Thursday, February 02, 2006

6 More Weeks

HMMMMMM ... there are rumors going around that Britney Spears is already pregnant again ... but I'm not sure that I really believe it ... not yet at least:

THIS article quotes In Touch magazine who quotes a "friend" of Britney's who claims that "Britney is definitely pregnant again." And how does this "friend" know that she is, in fact, pregnant? Well, duh ... "She is acting the same way she did when she was expecting her first child." Uh ... yeah, I think I need a little more proof than that. THIS article claims that Britney Spears, while shopping at a furniture store in Malibu, CA, grabbed her stomach and told the other gawking shoppers in her vicinity, "That's right, number two!" C'mon ... I think she was just playing around ... God, I hope she was just playing around. [Source]

Anyways ... it's February 2nd and here in the US that means Happy Groundhog's Day to one and all! Unfortch, Punxsutawney Phil (the groundhog) came out of his hole in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania and did see his shadow ...

... which means that we are in for 6 more weeks of winter. Booo! [Source]


So, did y'all watch last night's kickass episode of Project Runway? I hope you did cuz it was a good one. This was the make a dress out of plants and flowers challenge and it turned out to be one of the coolest challenges so far. Sadly, my favorite model, Tara, was eliminated at the start of the show. I knew that Daniel V. was going to be loyal to his model and that meant that Tara had to be out. But you know what ... I <3 Daniel V. so I'm not mad at him ... I'm very glad that he won his 4th challenge ... and by winning this challenge he also won immunity for the next challenge as well!

Poor Andrae ... his plant dress (made out of moss and dead or dried other crap) was really the worst one of the bunch. It wasn't so bad ... it was just the worst. I really thought that Kara was going to sneak in and win this one ... I really liked her dress. She could have very easily won ... I just think that Daniel's dress was prettier. I'm telling you ... Daniel V. is gonna win it all :) Santino better be sweatin'. What a great episode ... I am loving this show with each passing week! [Source]

So ... it seems that Katie Holmes has been reading Pink is the new Blog or something ... check it out ... these pictures of Katie going out for coffee (tsk, tsk) were taken on Jan. 30th and Feb. 1st and she appears to be wearing the exact same clothes ... including a weird leotard-like thing:

She's really keen on exposing her belly so that the nay-sayers will be silenced. Oh no honey, I ain't buyin' it. IT'S A HOAX, AN ELABORATE HOAX! It's interesting that Katie is "telling friends" that she's afraid she'll deliver her baby early ... Hmm, it's a brilliant move. If she delivers early and "loses" the baby than anyone who says anything about it will just be "mean" and TomKat will get tons of sympathy. This WHOLE thing just all seems so shady to me. Time will tell ... [Source, Source]

Diddy has joined the ranks of Britney Spears, Shania Twain, J. Lo and Sarah Jessica Parker and has released his own fragrance ... called Unforgivable. Uh yeah ... anyways, he held a party in NYC for the fragrance launch:

Anyone want to guess that it smells unforgivable? Yo Diddy, what happened to your finger? It's always nice to see Robin Givens come out of hiding to show up at an event ... she looks great. Pamela Anderson is just busting out all over the place ... [Source]

... which seems to be her modus operandi:

Pammy's lady lumps are just insane. [Source]

There ain't no denying ... Serena Williams is a large woman:

I ain't mad atcha, Serena! It's all love babe. Please don't beat me up. [Source]

Here are a couple pictures of Joaquin Phoenix's overturned truck ... the one that he walked away from unharmed:

Take note, y'all ... wear your seatbelts! [Source]

So there were many (many, many, many) comments yesterday regarding Carmen Electra's leg from yesterday's post ... I now realize that she merely had goose bumps on her long, luscious legs ... which look amazing in this picture of her leaving the Marquee nightclub ... her make-up, on the other hand, is quite a fright:

I didn't realize that Carmen has so many fans. Apparently, that other girl ... you know, what's her name ... in the Candie's ad (with Hilary, Michelle and Ciara) has a lot of fans too. [Source]

Man ... do you remember when Val Kilmer used to be hot? Oh, well me neither ... but he is really lookin' bad these days:

I *love* that last picture. He looks a bit like Janet Reno. [Source]

Ashlee Simpson recently appeared on CD USA lookin' really good with her sassy new haircut:

I greatly approve of this new look. [Source]

Check this out ... Pierce Brosnan presented his son with a crazed looking bird that tried to pluck out the poor kids eyes with his razor sharp talons:

I really hope that poor little boy's eyes weren't damaged ... how else would he be able to watch his daddy's spectacular movies? [Source]

Brad Pitt is hoping for a gay role so that he can garner critical acclaim for his acting abilities ... the Sun Newspaper has a couple of suggestions:

I think I'd go see Mr. & Mr. Smith. LOL! [Source]

Kate Moss has scored her 21st Vogue magazine cover ... she even gives us a nip peek in one of the pictures ...

... OH and she has totally escaped prosecution for her alleged Cocaine use ... get this ... for "lack of evidence". LOL!!! WhatEVER! [Source]

The alien robot Victoria Beckham is on the cover of the Swedish magazine Stureplan ... which is, I think, Swedish for Alien Androids from Outer Space magazine:

Yeah, no matter how hard they try they never can get her to look quite human. [Source]

And finally ... America's Next Top Model is coming back again ...

... and I have no idea why ... what happens to these Next Top Models? Where do they go? What do they do? Why should we care? [Source]

Les News:
Finally! Success! Last night Sarah and I trekked out to Ann Arbor to meet up with Mike G. in order to find a sweet suit for me to wear in LA next week. I was not really feeling a plain black suit ... but Mike G. and Sarah assured me that 1.) it would look sharp, and 2.) I would deff wear it again. I humored them, tried on the suit (with a really great shirt and tie combo) and voila ... we had a winner. I feel really good about the look of the whole thing ... so we'll see how it turns out when I wear it out next Wednesday night.

I'm not sure what's going on tonight ... I still have a million things to do before next week ... and I have a million things to do before this weekend. Sarah is going to be my date for a couple of Superbowl parties this weekend ... and we're not quite ready yet. OY! It's gonna be a hot time in Detroit Rock City this weekend ... that's fo' shizzle.

I guess that's it ... I'm out.