Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Dude Looks Like A Lady

You know you've really made it when a SPAMish advertiser decides to use your likeness for their latest campaign. Some of you may be familiar with the Kiss Brad Pitt ad to win a free iPod. Well now you can Hit the Dancing Kevin Federline to get a free PS3:

LOLOLOLOLOL! I don't even want to free PS3, I just like hitting the dancing Kevin Federline. Keep your eyes peeled for this ad ... it's hella fun to play. [thanks Kay]


So, did y'all watch the 5th hour of 24 last night? I hate to say it but this season has really gotten off to a slow start. Last night's episode barely had any oomph to it. I don't think I audibly gasped out loud at all ... which is very rare:

I liked the tension between Jack's ladies ... I can't figure out if their future interaction is gonna become integral to the story. What if the new chick turns out to be a Russian spy or something ... like, her kid doesn't even know. Yeah, I'm prolly just looking for some excitement because so far there hasn't been that much mystery. I think I rolled my eyes right out of their sockets when we were led to believe that another spy had infiltrated CTU. It was way too obvious that Spenser was a spy ... I'm glad at least that it turned out that he isn't a spy and was just working for the spy who had infiltrated President Logan's administration -- which, of course, would be ludicrous if Pres Logan wasn't so inept. And HELLO, what is up with the WORST SECRET SERVICE AGENT EVER?! The lady who is guarding First Lady Logan is a moron ... I was sure the First Lady had tried to kill herself because it was unfathomable to me that she would be able to escape out the bathroom window ... of course, I was wrong. At least the duplicity of Chief of Staff Walt Cummings came out at the end of the episode ... which means there will be at least one more hour of "We gotta warn the President!" while the President does exactly what the spy wants him to do in order for him to be able to escape. I really hope they jazz up the show quickly ... I'm not used to being bored when I'm watching 24. I really miss Behrooz Araz. [Source]

Last night the Hollywood elite came out for the premiere of the new film Annapolis:

Well, actually ... the principle actors in the movie came out for the premiere of their own film -- I think the Hollywood elite had better things to do then to come out for the premiere of a movie that looks to be nothing more than An Officer and a Gentleman meets Top Gun meets The OC. [Source]

Here are a few pictures from the Motorola party that was held at the Sundance Film Festival last Saturday night:

The Late Night Lounge played host to Josh Hartnett, Jessica Biel, Scarlett Johansson and, of course, Paris Hilton. Boo, I wish I was there ... I know that the Motorola folks throw a kickass party! [Source]

Here is your first look at Nicolas Cage's baby boy Kal-El Coppola Cage:

Besides being insanely cute, doesn't this little baby face just scream My Name is Kal-El? [Source, Source, thanks Irene]

Here is another first look (albeit not a great look) of one of our new celebrity babies, Violet Affleck:

Ben Affleck must really be into taking care of his new baby girl because homey ain't payin' no attention to his fashion choices. Bennifer do make a pretty cute family now ... I can't wait until we get a clearer shot of little Violet. [Source, Source]

We done already got a good look at little Matilda Rose Ledger but, since we're on a baby roll, here are pictures of little Matty with her parents arriving at the airport:

Someone needs to open up an uberexclusive celebrity baby daycare center in Hollywood so that all these celeb babies can be culled together in one spot. Man, what a way to make loads of $$$. Hmmm ... [Source]

Paris Hilton must've gotten bored with the Sundance Film Festival because she's already back in LA getting back to her normal routine of doing nothing. Here's a shot of Miss Hilton riding the California Screamin' roller coaster at the California Adventure theme park:

Shoot, I can't hate on the girl ... it must be nice to be able to just do whatever the hell you want, whenever the hell you want, wherever the hell you want without having a single financial worry in the world. UGH ... okay, I was wrong I can hate on her ... that biatch! [Source]

Pink reader Laura sends in these pictures of Jared Leto preparing to film a scene in his new movie Chapter 27 in NYC:

The pics are really cool. I can't believe she was able to get so close to the set. Jared looks so freaky as Mark David Chapman, it'll be interesting when the movie finally comes out. [thanks Laura]

Jared's #1 chick (for the moment) Miss Lindsay Lohan recently posed for a few pictures at MTV:

Obvs, she is going for the rocker vibe. I love how she is able to so effortlessly utilize her signature hand gesture (the peace sign) while also adopting the classic "rocker" goat horns hand gesture all without any jarring facial expressions -- now that's talent. [Source]

Linds is also on the cover of this month's issue of the Canadian magazine Fashion:

I'm not sure why she wanted to look like Priscilla Presley but I suppose it's her prerogative. [Source, thanks Allison]

Here are a few more, newer pictures from the upcoming movie X-Men 3:

Famke Janssen looks great as Dark Phoenix ... I'm not sure if this is a picture of Vinnie Jones as Juggernaut or if it's supposed to be Blob or is really just Juggernaut who looks like Blob but shouldn't really. And Anna Paquin looks really bored with the whole X-Men thing, I wonder if she has to pee? [Source, Source]

Check out these hot pictures of Kristin Cavallari at the TCA Winter Press Tour party:

She looks so cute. Man, this girl is turning up everywhere ... she is really workin' it, ain't she? [Source]

Check it, KC is even featured in this month's issue of Celebrity Living magazine:

It could be argued that she ain't even a celebrity yet ... but you know what ... you go girl. Team Kristin is right behind you all the way! [Source]

And finally, check out these pictures of Sheryl Crow on the cover of Allure magazine:

You know what, I ain't got a thing against Sheryl Crow (except for the gross, sloppy way she makes out with Lance Armstrong in public, that shizz is just wrong) so it's nice to see her featured on a magazine every once in a while. Altho, I'm not sure why they made her look so scary in the photoshoot because she looks nice on the cover. [Source]

So last night I went out to see Transamerica because I didn't get a chance to see this weekend and I didn't want to miss seeing it in a movie theater:

Believe the hype, Felicity Huffman is amazing in this role. She is one of those actors that makes it all look so effortless. Her performance was flawless ... she became Bree. She was funny and smart and never broke character. I can't think of another female performance that I've seen this past year that was better IMHO.

Overall, the movie is your classic coming of age, bonding tale which naturally evolves from a road trip movie. But only in 2006 can you take the story of On the Road and give it a transgendered lead character. Much has been made about how groundbreaking Brokeback Mountain is as a film, but if you consider that this movie tells a transgendered story (which is way more taboo than just a gay story) you have to wonder how it's been able to fly under the radar. It is way less high-profile than Brokeback. I wouldn't be surprised in the least if Felicity Huffman gets nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress and then wins that award. Kevin Zegers did a great job as well ... it wasn't necessarily Oscar-caliber but he did a fine job. I suspect that this will really be the year that GLBT movies will take over the Oscars.

The only problem I had with the movie was the ending ... I hated how the movie end!!! It was too abrupt for me ... I dunno, maybe I needed more closure but I felt that things just ended too quickly. Nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie.

Okay ... I guess that's it ... Erik and I are having a date night tonight (I think). I have a bit of running around to do ... so I'm out.