Thursday, January 12, 2006


We interrupt this afternoon to report that Abercrombie & Fitch have released their spring ad campaign:

We now return you to your regularly scheduled afternoon. [Source]

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

Aww ... isn't there something precious about mother and child as they take a stroll down the boulevard on a lazy afternoon ... yes, even when the mother in question is Britney Spears:

The one odd thing about this picture is how big Sean Preston looks. Check out his hair ... doesn't he seem a bit too big ... like he's a decoy Sean Preston or something like that? I wouldn't be surprised if Britney did buy herself a fake baby to tote around as her child while her real baby stays home with the nanny ... locked in a dark room ... with an iron mask over his face ... oh wait, that would be crazy. [Source]


Lordy, lordy ... it's been a helluva long time since we've gotten a new episode of Lost. But, the show returned last night with the long-awaited backstory of this season's most mysterious character Mr. Ecko. In last night's episode we learned many things about Mr. Ecko but overall, the episode wasn't the stunner that I thought it would be ... not even when the "monster smoke" came up face to face with Ecko:

The minor story about Charlie and his on-going relationship with the heroin on the island was only mildly interesting because his actions are sure to become relevant later on in the series. I felt the same way about Michael chatting on the computer with Walt (presumably -- it's prolly one of the Others trying to lure the survivors out of hiding). Nothing new or vastly shocking was introduced but something concerning this chatting business is bound to show up soon. So let's talk about Ecko for a moment ... he is so full of relgiousness that it's clear that, at the core, he is a good man. But we have seen that he has committed some very heinous acts. Does it matter that all the bad things he did were for a good reason? Do bad things done for a good cause wipe the slate clean? He was very quick to sacrifice himself for his brother ... he took on the "badness" so that his brother (who would grow up to be a priest) would be spared. In the end, Ecko was saved and the good brother was killed -- OR, was the good brother really the spared one because he died before he reached the island (presumably from the gun shot to the head) and Ecko is paying for his sins on the island? Yeah, sounds like a parable from the Bible, don't it? So ... what is it inside Mr. Ecko that allowed him to stand face to face with the black smoke and not be destroyed? [Source]

Speaking of the black smoke ... let's take a closer look at the smoke itself ... here are some close-up pictures of different frames of the smoke:

Obviously we were supposed to see something in the smoke ... why else would they have focused on it for so long and from so many different angles? Hello, everything means something ... I tried to find something distinctive but in the end it felt like a Rorschach inkblot test to me. The more I looked for something, the easier it was to find what I was looking for. Perhaps that was the point ... who knows? In the end, I enjoyed the episode but it wasn't all that I was hoping for ... that is still yet to come. [Source]

UPDATE: Pink reader BK provides THIS link that highlights the things (images from Ecko's life) that appear in the smoke ... I saw none of these things when the episode aired, nor did I see any of these things in the screencaps from Hmm ....


Okay ... so after I was finished with Lost I immediately watched Project Runway ... last night was a double-elimination episode so my interest was piqued immediately. I have to say, I liked the winning design (it seems to me that Daniel V. is gonna be a quiet force to be reckoned with ... it's not merely all about Santino and Nick) but I think my favorite design was Emmett and Chloe's reversible jacket idea (altho, this picture does not do the design justice):

I feel so bad for Diana ... she is obviously very talented and has great design ideas but I feel that she was just way too young to make a serious go at winning the whole thing. Marla, bless her -- she seems like a very nice woman, was just a complete lump of dead weight that, once tied to Diana's neck, just dragged the team down to the depths of nothingness. Diana really liked her, that's why she chose to team up with her ... and that was ultimately her undoing. But, she's only 22 years old ... she will have plenty of time to prove herself. Maybe she can pull a Daniel F. and come back next season. [Source]

Okay ... the goss ... check out this recent picture of Angelina Jolie on the set of her new movie The Good Shepherd:

Now we know why she was always covering up her midsection ... [Source]

... she was hiding this massively pregnant stomach underneath:

I'm amazed she was able to hide her tummy for so long. The woman is bone thin and was still able to mask the fact that she was pregs. She looks huge ... I wouldn't be surprised if she ended up dropping that kid well before summer. [Source]

Um ... can we talk about how hot Mariah Carey looks in this green bikini?

Talk about using your assets to their best advantage ... Mimi looks voluptuous and hot ... haters need to give her a break. She looks amazing! [Source]

Um ... what the eff? Why is Nicole Richie still hanging out with Steve-O?

Okay, I was fine with the 2 of them just hanging out talking about how they can torture Paris Hilton ... but that's it. I'm a little concerned that the 2 of them were seen at a nightclub together. Nicole ... don't do it ... please! [Source]

Pink reader Julie came upon this promo picture of Star Jones that appears to have a teeny little flaw about it:

Whoops! Star's Photoshopper failed to give her 2 inflated breasts. Hee hee ... as a result the photo gallery on Star Jones' website (where this picture came from) has been disabled. LOL! [thanks Julie]

Oh look ... even ex-supermodels like Cindy Crawford aren't too big in the britches to pump their own gas ...

... nor are they above picking their noses in public. So hot. [Source]

I know that Gwen Stefani is super happy to be pregs with her first baby but is it really necessary to wear such a superhuge tent-like jacket to draw attention to her?

Maybe she's having quintuplets. [Source]

Check out the massive ring that Nicole Kidman is wearing in these pictures from her appearance at the Simon Wiesenthal Center gala-thing this week:

Is she seriously still keeping her engagement hush hush? [Source]

Oh look ... a blonder Victoria Beckham has been spotted in West Hollywood this week:

Isn't that amazing? You know ... the fact that she was spotted at all ... cuz ... she's so thin ... get it? Ha ha. [Source]

Here are a couple promo pictures of Lindsay Lohan from her upcoming movie Just My Luck:

Yeah, she look so hot with red hair. The black hair is okay but she needs to be red as much as possible. [Source]

And finally ... here is an early poster for the upcoming live-action He-Man and the Masters of the Universe movie:

I dunno ... does this poster remind you of another movie poster? Perhaps like the poster from Titanic? [Source via Defamer]

Les News:
OMG ... Martini Night was so freakin' fun last night ... I could go into detail about how all we did was drink and eat and drink and laugh and drink and take pictures and drink and drink and drink ... but I'll just show you some of the fun we had:

Yeah, half the people in these pictures (well, okay ... just Sarah and Meg) need to be in AA. It was so fun ... I believe we decided, in our drunken haze, that the next outing will be dancing or something ...

Last thing, here are a few pictures of me and baby Zakiya from last week:

She is just too adorable to not share.

I'm out.