Saturday, January 07, 2006

Vegas, Baby!

I dunno if this week is any indicator of the coming year (I sincerely hope not) but news in the goss world has been pretty ... Nonexistent. Maybe 2005 was such a super-goss filled year that there ain't nothin' left for this year? Granted, it has only been a week but when the biggest news revolves around an asthma attack coupled with a suspicious-looking pregnancy test and an electronics gadget fest well ... you see my point. Maybe some scandal will erupt in the middle of the Consumer Electronics Show this weekend! Where's Fergie peeing her pants when you really need her? Ah well, let's do the best with what we've got ...

Here are pictures of Lindsay Lohan trying to sneak out of the hospital after being released from her life-threatening asthma attack earlier this week:

Thank goodness she didn't die ... she can now relax in her own home away from the public eye. Tho, it is very convenient that this emergency happened right around the time that Lindsay's shocking confessions appeared in Vanity Fair magazine. I bet she'll be out of commission until the hoopla surrounding her VF interview dies down. [Source]

Moving on ... I don't know about you but I am extremely disturbed by these pictures of the Burger King:

This is surely the beginning of the end ... pretty soon the world will be overrun with Burger Kings ... and then what're we gonna do? Scary! [Source]

Safe, warm place ... let's go to a safe, warm place ... like Las Vegas ... where everyone who is anyone is turning up these days. Spederline made a bee line for Vegas yesterday because that is where the happenin' party is. Here are a couple pictures of Ellen DeGeneres and Tom Cruise ... doing stuff on stage:

It's funny ... as nuts as Ellen looks in this picture you know that she's not the crazy one between the 2. [Source]

The crazy one would be Mr. Tom Cruise shown here with his arm around his doting fiancee Katie Holmes at the Yahoo! booth at CES:

Pink reader Chad happened upon TomKat and snapped this picture to share with us. [thanks Chad]

My good friend Ethan is also in Vegas and ran into Joel and Benji Madden hanging out at the DUB booth:

They send their love to all the PITNB readers. [thanks Ethan]

Las Vegas boys The Killers are in town playing a few shows for the gadget aficionados who are in their fair city:

I have to say, Brandon Flowers is lookin' pretty damn good in these pictures. The scruffiness is very hot. Click HERE to see all the pictures from this set. If the Pussycat Dolls are more your thing, click HERE to check out pics from the same Flickr set. [Source]

It appears that the Yahoo! booth is THE place to be this weekend ... even Nicole Richie was spotted hanging out there ... check out this picture of Nicole wearing a very smart blue jacket courtesy of Pink reader Suzy:

It's too bad that Lindsay is in New York recuperating ... she's missing all the fun in Vegas! [thanks Suzy]

When Nicole Richie isn't busy hanging out at electronic convention shows she can be seen in ad campaigns for insanely expensive but extremely chic shoes like Jimmy Choo:

The pics are pretty sweet. It's nice to see Nicole making a little of her own money on the side. [Source]

And finally, here are a few pictures of Joaquin Phoenix as he directs his first music video for the band People In Planes:

It's obvious he has his own vision for music video making. He is pretty fly for a white guy. [thanks Keith]

The News:
It's been a pretty quiet week around here. My motivation has gone right out the window ... I'm blaming the shitty weather around here. It is very depressing. There ain't much goin' on so I've been doing a lot of reading. After I finished the latest Neil Gaiman novel I began reading Tori Amos' book Piece By Piece. It is a stunning read ... there is so much new information in the book that I cannot believe I waited this long to finally get around to reading it. If you've held off on reading this book (SARAH) you should get back into it.

As I mentioned before, there are rumblings that we may go dancing tonight ... so we'll see what actually happens.

I'm out.