Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Yeee Hawww!

Okay ... with all the hoopla surrounding the Academy Award nominations being announced this morning I feel that I should just get to the good stuff straightaway ... but I would be remiss if I didn't post this one teensy picture of Miss Britney Spears ... inspired by Pink reader Katie. People are saying that Spederline looked like a couple going to prom at the SAG afterparty they attended ... Katie and I think she reminded us of someone else:

It's pretty damn close. Boo ... even when Britney tries to look nice she still can't *quite* pull it off. Boo! [Source, thanks Katie]

Now ... let's get to it ...

Well, I'll be darned ... it looks like our little Brokeback Mountain wrangled itself 8 Academy Award nominations this mornin':

Brokeback picked up the most noms including Best Director for Ang Lee, Best Actor for Heath Ledger, Best Supporting Actor for Jake Gyllenhaal (!!!), Best Supporting Actress for Michelle Williams and the big enchilada Best Picture (!!!). Writers Larry McMurty and Diana Ossana also received a nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay. [Source]

I think it's safe to assume who I'll be pullin' for on Oscar night:

But, I plan on seeing all the movies nominated for Best Picture beforehand. I really loved Capote and wouldn't really mind if it won. I've heard great things about Good Night, And Good Luck and mixed things about Crash. I haven't read much about Munich ... but I don't think Thighs cared for it it turns out that Thighs really liked it (thanks Aaron) ... so I'm deff planning to check it out. [Source]

Here are a few of my fave Oscar noms for this year: All the Brokeback Mountain noms (obvs), Felicity Huffman - Best Actress for Transamerica, Catherine Keener - Best Supporting Actress for Capote, Wallace & Gromit In The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit - Best Animated Film and Batman Begins - Best Cinematography.

Click HERE for the full list of Academy Award nominations.


Alllllllright ... now that's what I'm talkin' about ... I think that 24 has finally kicked it into high gear ... and away we go. It's so sad how believable last night's episode was. President "Sucks Ass" Logan is the PERFECT idiot to fall into a trap like the one concocted by the Russian terrorists (there is no way in hell that President Palmer would've let this crap go down on his watch). I felt it was a brilliant twist to have Walt Cummings (the President's most trusted advisor) not only confess to his hand in the terrorist plot but to ensnare the President as well -- only on 24 could a brilliant coup d'etat in the United States of America become a reality:

Does it occur to anyone else that President Logan is a comment on our very own GWB? I can't help but imagine GWB in Logan's same bumbling position every time he does something stupid. But ANYWAYS ... I just knew that Secret Service dude Aaron would be the one to help Jack save the day (er, hour). Aaron rules all! And can I just say THANK GOD FOR JACK BAUER. Where would our country be without him? Personally, I think Jack should've taken out Walt's eye anyway. But, since the nerve gas got misplaced I think Jack is gonna get to have another go at Mr. Walt Cummings ... and I think he's going to pay dearly for his traitorous actions. Wee! I can't wait! [Source]


This isn't really that much of a Gauntlet 2 update ... but I was just really ecstatic to see that the Veterans team is completely pissed off that Beth won another Gauntlet and ended up sending Montana's ass home:

I say good for Beth! Her teammates are so fake ... and they deserve whatever torture Beth puts on them (I loved her little cackle after she won her gauntlet and after her teammates bitched at her for winning). All Hail Queen Beth ... I hope you stick with it 'til the end! [Source]

Pink was a guest on MTV's TRL yesterday afternoon and I managed to catch a portion of the show, here are a couple of pictures:

I guess the video for Stupid Girls is cute and all ... but she was very tight-lipped about who exactly she was obviously making fun of in the video. C'mon Pink, if you're gonna make a career out of mocking other female singers (remember her MTV performance of Some Girls?) then you should just own up and just say who you're making fun of. The coy "it could be anyone" b.s. she was slingin' on TRL was kinda lame. [Source]

Here are a few pictures of Jennifer Garner playing host at the 8th Annual Gospel Brunch ...

... which I assume is a great place for her to just stand around gap-jawed. It's rare that you ever see Jennifer Garner with her mouth closed. [Source]

Check out these pictures of Sarah Jessica Parker as she gets her hair done at a beauty salon in NYC:

Hahahahaha ... I love when celebs get caught looking not so cute. Check it, she's reading a copy of In Touch magazine. I also love it when celebs get caught reading tabloids. You know they loooooove the goss. [Source]

Speaking of In Touch magazine, they are reporting that Nick Lachey is hooking up with Lizzie Arnold, the former Miss Kentucky:

[Nick] has been spotted in LA with Lizzie Arnold, 28, who took the state crown in 2001. "She is the mystery brunette who has been seen with Nick around town," reveals an insider. "They've been together for about a month." The pair were together at Wilmer Valderrama's 26th birthday party at Level 3 nightclub in Hollywood on January 29. "Nick had his arm around her all night," says a fellow partygoer. Hmm ... I guess it's good that he's moving on with his life ... but I think she's a downgrade from the likes of Jessica Simpson. [Source, thanks Chloe]

In other Simpson news, here are pictures of Ashlee Simpson as she arrives in London at Heathrow airport ... I'm not really diggin' the cap:

Yeah ... I'm really loving her new haircut ... she shouldn't be hiding it under ridiculous little hats. [Source]

Awww ... don't you just love it when carnies fall in love on the job?

Why in the world would Paris Hilton and Stavros Niarchos ever want to go to a carnival? It must be for the Elephant Ears. [Source]

It's baaaaaack ... Katie Holmes baby bump has returned ... to massive size:

She even busted out the protruding belly button module. She must be serious about this baby hoax. [Source]

He's baaaaaaack ... the Burger King is still puttin' the moves on Brooke Burke:

It's funny ... the BK used to be really scary ... but these pictures have really been humanizing him for me. I hope Brooke says yes and does become his Burger Queen. [Source]

Uh oh ... does Bobby Brown know about this? It seems that his baby girl Bobbi Kristina has herself a My Space profile:

Isn't she like 14 years old? I think Bobby and Whitney should be concerned ... her My Space name heading is $SeXi kRiSsY$ and her My Space URL is myspace.com/NIMPHO_BABBY ... which is prolly the 14 year old misspelling of Nympho Baby. That's just not right, y'all! UPDATE: Bobbi Kris' profile has been set to private. Boo! [Source]

Kate Moss is featured as a "goddess" in the new issue of W magazine:

I'm not feelin' the Xena vibe ... and the pony tail as GOT TO GO. Are we sure the photographer wasn't high when he/she came up with this concept? [Source]

And last, but certainly not least ... it is with great sadness that I report that Coretta Scott King has passed away:

The widow of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. devoted her life to his legacy and to the fight for civil rights. Her last public appearance was in Atlanta, GA on January 14th at a MLK Day celebration ... which is quite fitting. She was 78 years old and will be sorely missed.

So last night I got to hang out with Sarah for a little while. We met up for dinner and had a nice talk. She told me all about this amazing dress she found over the weekend and I told her of my outfit-finding woes and we decided to go shopping together on Wednesday night.

I have to send out much birthday love to my good friend Sam. A bunch of us are getting together to celebrate her birthday tonight!

That is all ... I'm out.

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