Tuesday, January 17, 2006

All Hail Queen Beth


Oh my god ... I just watched last night's episode of MTV's Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Gauntlet II ... it's episodes like this that remind me why I love these challenges so much ... so yeah ... Beth killed Ruthie in the gauntlet and sent her ass home. So, now Beth is the female leader for the Veteran's team:

Gaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh! If you like these MTV challenges ... you gots ta watch this episode! Long live Beth ... may you bring the drama until the end of time. Holla!

*Sorry y'all

The Golden Globes <3 The Gays

Well ... the Golden Globes have come and gone already ... doesn't it seem like they happened really fast this year? Hmm ... maybe it's just me ... anyways ... let's get to it ...

The pre-Globes parties were in full swing this weekend. Here are a few pictures of the various celebs who showed up at the hotel Chateau Marmont to booze it up before the awards were handed out:

I love that some of the nominees, like Philip Seymour Hoffman and Jeff Daniels, found the time to relax before the big day ... and I also love that the celebs who were not nominated, Piper Perabo and Courtney Love for example, just showed up for the free booze. You gotta love Hollywood. [Source]

But last night, finally, the big night was upon us ... let's check out who and what decided to make an appearance on the red carpet:

Y'all know I love Mariah Carey ... but I felt that her dress was quite unfortunate. It wasn't the least bit flattering ... at all. At least it wasn't as bad as Pamela Anderson's ridiculous dress. I think her I have the biggest boobs on earth so I really need to cover them up because this is a swanky event and I don't want to look tacky-dress is the ugliest thing I've ever seen ... ever ... in my life ... EVER. I am still not a fan of the new, blonde Alanis Morrissette but she didn't look that bad last night. Oh, and I love how pissy Terri Hatcher looked on the red carpet ... she sooo knew it wasn't gonna be her night ... the poor dear. [Source, Source]

BUT, it was a big night for the gays ... well, for the actors that play gay (a la Brokeback Mountain, Capote, Transamerica). Heath Ledger didn't win the actor award but Philip Seymour Hoffman did win for his portrayal of Truman Capote -- so I'm happy with that. Brokeback Mountain did win 4 awards in total -- Best Screenplay, Best Original Song, Best Director and Best Picture (Drama). Here are a few pictures of some of the other winners:

Even tho I wasn't totally blown away by Walk the Line, I'm happy that Reese Witherspoon and Joaquin Phoenix won for their roles in that movie. I am VERY happy that Geena Davis won the award for Best Actress (TV, Drama) for her role on Commander in Chief. She is superb in that show ... I love it. Jonathan Rhys-Meyers looks a bit frightening in this picture ... but congrats to him anyways. Big up to Felicity Huffman as well ... I can't *wait* to see her in Transamerica ... I wish it would hurry up and open in Detroit already. [Source, Source]
Click HERE for a complete list of all the winners from this year's Golden Globe Awards.

So after the awards were handed out ... then came the partying ... here is a sample of some afterparty pics:

Ryan Phillipe better hold on to Reese as much as he can ... I'm sure he doesn't want to end up like poor Chad Lowe. Kristin Cavallari looked amazing in her yellow dress and Ashley Olsen Mary Kate (I swear, I always get them mixed up) looked like a scary Blythe doll. Eh, so what else is new? [Source]

That's it for my GG coverage ... there are other bloggers out there with far more information if you are really interested in gorging yourself with more information: Better than Fudge offers the lyrics to the idiotic Golden Globes theme song; Egotastic has almost every single picture that was taken on the red carpet; Desperate Blog has got the Desperate Housewives peeps covered; The Malcontent live blogged the entire thing; Defamer lists its fave moments, hilarity ensues.


I have to admit ... I only watched the Golden Globe Awards on fast forward during the commercial breaks on 24. Oh hell no ... I wasn't gonna miss one minute of the "live" action on 24 just for the Globes ... and even tho 24 wasn't exactly that SHOCKING I'm fairly certain it was much more exciting than the awards show was. So yeah ... what do we think of the 2 hours that aired last night?

Okay ... I have to give props to the peeps at 24 for really kickin' it old school. It's been a long time since we've seen evil Russians on TV ... bravo for bringing them back. I think I could have done without the on-air executions ... the jerking heads after the dudes were shot was a bit violent but hey, it's 2006 ... should we really be surprised? I think the new First Lady is my fave new character ... the bit in the bathroom where she "asked" for that guy's key card was BRILLS! I kinda don't like bossy hobbits named Lynn working at CTU. Call me old fashioned ... damn, he may as well be named Mary. And in the end, we find out that the hostage thing was only a precursor to something more heinous to come. I love how *every* major event is just a cover for a more major event (the nerve gas). It's gonna be a long day ... I'm sure the nerve gas thing is just a cover for something bigger ... what a day, what a day. [Source]

Okay ... let's get to the regular goss ... not long after Gwyneth Paltrow officially announces her pregnancy the bump magically appears ...

... it's as if the mere officiality of the announcement made her tummy jut out. Ah, the miracle of procreation in Hollywood. [Source]

Check out these amazing pictures of Nicky Hilton (with sidekick Paris) trying to play poker:

Yeah, that's about how I would imagine playing poker with the Hiltons would go down. [Source]

Um, what's wrong with little Miss Lourdes? She looks as if she's having an issue:

I think she's just upset she won't be in the next Harry Potter movie. [Source]

Kirsten Dunst is in full Mary Jane Watson mode these days ... but what's going on with her tragic-looking hair chop?

Her hair looks terribly uneven ... and her ankles look terribly untan. What gives? [Source]

Here are couple pictures of Gwen Stefani hanging out with the 2 Rossdale men, father and son:

She's so cute. Those Rossdale men are lucky to have her in their family. [Source, Source]

Avril Lavigne showed up at a pre-Globes event this weekend to pick up some free swag:

Looks like she picked up some hair extensions somewhere along the way. [Source]

Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum in New York has decided to update their Brad Pitt wax statue:

They could've at least given him a haircut too ... and I don't think they gave him enough babies. [Source]

For no particular reason at all, here is a picture of Neil Patrick Harris holding a lucky troll:

Yup. [Source]

Here is the official artwork for Madonna's new single Sorry:

I think I prefer the other fan-made single cover that I thought was the official artwork. [Source]

And finally, check out these Magazine Covers from the Future:

Somehow ... I can totally see how this is really where the future is headed. [Source, thanks Shannon]

The News:
Erik and I planned on spending a fun afternoon bumming around Ann Arbor. We figured we'd grab an excellent lunch and then proceed to encounter some excellent shopping ... that's not really the way the day went down. We had an okay lunch and found that shopping basically sucked. Ah well ... Erik's quest for the perfect pair of pants will have to be continued.

While we were hanging out in A2 we came across this image painted on an alley wall:

I completely concur.

Tonight I will be hanging out at the BD's Mongolian BBQ in Sterling Heights, MI. I have been asked to be a judge in the Best Bowl Challenge:

Isn't that awesome? I love BD's Mongolian BBQ (altho, not as much as Sarah does) so I am very much looking forward to judging the competition tonight.

That is all ... I am out.