Sunday, January 29, 2006

Who Let The Dog Out?

Happy Chinese New Year y'all! Today we enter the Year of the Dog. People born in this year are loyal, honest, and trustworthy, but can also be stubborn and selfish ... and they get along well with Tigers, like me:

Here's hoping that all y'all have a very prosperous and lucky year ahead. [Source]

Here are a few pictures from the Hollywood premiere of the Curious George movie from yesterday afternoon:

Drew Barrymore looked pretty ... I'm glad to see that she wasn't droopy or anything like that. I'm still upset that Curious George had his tail chopped off for this movie ... I don't know that I can support a film that features a mutilated childhood literary icon. [Source, Source]

Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger were on hand to help Brokeback Mountain director Ang Lee celebrate being chosen as the filmmaker of the year ... according to his peers in the Director's Guild of America:

Dang ... Jakey poo is pretty shameless ain't he? Anyways, congratulations to Ang Lee for this most recent award. He has already won more than 10 awards for his work on Brokeback Mountain which puts him (and his movie) in a great position for this Tuesday's Academy Award nominations. Woot! [Source]

Pink readers Roby and Helle send in this scan of the Italian magazine Io Donna that features Jake on the cover:

The picture looks like it came from the Entertainment Weekly photoshoot for The Day After Tomorrow. But I'm not one to complain over seeing a wet Jake Gyllenhaal. Hot! [thanks Roby & Hele]

Hmmm ... here are some interesting pictures of Hayden Christensen spending some alone time with Sienna Miller ... check 'em out:

It looks like Hayden picked up some munchies before hooking up with Sienna. I wonder what happened betwixt the two of them where Sienna felt the need to wear Hayden's sweater? It seems to me that they were pulling a Jessica Simpson/Adam Levine-type swticharoo. Verrrrry interesting indeed. [Source]

It's always a wonderful occurrence to watch Nicole Richie grab a bite to eat:

After all, it is such a rare occurrence ;) [Source]

Incidentally, I finished reading Nicole Richie's debut novel The Truth About Diamonds last night and I have to admit ... I really enjoyed it. The book isn't necessarily a stunning literary masterpiece but it is very entertaining, especially for gossip lovers. Nicole tells a cute story about a "friend" of hers named Chloe. To tell the truth, I believe that Chloe is a fictionalized version of Nicole Richie herself. Sure Nicole is the narrator of the book and speaks of Chloe as her friend but there are a lot of similarities between the two of them. I think it is her way of getting some things off her chest while keeping some distance as well. There are some very funny bits in this book ... it's a great, fun and quick read. I really think that people who are interested in Hollywood gossip will enjoy this book.

Okay ... let's move on ... have you ever wondered what the oldest Abercrombie and Fitch dude IN THE WORLD looks like? Well wonder no more ... here he is:

Mike Jeffries, the 61-year-old CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch, says "dude" a lot. He'll say, "What a cool idea, dude," or, when the jeans on a store's mannequin are too thin in the calves, "Let's make this dude look more like a dude," or, when I ask him why he dyes his hair blond, "Dude, I'm not an old fart who wears his jeans up at his shoulders." Dudes, I read THIS article from earlier this week and totally forgot to mention it. It's, like, a really important article and stuff. It's pretty damn weird too. [Source]

Ian Somerhalder is this month's cover boy for Men's Fitness magazine, here are a few pics:

Yessir, Ian is one fit man if I do say so myself. [Source]

Pink is back with a new single and a new album ... check out the album cover artwork and a few promo pictures:

Looks like she's back to having pink hair again. It also looks like she's picked up Avril Lavigne's discarded neckties. Boo! [Source, Source]

And finally, here is this week's Hot Dude of the Week ... his name is Jackson and he doesn't have a head:

But really, with abs like that who needs a head? You know, it's pictures like this that really inspire me to get my ass back to the gym ... to er, see what other guys who work out look like ... cuz I'm just way to lazy to work out myself. [Source]

The News:
Erik and I went shopping yesterday but the day just ended in a bust ... I have to pick up an outfit for my trip to LA next week and I just have nothing in mind. I'm gonna try to look around this afternoon again ...

... but I'll be meeting up with the Ill Meg to catch a sneak preview showing of the movie Something New beforehand.

I hope y'all are having a great weekend ... it's really very blah here in Detroit. It has been raining all morning long ... which is infinitely better than snow but is depressing nonetheless. Booo.

I'm out. Lates.