Monday, January 23, 2006

And Now It's Time For A Breakdown

Brit Brit and her older brother Bryan Spears decided to take K-Fed's pimped out wheels for a little spin ... yeah, that's not exactly how things turned out:

See, this is what happens when you purchase used vehicles ... they oftentimes turn out to be more trouble than they're worth. Now Kevin is gonna want a brand new Ferrari to replace this lemon. Can I just say it's a good thing those paparazzi were there to lend a helping hand. Poor Britney ... she always seems to be the one to have egg on her face. [Source]

The Sundance Film Festival churns on ... new celebs are showing up in Park City, UT every day:

Oh yeah, the big names are coming out in droves. I've got 2 words for ya: Lance Bass. Holla! [Source]

Paris Hilton is doing her part to make sure the Sundance parties and events have just the right amount of smutty goodness. Here is a picture of Miss Hilton defiling an innocent-looking marshmallow:

See, DSLs come in handy in all sorts of instances. [Source]

Before Paris bundled up her goodies and headed out to Park City, she spent an afternoon shopping for artwork in Hollywood:

Why am I not surprised that she loves pop art. This piece seems quite appropriate for her tastes. [Source]

One last Sundance-related pic, here is an adorable picture of Benji Madden with his little pal Crunch chillin' at the Cesar Spa for Celebs and Small Dogs :

What a cute picture. This pic is proof positive that Benji is just a big ol' softy. [Source]

Courtney Love spent some time recently getting herself all glammed up at a salon ... and here are the stunning results:

Um, I hope she didn't actually pay for any of this ... I cannot believe that they talked her into wearing that dress by Glad Ware. Damn, the least they could've done was to iron the thing. [Source]

Here is a cute picture of Reese Witherspoon and her little Deacon running errands in Hollywood:

They're just cute. Deacon looks like a mini Ryan Phillippe. [Source]

Here is a new picture of Katie Holmes proudly displaying her "pregnant" stomach:

Up, down, up, down ... and she's holding 2 cups of coffee. From what I understand, drinking too much caffeine is really bad for fake fetus'. [Source]

Ah, this is more like it ... here is a picture of Gwyneth Paltrow and her emerging baby bump:

She actually looks bigger than I thought she would. Gwyneth made such a cute pregnant chick last time ... it'll be cool to see her go thru that again. [Source]

EW! Check out these pictures of Pamela Anderson ... it's too bad she's wearing a sleeve-less shirt otherwise she could have wiped her nose on her sleeve rather than her hand:

It's also too bad she forgot to wear shoes. The next thing you know we're gonna see pics of Pammy pie going to public restrooms sans footwear. Blech! [Source]

Oh look who's on the cover of this month's issue of Italian Vanity Fair magazine:

Jake Gyllenhaal looks great on any magazine cover. As the accolades keep rollin' in I'm sure Brokeback Mountain is gonna have a great day next week when the Academy Award nominations are announced. [Source]

So, did anyone catch Lisa Loeb's new show on E! last night? #1 Single is a reality show that follows Lisa Loeb as she searches for a man:

Lisa is so cute and I really lurve her ... but I kinda hate that she's lookin' for a dude to have babies with on TV (hence her quote, I'm tired of "maybes", I want babies). I hope the show doesn't turn out really cheesy (I actually cringed the entire time that guy was singing karaoke to her using her own song), but I have to admit that it is really cool seeing her on TV. Erik is the biggest Lisa Loeb fan ... he don't care how the show turns out, he is just very excited to be able to see Lisa on TV every week. [Source]

Erik is also a huge fan of Mile High on BBC America ... season 2 debuted last night:

Okay, okay ... we both love this show way too much. It's so fast-paced and trashy ... we can't get enough. I was a bit sad to see that some characters from season 1 were replaced with new characters ... but as long as Leehann, Marco and Janice are still on board I'm cool with it. Seriously, if you haven't seen this show you have to check it out. [Source]

Over the weekend I was able to check out a preview screener for the TV movie A Little Thing Called Murder that will air on Lifetime tonight at 9PM. I really loved the campy way the movie was presented ... I was a bit disturbed to learn that the events in the movie really happened ... which made the fun factor go down a bit:

Overall, tho, I quite liked this little morsel of guilty pleasure. Judy Davis (who basically looks like Laura Flynn Boyle in about 10 years) did a great job as the psycho-bitchy, crazy-killer mom. She was a nice mix of Joan Crawford (Mommie Dearest) and Barbara Arden (Die, Mommie, Die!). If you are at all familiar with the story of Sante Kimes and her notorious crimes then you know she was totally off her rocker. This movie is a good portrayal of her over-the-top need to always have her way. It would be a completely fun movie to watch ... if it weren't for all that based on a true story reality. The video game, on the other hand, is totally fun. [Source]

Last thing, I have to give a shout out to my homegirl Jennifer Berry, Miss Oklahoma ... over the weekend she became the new Miss America:

With Oklahoma spawning our reigning American Idol Carrie Underwood and now our reigning Miss America we very may see other Okies coming out and taking the spotlight. That's kinda hot. [Source]

Les News:
Yesterday was such an awesome day ... spending most of the day with baby Zakiya was a lot of fun. Tracey was so happy to have us all in her home and I can't think of a better way to spend an afternoon. Erik and I are planning on doing dinners with Tracey and Zakiya every week or 2.

I am happy to report that the snow never made its way back to the Detroit area and it is sunny and bright outside right now. Shoot, with weather like this who needs California?

I guess that is all ... I am out.