Monday, January 16, 2006

Hindu Somethin'

I am quite relieved to see that things are back to normal and everything is running smoothly in the goss world. The Golden Globes air tonight, 24 has returned with a new season and Britney Spears is back to her regular routine of going out in public without even thinking about touching a hair brush. All's right with the world, indeed. Let's get to it ...

Check out these pictures of Ms. Britney Spears as she does some shopping and runs some errands over the weekend:

Unkept hair, check! Bad skin, check! Poor fashion choice, check! Yes ... things are back to normal. [Source]

But it's not as if Brit Brit merely spent the weekend on frivolity ... oh no ... she also decided to get her spirituality on. Check out these pictures of Britney Spears (sans Kevin Federline) taking Sean Preston to a Hindu temple for some kind of blessing:

It looks like Britney has abandoned Kabbalah for the more ceremonial Hindu religion. Well duh, Kabbalah is SO 2005 ... and we know what a trend-setter Britney Spears is, right? But seriously, I think it's great that Britters decided to take Sean P. for a Hindu blessing. It's definitely one of the more mature decisions she has made for her son. I wonder why K-Fed was left at home ... he strikes me as such a religious man. [Source, Source]


Alllllright ... can we talk about the explosive first part of the 4-hour season premiere of 24 that aired last night?

Things really got started off with a bang, didn't they? I watched the season 5 prequel that was bundled in with the season 4 DVD box set (that I received for Xmas) which was basically a 10 minute Toyota commercial. If you haven't seen it then you're not missing much. It basically showed Chloe alerting Jack that someone has been accessing his files at CTU which led her to believe that someone knows that he is alive ... then a crazy car chase where a Toyota outmaneuvers a Mercedes and Jack gets away. [Source]

Last night's episode really got shizz going ... President Palmer gets assassinated about 2 minutes into the episode and then all hell breaks loose ... Michelle gets blown the eff up and Tony gets severely injured ... Chloe gets sexed up by a hot guy (who acts very suspiciously, which obviously means that we're supposed to suspect that he's a spy -- anyone with shifty eyes and nervous actions must be a spy OR he's not really a spy -- anyone with shifty eyes and nervous actions that are plainly obvious is just meant to throw the viewer off; to keep us guessing). The bottom line is that lots of stuff is happening all at the same time ... so OF COURSE Jack Bauer (who has been living as "Frank Flynn" for the last 18 months) has to come out of hiding to fix the world.

A few things to note ... I absolutely love the new (pill-poppin', boozy) First Lady (played by Jean Smart) -- she's nuts ... I loathe President Logan about as much as I love(d) President Palmer ... I have to admit that I feel the framing of Jack Bauer for the assassination of President Palmer felt a bit weak -- it's like the writers spent more time worrying about the fallout from the assassinations than they did on the frame job (the only evidence is a surveillance tape? Lame). Oh man ... I am so excited for tonight's episode ... new episodes of 24 should air everyday ... that would be ideal.

Okay ... let's move on ... check out these supercute pictures of Heath Ledger as he whisks baby Matilda Rose thru an Australian airport:

She's so precious ... and I love her pink baby blanket. [Source]

Hey look ... it's Katie Holmes walking around with a smaller pregnant stomach ... imagine that:

I wonder how she gets that tummy to grow and shrink every other day? [Source]

Check out these amazing pictures of √úberSocialite Paris Hilton engaged in so many different tasks all at once:

I never knew that Paris had any talent at all ... see, you learn something new every day. I'm quite shocked that she can suck on a lollipop AND talk on the phone all at the same time. Amazing! I'm also quite shocked that she's wearing the same outfit (which looks like it came from Mrs. Roper's closet) for each task. She really should have a grocery shopping wardrobe -- but that's just my humble opinion. [Source]

Yeah ... Paris must really love this ugly green dress ...

... but it is a bit nicer than the sackcloth thing that Nicky Hilton is wearing. [Source]

Korn held a press conference at the Hollywood Forever cemetery to announce a slew of tour dates ... and Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody decided to join the party:

Who knew that Rachel and Adam were actually Khildren of the Korn? [Source]

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Oh sorry ... er ... here are a couple more pictures of Brooke Burke hanging out with the Burger King:

Yeah, he's just too freaky. [Source]

Oh look ... Victoria Beckham invited Geri Halliwell to join her in LA ... but, um, what's up with Ginger's boobies? Should they really be saggin' that much?

Okay, before I get comments and emails, I realize that those aren't Ginger's boobs ... but they sure look like 'em, don't they? Oh and can someone explain to me WHY IN HELL Posh would deliberately choose to wear those damn fugly chaps AGAIN?!? [Source]

Oh look ... Nick Lachey is already moving on with his life:

No, he's not already dating a new woman ... he's merely filming a scene for the new WB show Twins with Molly Stanton. That's it Nick ... throw yourself into your work ... while you can still get it. [Source]

Check out these AMAZING pictures of Joaquin Phoenix doing some classic Johnny Cash poses:

My favorite picture is the last one ... he really looks like Johnny Cash in that pic. [Source]

Hey ... did you know that Lucy Liu is the new face of Vila Clothing? Well, it's true!

Vila is a Danish clothing company that has selected Lucy to star in their new ad campaign. It's funny ... many American celebs will only do commercials in foreign countries so that people at home won't find out about it ... but thanks to the Interweb nothing goes unnoticed. Ha! [Source, thanks Nanna]

And finally, if you are looking for a way to serve your community for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day then look no further ... you can find that information HERE. Props to Google for their cute homage to Dr. King:

Remember the Dream. [Source]

So ... the weekend came and went so fast ... but last night was very fun. Because Erik didn't have to go to work today we made last night a late night. We saw We Are Scientists at the Magic Stick -- they were awesome! I forgot to bring my digital camera so I had to make do with my Sidekick camera:

The Scientists were great ... they sounded amazing live. I especially loved their cover of Be My Baby by The Ronettes. If WAS come to your town you have to check 'em out ... they put on a great show.

I have to give a shout-out to Drew, Katie, Hala and the other Pink readers who I ran into at the show. D-Town love is the best!

Today Erik and I are trekking out to spend the day in Ann Arbor ... so I have to jet. Lates.