Team Kristin all the way!!! [Source, Source]

Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz look they are spending time in coldest reaches of Antarctica:

No frostbite for these two! [Source]

Doesn't Toni Braxton look thrilled to be riding atop her float in the 117th Annual Rose Parade last Monday?

Poor thing. That fur-lined coat is gonna smell like wet dog. [Source]

Here are more pictures of Mariah Carey as she celebrates the end of 2005 ... probably her most successful year ever:

Man, doesn't she look lit?! I bet she got her ass wasted ... [Source]

... but I doubt she got as wasted as Kiefer Sutherland did:

LOL! Way to go, Kiefer. Can I just say that I am *very* excited for the 4-hour season premiere of the new season of 24! The season premiere starts on Sunday January 15 and continues on Monday January 16. If you have missed out on the first 4 seasons of 24 you can catch up and watch the show from the beginning by watching 24 Weekends. [Source]

Madonna is on the cover of the Singapore version of Harper's Bazaar magazine ... they used pictures from her Vogue photoshoot but the cover is a formerly unseen outtake:

See, recycling is good for the environment. [thanks Faz]

Hilary Duff and Joel Madden are featured together on the cover of the new issue of Teen People magazine:

Jilary look so happy together. I love that they are the cover peeps for the Love Issue. [thanks Jen]

And finally, Pink reader Joe saw the picture of Rita Rudner wearing the Austin Scarlett dress yesterday and sends in this picture of his best friend in drag wearing Jay McCarroll's pink showstopper dress:

It's so cool seeing where these dresses ended up after the end of the first season of Project Runway. Does anyone know where Kara Saun's designs ended up? Does anyone own a Wendy Pepper original? [thanks Joe]

The belated holiday celebration with Erik's fam was a lot of fun. We got to spend time with his parents and grandparents. Mama Pilar actually went outside to grill burgers for dinner! We even got to spend some time with Brandon and Ashley ... who we haven't seen in eons. Brandon is finally coming out to the East Side this weekend ... he and Erik and planning on doing some work around the house -- which means I'll have to make myself scarce.

Tonight the gang is getting together to celebrate Jessica's birthday at Como's in Ferndale:

Happy Birthday, Jessy!

Thus far the new year has been relatively quiet ... the snow is mostly gone and everything is soggy and wet. It's a bit depressing actually. That is all ... I'm out.